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The Last Room

By Nicole Marshall

By Nicole L. Marshall Published 3 years ago 11 min read

The Last Room

It is a sunny spring Friday morning when Nancy, a young woman in her 20’s decided to leave the big city and move back to her hometown, Kingstown. Nancy has history in Kingstown and wanted to reconnect with her friends and family. As Nancy thought about the return to Kingstown, she considered an older house at the corner of Wesley Ave. A one-story home with a charming front porch. Knowing that it would be a lot of work to make it home, Nancy decided to buy it and fix it up herself.

A week later, Nancy is finally settled into her cozy new home. As she gazes out the kitchen window, she decides it would be a great idea to start her DIY projects around the house. She gets ready wearing her favorite blue jumper, grey headband, white tee and white sneakers.

Nancy drove to the local hardware store for some paint and materials. While standing in the paint aisle looking at some paint brushes, a tall, dark-haired gentleman spotted her and could not take his eyes off her. The man’s name is Jake Carter and as he looked at Nancy, he realized how simplistic yet beautiful her style was. Jake, smiling to himself, thinks quickly on his feet and decides to approach her, but suddenly a store clerk intervenes, asking Nancy if she needed any help finding anything. Nancy, being so focused on getting the right paint and brushes, doesn't even notice the dark-haired fellow nearby and Jake loses his nerve and walks away.

Later that evening, Nancy arrives back at her home, ready to tackle her DIY project. She ties her hair into bun, rolls her sleeves up and starts painting.

After about an hour, Judy, an old friend of Nancy’s, calls her asking her out for drinks. Nancy reluctantly says yes and decides to take a break. The two ladies stop at a local bar and order an old favorite merlot called Voyage dans le Vent that Nancy’s father introduced her to. Judy and Nancy catch up and talk about their love life or lack thereof. After chatting for a while, Judy suggests that they should try a new lounge that just opened up across town.

Nancy seems hesitant, saying, "It’s been a while since I've been out, I don't know how to enjoy myself anymore."

Judy laughs and says, "You're ridiculous, how can you forget how to have fun?"

Nancy reluctantly agrees, and they make plans to go the next night.

Nancy returns home and gets a somber call from her mother Anna. She is sick and has been checked into Kingstown Memorial Hospital. Nancy hangs up the phone and rushes to the hospital. Running through the front doors of the hospital, Nancy asks the first nurse she sees where she can find her mother. The nurse looks at her clipboard and points her in the right direction.

Nancy enters the room and lets out a sigh of relief when she sees her mother and learns that she is recovering from pneumonia, since she had been thinking the worst after the ominous call from the hospital.

The doctor enters the room, tall and dark-haired Dr. Jake Carter realizes very quickly that Nancy is the same woman he saw at the hardware store. Dr. Carter is speechless and in a shy and awkward manner introduces himself to Nancy.

“Hi, I am Dr. Carter,” he says while nervously containing his emotions.

As he explains Anna’s condition, Nancy can’t help but notice how handsome Dr. Carter is. Feeling conflicted, Nancy walks over and caresses her mother. Even through this grim time, Anna and Nancy share a quick moment acknowledging Dr. Carter’s charm.

Anna, wanting to be a matchmaker, asks Dr. Carter how long he has been living in Kingstown.

He replies, “Not long actually. I am still getting settled in this hospital, I just transferred from another hospital in the city.”

Looking at her mother and noticing how tired and worn out she looks, Nancy says, “Get some rest. I will be back in the morning.”

The next day Nancy is beginning to feel hopeful and as promised, she returns to the hospital to visit Anna. Nancy sees her mom and instantly feels sad, but is optimistic that she will find a way to help her mom.

Dr. Carter walks in, glances over at Nancy and says, “Your mother is going to be fine; we are very optimistic she will be back to normal health soon.”

Nancy is grateful and sparks up a conversation with Dr. Carter thanking him for everything he has done. Remembering their previous conversation, Nancy asks Dr. Carter what made him transfer hospitals.

Dr. Carter replies, “I felt like I could make a difference here in Kingstown, and there is just so much history here that I wanted to come back to my roots.”

Nancy is intrigued at the realization that Dr. Carter is from Kingstown, making this charming doctor seem even more demure and amiable. Dr. Carter is conflicted with asking Nancy out during the time her mother is in the hospital or risking the idea of possibly losing the chance on getting to know Nancy.

He decides to ask her out, and says, “I know right now with your mother being here that this might not be the right timing, but I would love to take you out for a drink and maybe take your mind off things?”

Dr. Carter anxiously waits for her response and Nancy replies, “That does sound amazing, but I just don’t think that right now is the best time.” Dr. Carter is disappointed and puts his head down and nods in agreement with Nancy. Nancy quickly kisses her mother and leaves the hospital.

Three weeks later, Anna is showing major improvement and is responding well to the medication. Anna is scheduled to be released in a week and will need to get extra rest at home. Nancy has been keeping busy with her diy projects and is almost done painting and renovating her home. Nancy realizes that she needs to earn more money to make ends meet. She decides to take a job at the local coffee shop “Java Chip” and sell some of her hand-painted art.

Early Monday morning, Nancy arrives at her job and sets up the shop to open. As she turns the closed sign to open, she sees a black car pull up. She goes behind the register in anticipation for her customer and immediately recognizes him.

Dr. Carter comes in, chuckles and says, “I swear I am not following you,” with his two hands in the air.

Nancy in a shy manner, smiles and says, “I wouldn’t mind if you were.” Embarrassed at how forward she was, she apologizes.

Dr. Carter, smitten by the whole ordeal, says,” No need for apologies.”

She takes his order, and he stays and has his coffee and muffin in the shop. She catches him gazing over at her adoringly, and she works up the nerve to go over and ask if he needs anything else. Dr. Carter brazenly askes her out for drinks. She suggests that dinner at her place would be better, in a boastful manner, letting him know she has great cooking skills. Charmed by Nancy, he graciously accepts, and they set a date for Saturday night at 6pm.

Gleaming with happiness as Nancy walks away, she trips on one of the chairs and laughs it off and says, “I’m okay!” Dr. Carter chuckles and shortly after leaves for work.

Anna is finally released from the hospital and is back home. Nancy stops by and assures her mom that she will take care of everything and should not worry.

Anna, looking at her daughter with happiness and pride, says, “I love you more than you will ever know.”

Nancy tells her mother nonchalantly to lighten the moment, “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I may or may not have a date with that hot doctor this Saturday.”

Anna shouts in excitement, “Are you kidding? I am so happy for you!” Anna suggests that Nancy pick up a bottle of wine for the occasion, reminding her of her father’s favorite wine company “Bright Cellars.”

Nancy replies, “That is a great idea. What was the name of the wine?”

Anna replies, “The Last Room,” it’s a merlot with hints of sweet strawberries, cherries, and blackberries with a touch of spice. “It will be perfect,” Anna says.

When Saturday rolls around Nancy calls Judy to stop by and help her get ready. Nancy decides she wants to make her specialty slow roasted lamb with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and side caesar salad. Nancy hopes it will complement the wine and impress Dr. Carter. Nancy finishes up the food and Judy arrives to help her pick out an outfit to wear. They decide on a red high-top dress that shows off her shoulders and back. She pairs the dress with gold earrings her mom gave her, and leopard printed heels. Judy leaves and gives Nancy a hug and lovingly tells her not to screw this up.

At 5:55pm a black car slowly pulls up and Dr Carter, nervous, gets out of the car with roses in one hand and chocolates in the other. He walks up her steps to her porch and rings the doorbell.

Nancy is excited and sprays one more splash of perfume and opens the door. Dr. Carter is speechless and pleasantly impressed by how beautiful Nancy looks.

He says, “You look absolutely beautiful.”

With a big smile on her face she says, “Thank you, you look amazing yourself.” Nancy takes the flowers and they embrace each other. Nancy says, “Thank you for the flowers and chocolates.”

They smile at each other as Nancy shows him the way to the dining room. Nancy tells him they will be having roasted lamb and roasted garlic mashed potatoes for dinner.

Dr. Carter says, “Wow, you went all out. I am impressed, this all looks amazing.”

Nancy says, “Thanks, and I also bought wine. I hope you like it.” Nancy begins to tell Jake that her father began his own winery when she was a child, but his favorite wine that inspired him to go into the wine industry was called ‘The Last Room’. Jake is pleasantly surprised that they share in common a parent who loves wine.

Jake exclaims “Wow, my mother was quite the wine expert herself.” He then offers to open the wine, and as he is pouring, he says, “I have a confession to make.” With a smile on his face he begins to tell her that he has seen her before the hospital visit and tells her about the day he saw her in the hardware store.

Nancy has the biggest smile on her face and says, “Was I wearing a blue jumper?” Jake nods in agreement.

“I must say I was impressed then, and even more now, and hope we can get to know each other possibly over another glass of merlot,” Jake says. They continue to talk and drink their wine with the chocolates Jake brought over in front of the fireplace. It’s getting late and neither Nancy nor Jake want this date to end. He asked Nancy if she wanted another glass of merlot and she says yes. Jake returns with the wine, sits on the couch and realizes there is magical moment happening and leans in for a kiss. Nancy looks at Jake and leans in as well. They share a short but passionate kiss. They finish their wine and Nancy walks Jake to the door.

He says, “I had a great time tonight,” smiling from ear to ear.

Nancy says, “Yes, I had a great time as well,” she sneaks another small kiss and gives him a hug.

Jake and Nancy exchange numbers and make plans to meet up again. As Jake walks away, Nancy looks at him and thinks, this really could be something special….


About the Creator

Nicole L. Marshall

I am a creative artist. I believe artist come in different forms and through their creative energy are able to express their feelings and beliefs through story-telling etc. Energy inspires me to create and that is my safe space.

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