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The Cats Attack

by Alex Jennett 3 months ago in School
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Fluff Balls

The Cats Attack
Photo by Raoul Droog on Unsplash

Cats are the oldest animals in history to keep away and monitor the dead. To keep us safe, day and night. Even though they are super lazy, they are always on the look-out for the importance of safety. Safety for humankind and their masters of the community. The glasses set them apart from everything known in the animal kingdom.

And this is how they became evolved into our rooms and lives. They did not ask for this evolution, but it came to be anyways. It was twisted and strewn across time and distance. Otherwise they were found to be quite potentially artificial to the Kings and Queens of old.

They pounce and stray through the three room house. Running at full throttle. That cat is fast as fuck Boy. That is what they will say when fullfiling the idea of a renegade bombardier. Then the zombies will say, "What a cool cat." Let us find out what he will do with the catnip bubbles. Will they work or not?

Bordering on insanity, Al wanted to finish his story, before he forgot what it was that he was trying to tell. The kittens were about to explode onto the scene, and damn were they cute. They were curious as their mothers and fathers and this they could not avoid. Even when they would recycle their truths. And that was quite a bit of baggage to handle at one time.

In essence it was way creepier than it was supposed to be. It floated around and traveled through the atmosphere of a thousand dollars. The dollars were faithful. To the last tee. Their son hugged the father and it felt good to him. The lion king had finally rested with pride as he went through his pride and vantage point.

Summer time is always the season that the cats start to trip and holler. They search for food, water, laser pointers, and scratching trees. Then they will go up and down the hallway, while everyone is trying to sleep. And savor their peace and quiet at the end of a long day and an even longer night up ahead of schedule.

This, my dude, is the best place to be. The feline portrayal will never falter. It will follow the chaos that I have created for the rest of my energy to flow through my fingers and find themselves a good home. Otherwise I will alter the difference through time and crunch their own problems that will counter the shelves of vegetables. That was the twentieth and four hundredth story for the cats to be pushed off of and land on their feet. Will they then understand my dillema?

I do not see why not. May hap another era will follow this morning after pill. Then the kittens will be my best friends and their glasses will glow blue and red. That will be exciting, now will it not.

Another one bites their tails and crouch through the rest of their nine lives. And listen to what I have to say please. And thank you.

Pretty soon I will bury my problems and pet the animals that I have left in my family. Till next time friends and followers. Let us see who is cranky first, without their adequate eight hours of dreamless sleep. Back to the drawing bored. Let's go shop on Amazon, for our complicated lives. Back up and save the failure of problems that suck us dry.

Back to zero and found a loop hole through the spaghetti of imagination. Lettus find some ketchup and mayonaise. That was a funny pun and kind of corny.


About the author

Alex Jennett

Just starting to publish my works. Enjoy listening to music and writing poetry. I am surprised that since I started writing, within the year, with Vocal I have created 74 stories. Music and the written word, help me ease my high anxiety.

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