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Letters to a Customer

by Alexis Hurley 11 months ago in Workplace
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Sincerely, Retail Workers.

My life is based around mutual respect. I try my best to walk through society and treat people the way I would want to be treated. Not all of humanity follows this practice.

I work in the retail sector. Some consider this to be the worst place on Earth; me, I think of it as a learning and development opportunity. I learn a lot about how to deal with different situations as well learn about myself as an individual.

I encourage a happy and easy-going atmosphere wherever I work and shop. I don’t always understand or agree with the policies and practices of other companies but I do understand that they are established for a reason.

Here is my letter to customers from every retail worker.

We strive to deliver excellent customer service whenever possible but remember we are only human; just like you. We work these jobs to pay our way while some of us are lucky enough to call this our career. We come to work each day hoping that it will be better than the one before.

We dont set out to disappoint you. We dont make up the rules just to spite you. We dont pull prices and policies out of thin air. We have one job to do, sell the things you wish to buy, the rest is extra.

We all have bad days. No one knows what one goes through in their own lives. This, however, is never the excuse to treat someone else poorly. I am pretty sure you wouldnt like someone coming into your workplace and creating chaos for you.

As retail workers, we have little control over things such as inventory, prices and promotions. We follow what is decided by our head offices. You demand to use a coupon that was for a specific weekend, we will kindly point out the date in the fine print. You want to buy something without a price, it isnt free and we have heard that joke a million times. Its the last item, dont worry we will find another one for you.

If the item doesn’t scan correctly and we ask for help, it doesn’t automatically mean we are accusing you of anything. It just means that we are trying to correct an error for you in order to purchase the item properly.

If you are in a rush to do a purchase or a return, please do not get mad at us for either a line or a lack of staff. We are doing our very best but cannot control sick calls or the demand of other customers.

I look at it this way. Yes we are only open because you shop at our stores but it doesnt mea you are entitled to getting your way. There are rules and protocols for a reason. I will be the first to offer the best customer service possible, but thatt quality will diminish once you act like you are above us.

I would like to now take a moment to thank the customers who are calm, kind and courteous shoppers. To the customers who leave their issues at the door and find a way to be pleasant and understanding. We thank you and wish you the happiest of shopping trips at all of the retail stores out there. You are the reasons enjoy my job so much. You make each day worth going into work for.

I used to say to my team that customers were guests in our stores. I still stand by this. Guests are meant to be on their best behaviours in ones home. My home is where you shop, it needs to be respected.

Sincerely, Retail Workers


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