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Personal Trainer: to become or not to become?

5 things to consider before picking a career in PT

By James BrownPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Personal Trainer: to become or not to become?
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I'm fully aware you'll find plenty of these types of articles dotted around the internet but knowledge is power, right?

It also might help you to know that I'm not bothered whether or not you decide to - I'm happy for you whatever you choose - and I'm not being endorsed or sponsored to write this.

So, now we've established my credibility here are my 5 tips to consider before plunging yourself into the fitness industry.

1) Be prepared to be an early bird and a night owl - Remember, you will be working around the typical "working day" and "school run" schedules. This is going to mean you'll be training clients before and after the 9-5. You'll have a few rogue clients that function best at 6am as well as that person who loves a late night sesh. The danger, then, lies in the middle of the day - know how you'll spend it otherwise you'll lose it!

2) You gotta like eating from tupperware - The tupperware argument is more controversial in the industry than it needs be. I include it in a tongue-and-cheek way because it'll annoy some. But the stereotype of the Personal Trainer is someone who only eats from plastic tupperwares (and they only eat chicken, rice and broccoli). I mean listen, the fact that this has to be said is silly because you do you. If you hate eating from tupperware then don't. If you don't care, like me, then go nuts.


3) One good session can change your whole day - When you're tired after a long week and you've seemingly had another session with flat/negative clients, one good session can make all that disappear. You only need that one client, or that one session where someone says or does something funny for your whole mood to be turned upside down. You work with people, people's moods are influenced by their lives. Lives are stressful. But you can instigate the good vibes by making them smile and then the session is yours to enjoy.

4) Bad clients are draining - There are those, however, who just never have anything positive to say. Your price is too high, the weight is too heavy, the volume is too much, the room is too hot. Different people deal with these types differently and experience will be your best teacher. Old pros who have been in the game for years will automatically say 'DITCH THEM' but it's easy to say when you're not struggling for income and not feeling able to turn away business. My advice would be pick a lane and stick to it while it serves you. You can always change your approach later.

5) Personal Trainer ≠ Instagram Fitness Influencer - You will probably need to post some social media content to market yourself. But let me tell you, only your friends and your mum care about the workout you did. So you posting videos upon videos with your workout written in the corner and captioned 'try this' is usually a dead end. You don't need to pay for qualifications to do that either, leave that to the insta influencers; you're here to change lives. If you want to have an impact you have to provide valuable content. Post tutorials, videos of you coaching, tips for tricky movements. Demonstrate your knowledge, not your physical ability.

Bonus tip 6) You have got to love it - This job is tough, brutal, unforgiving, highly competitive and misunderstood. If you don't love it, you will just as quickly exit the industry as you entered it. True PTs don't get their qualifications for a summer job, they get them so they can build a life for themselves having genuinely positive impact on people's lives. All the negatives are worth it when you truly love it.

That's all for this one folks. If you have questions or comments about anything I've mentioned or about becoming a PT then drop me a DM on Instagram to @james_rcb and I'll be sure to help or include it in another post. If you found this piece helpful, be sure to drop a like and a tip (if you're feeling generous)


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