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Ironically I'm sick of complainers

because I'm about to complain about them

By ChantelPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
Ironically I'm sick of complainers
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Did you know that standing can cause you to feel tired?

I used to have so many retail jobs that required me to physically stand all day, but I never thought about how those jobs were keeping me active. Now that I work remotely, I have to make a conscious effort to lose weight.

I do not burn many calories unless I choose to. It doesn't need to be a part of my routine, I have to purposefully try to incorporate it. That is one of the main differences in how I was able to maintain my weight in the past compared to now.

That was my food for thought. But back to what this article was meant to be about- yes. People who complain for the sake of complaining- why?

I understand this guest from Airbnb paid 900 to stay with us. He complained about the street parking situation being full when we specifically said that there is only street parking available. As if we had control over it.

Then he broke the tv and wifi messing around with it. I admit I messed up in giving him the wrong room that he advertised for, and that is my own fault. I gave him 100 dollar discount for his troubles. I really wish he stayed somewhere else.

He complained about a brita water bottle to me. Are you serious? Nowhere did we mention kitchen usage being a part of the deal.

I've been hiding information about me going on vacation to my temporary employers so I would be able to get the job. It's a problem tho because I do feel bad that I will not be there to help them when they need it and specifically asked for the help.

I try to find them substitutes if possible. These are all great side-jobs. For a little bit of extra cash in my week and for my outings.

I love the farmer's market job for providing me with my groceries and paying me at least 100 every time I am working.

I'm excited to travel to Washington DC- the only thing is my obligations and money.

This remote job doesn't pay me much honestly. I make most of my spending money from craigslist odd jobs and

The more I less and less of social media, the more I realize that it is a waste of my time usually. Sometimes I click on stories and really think to myself- wow. I really wasted my time looking at that? A second of my life gone forever.

Wearing watches like a fitbit can be annoying. I get their benefits- but I hate all senses of refrainment. Including this.

I had a dream of my ex today. It was him basically giving me an ultimatum of if I want to be with him I need to move since he refuses to. Which is basically one of the last messages I had sent to him before stopping communication.

The reality is the amount of sacrifices we'd have to put to make it work just feels over burdening.


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