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The Bathroom

Third Grade

By Michael FigueroaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

When I was in third grade I really needed to use the bathroom. Unfortunately my teacher was giving us a lecture or something and I tried raising my hand to ask to go to the bathroom but she told me no and to wait for her to finish what she was saying then I could ask again. Her lecture felt like it lasted for an hour or more and when she finally finished I raised my hand again and she finally nodded to let me go.

Our classroom was on of those where it was separated from the main building where it was like a room with AC. Basically is was a good distance to the bathroom. When I walked out from the classroom my 3rd grade brain went into overdrive trying to calculate the distance between the two entrances of the main building and was able to determine that the bathrooms in the building were the same distance from the entrance. So I apparently determined that I was not going to make it to the bathroom without wetting myself. So I thought of the only solution while outside trying not to wet myself.

There was a large tree close the building therefore I was at a different impasse. Whether to relieve myself with my back towards the building with someone potentially looking out the window and seeing me. Or have my back towards the field with a class in the field. I decided to take the chance and have my back towards the building and was finally able to relieve myself, but as luck would have it someone saw me.

It was a classroom of 2nd graders and their teacher who ironically I had the year before and who apparently hated me for unknown reasons I don't remember. She called me up to her class and started to give me a lecture of how gross and repulsive it was of what I had done. And hearing something like that at that age was very demoralizing, especially with a kid with low self-esteem to begin with. She wrote a note and told me to give it to my teacher. Of course I had the sneaky thought of never giving it to my teacher and simply going back to class.

I got back to my class and sat at my desk and pretended that nothing happened. But the teacher who caught me sent one of her students to my teacher and gave her a note that was basically the same note that I was supposed to give. The faces and sounds my teacher was making while she was reading the note were basically sounds of disgust. Again hearing those sounds and seeing her faces as a child with low self -esteem especially being told by the previous teacher that what I had done to avoid the worst case scenario. She later gave me detention.

Later my parents found out and asked me what had happened which they then brought the principle to this and they all took my side removing the detention and forgiving me.

I don't know what happened to the teachers if they got in trouble or something I don't know it was a long time ago.

For the longest time I carried this story with me for so many years, and I would never have told that story to anyone. I know that my parents probably do not remember this story. they probably do and they tell their friends because that's what parents do. Now I am 28 years old and simply think that the whole thing was simply stupid.


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