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Let go and a new world will emerge

Innocent cold up, not cold, is the kind of lonely cold.

By pomfret wisePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Aman got up from the bed, took off his pajamas, stood in front of the mirror, carefully examined: straight breasts, flat lower abdomen, smooth neck... She fondly touched her body, for a long time, she got into bed naked, she suddenly tired of her bed and her quilt.

Suddenly she got up and began to tear apart her bed, which was a good wooden bed, and she was struggling with it.She and Xuan had bought the bed for their 10th wedding anniversary, and when they saw it in the furniture store, they both screamed and bought it, even though it was expensive. Ah Man likes to change the quilt, spring, summer, autumn and winter themes are different, but Xuan has gone to another world, will never come back, the bed is empty.

She's sleeping alone now and she's freezing.

Normally clumsy, she suddenly became flexible, and she began to tackle the bed. When she took the bed apart, she suddenly found that the bed was so simple and fragile. She had often felt that the bed was indestructible, the mattress hiding it like a fortress. She took the bed apart, moved the board to another room, and then brought in the twin bed from the guest room. She was suddenly tired of the Muji plaid striped quilt on her bed, which was as undemanding as her dull life. She decided to buy a new quilt.

As soon as Diana's store opened, she walked in. The saleswoman, a novice, was fiddling with her computer and mumbling about how I couldn't get my record of yesterday's sale in.

She took a fancy to the big quilt on the door, the price is not cheap, flowers like brocade, like a forest birds. If you lie in here, you'll have a dream.

"No discount, you come yesterday good, make activity, RETURN send double pillow......" "Muttered the clerk.

She often told Xuan that her bed was like a boat, and she liked it so much that the boat could carry her into the dream she wanted. She waited patiently for the unfamiliar salesman to fiddle with her purchase list on the computer.

She must change her quilt today.

She finally changed her quilt. The 1.2-meter single bed looks awkward and awkward when paired with the large quilt, but it is completely new.

The phone rang and it was Bo calling, saying that he had left work early today and wanted to see her!

Xuan died three years ago, and later, Bai appeared in her life.

She only allowed them to go out on dates. They went to the movies, ate, walked, kissed, held hands in the cinema, and he whispered in her ear: Why don't you let me come to your house? Why don't you come to mine?

She just couldn't bring him to the house. Maybe the bed was like a big black hole, taking in too many memories and lingering feelings.

She looked at the new covers on the bed. The newly decorated flower boat is waiting for a guest. She sat alone under the quilt, holding a book in her hand - "Six Chapters of Floating life", read "handshake did not pass a piece of language, and two people in a trance, quietly smoke into fog, feel a small ring in the ear, I do not know more this body", she only felt that her feet were unusually cold.

"Rest tomorrow, and I'll make you something to eat, okay?" Still he persevered in sending the message.

She was silent.

In the middle of the night, when the world was cold, she suddenly picked up her phone and said, "I want to drink, but I can't find a bottle opener."

"I'll send one! His wechat arrived quickly.

An hour later he was at her door, standing in the dark with eyes as bright as stars.

He saw her boat, like a floating island of flowers, fresh and bright.

He lifted her carefully into the boat. He was delicate in the dark, and she sighed in his arms.

In the flower boat, sound swing into the endless night!

In the dream, the flower boat reached the quiet landscape, like Xanadu, she whispered in the dream: then lost, no longer get the road!


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