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Life's Nothing But a Roleplaying Game. Everybody Believes They Need To Fit In

It's just bullshit we believe in

By Bryan DijkhuizenPublished about a year ago 4 min read
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Your life is fake. It's a game.

This is something that came to my mind lately. We're all just playing parts in a world that expects us to do so. It's nothing more than a roleplaying game that everybody believes in.

The idea that we're all doing things that we're supposed to do is haunting me lately and I need to express myself.

It's just crazy.

We made it all up

The world and the systems that are in it are made up by us.

Politics, economics, law, work ethic. Those are non-existing objects, they are concepts, made by humans.

One day, some guy said that we had to work 8 hours a day to earn a living and that it would be descent to be "valuable" to the economy. But we got stuck in old concepts.

The 2022 economy doesn't work like the 1980s economy and some of us don't want to work 40 hours a week at an office job we don't like.

Luckily, we don't have to. There are just too many people that don't get it.

Older people, conservative people, tend to remain in those old thinking patterns of the previous century in which we have to trust and participate in the system.


Screw the system. I'll build my own system.

We're all roleplaying through life

Most of the people around us are just straight-up fake.

People wear their masks. Because they expect to be this way, succumbed to peer pressure they will put on these masks only to fit into a group with people who have put on those same masks.

Do you still get it?

Bunch of fake people in a group. That's what it is.

Another example is political functions. We think of ourselves as very important and meet about all kinds of things that are apparently very important. They play the role that is expected of them.

But who are you really?

You aren't your job. You aren't your sexuality. You aren't your nationality.

It's much more complex than we might think at first to answer the question of who we are, and not what we are.

Express yourself and put yourself at number 1

Self-expression is underrated in today's world.

We're getting there, but it's not quite as it should be. People are too afraid to express themselves because of what others think of them. Let me tell you this. You shouldn't give a f*ck.

They don't care about you. They never will.

Expressing yourself is more valuable than anything at this point. Why don't do the things you love?

It's not other people that you need to live for. It's you. Live your life like you want to. After all, we're here for only a couple of decades. So make the best out of it.

Putting yourself at one isn't being selfish, it's self-care.

It's better than all these self-care books that make you all sorts of useless practices. You first need to realize that it's you who's important.

I've got a couple of beloved people around me that I trust. That's enough and those are the ones I care about. If other people tell me stuff, I simply don't care and you shouldn't do that either.

You will be misunderstood

That's the difficult part about it.

After all, there is no escaping the fact that people will not understand you.

Especially older people who are still stuck in their old ways of thinking. You can't teach them. It is simply impossible, so save yourself the trouble and get on with your life.

It's all about living smart.

Don't argue with people that don't care about you. They just want to tell you that you're wrong and will never accept you.

It's not worth the energy.


It's all about realization.

Once you realize this world is full of fake people, you take a look at the world with a completely different lens.

Then you can look over the world with a helicopter view, as it were, at the people who are all playing a game.

Laugh about it.

It's funny to think about people who take themselves far too seriously.

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