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My Candid Story

The Beautiful Gift And Healer

By Beautiful IntelligencePublished 2 years ago 4 min read
My Candid Story
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Life is a mystery. But once you unfold the “what” seems like a thousand pounds of buried laundry over your head, the mystery bursts open. There is no one-way street to getting there either. Life happens, and then you’re thrown in to figure out your path all by yourself. Life can be confusing, or simplistic, depending on your story, how supportive your environment is, and how in tune you are with yourself. Your path or walk in the blindfolded maze is what you make it.

But people are a trip. Very amusing I might add. Everyone always has their input, interpretation, or depiction of what you appear to be and where they think you’re headed, but no one tells you who you really are. That’s something you must discover for yourself. You see, I was very hardheaded. I still am to this day. Had I not of fought against all those holding the Baton Rouge, I would still be lying in the Mississippi River face down.

My environment had a very disturbing and but beneficial affect on my life. You see, I got tired of laying in that Mississippi River playing dead. I took in the debris and soot from the river for over thirty years. When face down, my opposition would leave, and I would promptly turn over and float on my back to keep from drowning. I fought against the tides, the currents, the wrath, with just one hard palm of my hand. My deflections and resistance caused an outbreak of misery and sadness to why I had not yet sunk in the water or was brought out on a stretcher and put in the morgue.

Too trusting to all, imposters flooded my heart causing it to break and shatter, but my lungs stayed free of water and collapsing, and my mind stayed clear of bitterness. The mind is what kept me afloat and repaired my heart, so that I could forgive and move on.

I chose to follow a path of financial freedom and autonomy gain. I wasn’t to be like everyone else, breaking my back and deteriorating my bones, so much the mind couldn’t stand it and become a robot like the rest. No offense to anyone on payroll. This is for all those who judge others by the absence of their own wants and needs. You see what someone should say is, “that’s a wonderful thing you’re doing. It’s a great thing to be independent and start your own thing. I’m proud of you.” Still, everyone is who they are. Those under the spell can’t help but repel authenticity. I had to release negativity and follow my path.

The truth is, those who try to stop you from growing and exploring, are those that see your magnificence and they have not made a connection with theirs. So, when you want to do something, you must do it. Let no opposition stand in your way. Let no opposition stand in your midst. I became oblivious of all opposition and did what I wanted to do. “When there’s a will, there’s a way,” or in my words, “the way is already yours to take.” When you need, the Universe will provide. This mindset is what prompted me to act.

I left all my jobs, went into deep meditation paired with healthy eating, yoga, and exercise for six months. Once I stood clear of all the opposition, my right path became clear. I am now all of balance and peace, instead of worry, fear, and regret. I do what I want. I am no longer controlled by any entity. Most of all, nothing can stop my destiny. I am free. I am a prize to my creator, and a work of art to the eye that meets the physical. The beauty is that my work lives forever, and my soul never dies.

I am a poet.

I am an artist.

I am an actress.

I am a singer.

I am a facilitator of projects.

I am an author.

I am a rapper.

I am a lyricist.

I am a cocreator.

I am impactful.

I am a humanitarian.

I am an Aquarius.

I am a teacher.

I am a leader.

I am unusual.

I am a writer of short stories.

I am a healer.

I am now comfortable with my many talents and gifts. I am sharing these things authentically with the world. My first name, Shanita, means a beautiful gift of God’s, so the influence can be no less than magnificent. I love being me. I love how I arrived.


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