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Is it better to confess on the phone or in person?

It’s better to fail a mobile phone confession, but face-to-face confession takes courage

By Ivy in LovePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Start by acknowledging that both scenarios have the potential for success and failure. However, my personal opinion is that it is better to confess in person.

1. Be more sincere After all, love is a process of mutual communication, mutual understanding, and learning. Some things cannot be replaced by electronic products. From my personal experience, I am more willing to accept people who confess in person, and the other party will give me a clearer feeling. Such as his character, character, his plan and sincerity of confession, whether I have the will to communicate, etc.

2. It is convenient to communicate during confession. I am a person who does not log in to Facebook or whatsAPP very often. Maybe there are fewer people like me. Someone made a confession on the phone before, and it took me two days to see it. The process of confession is not only about expressing your own thoughts, but also through the dialogue between the two to reflect some speech and behavior. I personally like it very much. If the confession is successful, the two can talk about other things together, talk about ideals, talk about the future, etc. The tone and atmosphere of the chat cannot be created by the app, it depends on the individual.

3. Courage Some people may consider confessing online because they are shy. But confession itself is to show that you have enough courage to pursue each other, isn't it? I think whether boys or girls, they will hope that the person they like has enough courage to like themselves.

4. When both of them meet their eyes, there is only one layer of window paper left that has not been pierced. At this time, I have full confidence. The way to confess in person is the best. In this case, it will never be rejected, and a well-planned confession can often leave a good memory.

5. When you don't know what the other party's attitude is towards you, it is recommended not to rush to confess and continue to understand. If the other party also likes you, they will naturally give you a response, and you can refer to the first situation when you receive a response. When you can't get a response, the other party's attitude towards you... I probably know it in my heart.

6. When you have almost made it clear that the other party has no interest in you, you still want to struggle to the death. It is recommended to confess on your mobile phone, so that you will not die too ugly, and then you can pretend to calmly say to him that it’s okay to be friends in the future. After all, if you don't meet each other, he doesn't know whether you are calm or not. It's not that awkward when we meet again.

Don't do a confession ceremony until you are completely sure. If the other party doesn't like you, he will only feel that he is being coerced. He may have just disliked you. In this way, it may be counterproductive and make the other party hate you.

If you really like it, act quickly, whether the other party likes you or not, as long as it doesn't arouse the other party's disgust, just follow your heart.

In the end, I hope you don't rely too much on your phone. It's you who want to fall in love, not your phone, isn't it?

Final suggestion:

Excuse me, are you ugly? If you are ugly but still a little talented, you still choose to confess on your mobile phone! Confessing in person will reduce points, this reduction will continue to increase in the event of a crisis... If you are not ugly, you will confess in person. If you are successful, you can go to Speed 8 directly.


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