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The one I had on the trip

by pomfret wise 2 months ago in Dating
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Suddenly I decided to travel, no particular destination, I was just eager for a temporary departure and avoidance. That's all.

So I packed up briefly, bought my ticket quickly, and snored in the sound of the long whistle as night fell.

It was a little hot in the carriage, the air conditioning had not yet cooled down, and the three beds beside me were empty.

The MOBILE phone in the pillow "didi" rang, I picked up to see, the family asked again, Xiaonian, consider it? I drop my phone. Seriously, what am I hesitating about? Who else would I marry but my family? We met and fell in love in college, and we've been happy ever since we graduated. What better ending could such a love have than a marriage?

He proposed to me for the NTH time this month. But all of a sudden I hesitated. Life has been such a quiet trickle, who also feel tired and a little bored.This sudden departure, is the heart in the desire for a betrayal of the present life? Or is it the loneliness lurking in your body, longing to be released?

Behind the car door "wow" was pulled open, I turned a look, is a man. Two suspicious eyes met in the air of the carriage. He winked and said, hello. I smiled and nodded. He stepped forward and said he had been playing cards with his friends over there. He asked me, alone? I nodded. He lay down opposite me, and I was surprised to see that he was a beautiful man, with beautiful eyes and lips, and such a straight figure.

My heart is beating a little violently. A strange man is just a stone's throw away.

Lying, and the sky gradually dark, just suitable for breeding a little ambiguous entanglement. Trance thinking, gradually like really asleep.

Suddenly woke up, a strange man was squatting beside me, staring at me intently, he said with concern, are you sick? I jumped up, blushing to my ears. I said, no, no, no. He said, "Have something to eat. I bought a midnight snack."

The food on the train tastes so bad. Fortunately, he had a lovely smile. I was like a young girl who didn't know the world.

I think of a lyric, lonely people are shameful. So I was mildly comforted.

The night really came. We both lie in their bed, silent air surging restless undercurrent, occasionally lights and trees sway to the glass, like my mottled mind.

There was a gentle knock on our carriage door, evidently for him, and he whispered that he was tired and sleepy, but would not pass. There was no sound outside, and I was suddenly afraid. I never did anything wrong. I never even said a word to a man outside my family. I knew this night was going to be special, that something was going to happen. I was flustered, but clearly also felt the heart of caper, like looking forward to.

My back was getting a little sore from holding the same position for so long. He seemed peacefully asleep. A little discouraged, I pulled out my phone. My family member sent me a text message again, which was his habit. He could send me a text message on time as if he had three meals a day, but he didn't call me directly to tell me that he was thinking of me.

I just wanted to call him, say something, just break the ice. As soon as my fingers pressed the number, a pair of hands reached out and grabbed me firmly. The other hand closed my phone and threw it aside. As if in a flash, he pressed close to me, his hot lips on my neck. My first reaction was to push him away, but my hand on his shoulder was more eager to get closer. His lips pressed up, so hot, his manner calm, we like years of lovers, never a moment apart.

The door of the carriage rang again. Someone called, Chow, Chow, one out of three.

Suddenly we parted. He sat up, gave a little cough, and said, Yes, coming. He held out his hand in the darkness and motioned me to come with him. I hesitated, he said, go, go, go together. The entreaty in his voice softened my heart, and I put my hand in his palm, which he held tightly. I told myself, all right, all right, just this once, life is just such a capricious indulgence.

They play a game called Bull ghost with cards. The losing couple needs water. No one expressed much surprise at my presence. He sat me down in front, put his hands around me, told me, hit this one, hit that one. However, his mind was not on the card, and he had to drink water frequently. His companions complained about him, and he only laughed, but did not refute. His hand gently touched my waist, very affectionate appearance, I suddenly feel that I fell in love with this man called Zhou.

It was getting light, and I stood up and said, I'm getting out. I smiled. Goodbye, everybody. They all said "oh" regretfully. I laughed again and walked lightly out the door.

The train stopped at a small station, where I do not know.

When I got out of the car, the sky was gray with a sprinkling of rain.

Someone behind me whispered, "Hi." I don't have to look back to know who he is. I drew the corners of my mouth into a smile.

It's everything I thought it would be. He followed me out of the car.

I turned around smiling. This was a man I had only just met. We had an understanding that this was an encounter that had nothing to do with permanence. But this moment of lip and tooth dependence, who is not willing to give up first.

I was lying in a youth hostel with Cho when my family called me. I took the phone and Zhou put the cigarette to my lips in a nasty way. I sucked, choked and coughed. Family asked, Xiao Nian, what's wrong with you? Do you have a cold? Is it serious? I laughed and said, nothing. The family still uneasy, asked, how about I come to see you tomorrow? My heart next Rin, busy say, no.

We stayed in bed all day. The hotel was simple and clean. The curtains were always drawn, and it was hard to tell whether it was morning or dusk. Chow said, what's your name? I smiled and put my lips over his mouth.

Tired at last. I close my eyes. Hazy in hear he is answering the phone, tone is gentle, lovely, pay attention to the body, don't catch a cold, this kind of weather is the most easy to catch a cold. Well, I'll be home in two days... Tears suddenly spattered out of the corners of my closed eyes. What were we doing?

Zhou hung up the phone and instead of lying down next to me, I heard him walk to the balcony, smoking. An indescribable loneliness struck me again, and regret, like a rising tide on the beach, slowly spread over the sand of the whole soul.

I'll lie in bed and text home, you wait for me, I'll see you. A few minutes later, the phone rang, the family said, Xiaonian, you finally agreed to me. I smiled, alas, besides you, who else can I marry? He chuckled.

When I woke up, I found Cho lying next to me. My tears poured down and then disappeared quietly...

I was the heroine in his dream?

My family and I looked into a new house and soon made a down payment. The family member breathed a sigh of relief and said he would never be alone again. We smiled at each other.

I had just quit my job and was sitting at home like a hardworking little woman, thinking about lunch as soon as I woke up in the morning. Then I hurried to wash my face and brush my teeth, wash my clothes, mop the floor and tidy up my messy desk. My notebook was in my bag, and I hadn't written anything for too long.

The wedding was set for next month, and my family took a few days off to pack with me. I dug out my notebook and suddenly fell out a piece of paper. It was a note from the small hotel. It read: Zhou Zi 'an, followed by a long phone number, and a scrawl: Damn! I have a crush on you.

I was in a trance. When did he write this note? And when did it slip into my notebook?

Family call me, Xiaonian, the bookcase sorted out. I tore up the paper in a hurry and threw it into the basket. The man put his head in. Why, what's wrong with you? I rubbed my eyes and the ash came out of them. Then the tears naturally fell down...


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