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Overcoming An Uncomfortable Comfort Zone At Work

by Empress Silena 2 days ago in Workplace

The day my professional life improved and did a complete 360. It was thee best day ever!

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable space or situation that literally disrupted your energy? It may seem as if you want to escape and find a bubble to hide out in until you can come to terms with what is going on internally.

Well that was the case at my job. I worked with an amazing staff and I was the head of the creative therapy program at a school in Boston called... I worked there for 7 years and it was the most amazing experience ever! I loved everything about my job. It felt like home at all time. So peaceful and serene up until recently. The energy was mostly always harmonious and undisturbed for the most part. That is until this pivotal day that tried to annihilate any camaraderie and brotherhood that was previously established

One enchanting breezy fall day there was lots of rain and wind gusting abnormally for this time of the year. As I entered the building I was met by someone who appeared to be a new staff member. I introduced myself and reached out my hand which was ignored. Off the bat I was immediately put off and felt disrespected. Ms. Piedmont was her name and she became the talk of the day by lunchtime. No one said anything out loud but there were a few whispers here and there. One of my staff members approached me saying what's up with the new lady and her over the top attitude because we have established a family bond within our four walls and would like it to stay that way. Everyone's feelings were valid because I had experienced the obnoxious behavior firsthand.

The atmosphere took on a murky residue and it lingered throughout the building and all of the staff got a whiff of it and it left a sour taste in each and everyone's mouth. That says a lot about the influence of this individual that bought and carried her stank over potent energy every where that she went. It was the type of energy that exuded insecurity and seniority all wrapped in one. It was as if she felt like since she worked for the board of education for 15 years that she could get away with doing the least work and putting in solely minimal effort while never getting the job done or anything for that matter.

Before the end of the day two students were highly upset and wanted to call their parents. They were assaulted verbally and physically by this new woman. The amount of uproar was insane. The negative vibe the new teacher gave off was affecting the atmosphere in the whole entire building. The next day none of the students wanted to go into their classroom. Several parents gathered at the front of the school awaiting security so they could speak to the Principal.

The Principal spoke to each parent. Although it took two hours because the complaints were long and exhausting. But they were all validated. They were adamant about taking it down the chain of command to make certain that this despicable woman never steps foot in any setting as far as children were involved.

The day came and she was called into the office following the meeting and she was given her walking papers never to return ever again! This was a day that the students as well as the staff rejoiced. It explains how the building as a whole felt about one tumultuous, repulsive, heartless individual. But once she was gone the energy shifted to a more positive one and we went on as the family that we once were and continued to be.


Empress Silena

Philanthropist. and nature lover. She has studied writing in college and has been inspiring people for 20 years. She expresses her gift of writing through each piece.

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Empress Silena
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