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Players turn into Sugar Daddies

by The Vibe Podcast 10 months ago in Dating · updated 7 months ago
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My thoughts on today’s players

If you are over the age of 40, gentlemen I have news for you.. you are no longer a Player. You are now a Sugar Daddy, congratulations there is nothing to be proud of. In essence you are now a waste, unless you wanna take me shopping. Otherwise, I’m busy. This is the Karma that players get. I believe this is due to unhandled trauma and/or Mid-life crisis because I’ve seen men with painted beards and darling that is not cute. I write painted beard vs. dye because I’ve seen beards so dark it looks shoe polish was used to cover up the grays and it looks crazy to be quite honest. Men it’s ok to age gracefully, you had your time. By the age of 40, you should be looking at life a bit differently. No more conquests, you will become a sugar daddy and not conquistador. Here are some clues to let you know you have become a sugar daddy. You’re the age 40 and over, the ladies are now younger and you are now spending more money. Sugar daddy! The ladies are now younger not because you are that fly but because the ladies your age don’t have time for your games! You think imma let someone play me?? Nope I’m too old for that and that is a major turn off, go talk to 22 year old Sally the Bartender, you have to tip her for your time but at least she makes you feel good. The question is why do some continue the playing field passed the age of 40? Unhandled trauma/ mid life crisis and mommy issues are all reasons men continue to play after a certain age and I am here to tell you it’s not cute. You go from being a player to that creep at the Bar. It’s not cute darling but I am here to help! There’s nothing sexier than aging gracefully. Since I began my Spiritual Journey in February of 2021, my youth has been restored. I do not look 40, therefore I do not just give it away. Men should think this way too, if you’re just giving it away there’s nothing to offer so what are you now?? A waste, and I’m trying to prevent this because life is too short and too beautiful to waste. Unhandled trauma will cause you to do the unthinkable. Like financially support someone for their time and you think you’re playing bitches?I’m sure some folks are ok with that. But I wonder if some are aware that this is what they have become. Understand that you’re worthy enough to have wild sexual experiences with one person. God has equipped us with absolutely everything we need and there is someone out there designed just for you and your kinky fantasies but you’re not going to find her banging the world and even worse if you’re paying for it. Especially now with this Covid Pandemic, it is not the time to be playing the field. It is the time for self-improvement. Understand that you should not be paying for someone’s time, you’re wasting your life at this point. Look within yourself to figure what it is you’re really looking for. In my journey I have seen that majority of the players also have dysfunctional families. Perfect time to look within the self and figure what hurts so you can fix it and do better. Also dirty dick is a turn off, a lady like me is not going to want someone who’s giving their stick away even if you wear a condom. It’s still gross! Understand quality over quantity, if you’re giving it away constantly the caliber of ladies are going to diminish in quality unless you cum correct financially. Now it becomes a transaction more than a sexual encounter and you are better than that darling. My hope in sharing this piece is that men understand that over the age of 40, you are no longer a player. You’re a Sugar Daddy and I suspect that due to unhandled trauma majority of these sugar daddies are not aware of what they have become. If you’re used to playing the field, this is the perfect time to take a time out for introspection and see what qualities you need to work on as a man. Due to the quality of men in today’s society I am proud to announce that I am celibate. February will mark one year, I can say I’ve had enough to be good on that for the rest of my life. I have accomplished a lot on my own I can say confidently there’s nothing that a man can do for me that I can’t do on my own and better. I am not here to be played, especially now that I have trademarked a company. I am no longer a piece of Ass, I am a brand darling and I cannot allow intruders, players, sugar daddies nor bitch behavior vibes in here! I am absolutely good on that. For a woman to say she never wants a sexual partner speaks volumes on today’s society and Men you need to get it together because although I’m quite alright being celibate I can tell you that is not the way God intended. But I’m never going to find the one banging everyone and neither are you. Life is too short and too beautiful for instant gratification. We must do better.


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My name is Diana Costas and in solving my father’s 38 year old murder mystery, I was inspired to create The Vibe Podcast and write my very first book! How Spirituality Saved My Life is now available! First of many books 🙏🏽

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