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I Was Manipulated by My Teacher

by Marie Cadette Pierre-Louis 2 months ago in Secrets
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I didn’t expect this

I Was Manipulated by My Teacher
Photo by Sander Sammy on Unsplash

The most infamous child had just been picked by her teacher to outperform one of the funniest guys in the class before an unaccepted event would ruin her last days in this private school.

This infamous child, as you might suspect, is none other than me. At that moment, I was on the second-rank beach and was barely recognizable from behind, because I was very short and was always in my own universe doing nothing that could attract my peers’ attention.

Prof. Marc, probably one of the youngest teachers at the school, asked me to go to the board to do a math exercise that was given to us as an assignment the week before. It was Monday, my brain was fresh, and I hadn’t been under any pressure in the morning. I thought that it was the momentum for me to earn my classmate’s respect and consideration, but it wasn’t what happened.

As I was trying to get up from my seat, I heard a voice from behind who said, “who did he ask to do the exercise?”

Surely, the pupils who sat behind me didn’t see me well because there were tens of heads that eventually prevented them from scrutinizing my little body rising from the seat.

Nevertheless, only this simple question was enough to make my mood change completely. I became very anxious and was in a panic.

It was not the question in itself that make me panic, but all the associations that came up to my mind as I heard it. Once again, I felt that for my classmates, I was nothing; I had no name, I had no importance at all, and my words had no meaning…

I was just invisible; how could they see me?

But still, I pretended that nothing happened and got in front rapidly. At that moment, Vlad, my classmate, was already there but was freaking out after our teacher realized that it wasn’t him who did the assignment home. Someone else made it for him, and he just brought it as if it was his own.

Well, he got 10 for the assignment but he didn’t even understand the exercise, let alone resolve it in front of us all.

My role in this mess was to prove how a kid who truly did their assignment would react under this circumstance. But I wasn’t sure that I could actually play this role. For me it was a very huge task, considering my state of mind and my insecurity.

But this time, I did my best. I took less time than what the teacher had given me. I did the exercise myself, and I explained it to my classmates afterward.

After having made all these efforts, it was not the end.

The teacher needed me to do something else. And it was something cruel and WEIRD.

He gave me a stick and told me, “Beat Vlad!”

“Beat Vlad? Why?”

“Because you did the exercise for him.”

“You told me to do it. I cannot just beat my classmate.”

“You suppose to.”


“Because you either beat him, or I beat you myself.”

The teacher already asks me to do more than enough:

I did my exercise at home.

I proved I did it and understood it.

I had to explain it to a class full of haters.

And now, this professor is asking me to beat my classmate. Who the hell does he think he is?

While I was thinking, he went on and ejaculated, “I know your father. I’ll tell him you are not a good child.”

I pretended I didn’t understand his intention… At the same moment, a very heavy noise came from behind, and it was a riot of the famous squad, “Beat him! beat him! beat him! beat him!”

I was so confused! I knew that Vlad was a member of the famous squad. And he was a close friend with most of them. Why did they want me to beat him? What did they think I was?

I surely didn’t want to be in an altercation with Vlad because he was so funny and had a lot of influence. I knew that this would have its consequences, but I couldn’t resist each pressure at the same time.

Any decision that I took back then would have had huge implications, and yet I would have been judged anyway.

The class was already too noisy. I couldn’t analyze more. I had to make a quick decision before there was more tension in the class.

Therefore, I rapidly grabbed the stick and threw it at Vlad twice.

The teacher said, “that’s not sufficient. Give him more!”

I proceeded and hit Vlad ten times with the stick.

Vlad’s eyes were almost as red as hell, but he didn’t cry. He looked at me fiercely and almost hit me back with his glance. He didn’t say a word. I think he needed time to process everything.

I was angry too…But I couldn’t help but cry like a recently born infant.

Maybe he thought I was mad at him, and I wanted to take revenge because he used to make fun of me.

Nevertheless, I was angry with my teacher, who made me do something I didn’t want to do.

But why would a teacher act like this?

By Taylor Deas-Melesh on Unsplash

That is still my question… Perhaps because he felt good doing it? Because he knew that nothing would happen to him? Because everyone knew Vlad was a spoiled child? Because it was easy to make me sad? Because nobody would listen to us? I don’t know. Everything was so weird…

Now I am thinking about this. I realize how violent and toxic this environment was. And the teacher was the mind behind every violent scene that would happen days after this event.

1. The teacher didn’t have to use violence in the first place.

2. He shouldn’t have threatened a child to do the same.

3. He was teaching us to be violent.

4. He was using a child to do so.

He knew how Vlad could make it impossible for him to handle the class. Then to preserve his job, instead of disciplining Vlad himself, he made me become the bad one.

I had been transformed into the traitress pupil who had chosen to be on the side of the teacher instead of supporting my classmates. Nobody wanted to talk to me after this event because they thought that I was like a secret agent for the teacher.

However, I wasn’t a friend of the teacher either. For the way he treated me, he wouldn’t want me as a friend anyway. He was the one who first called me “Little mouse” in front of the class. And made all my classmates call me that way, only because I was short. Back then, I literally hated this teacher…

I was bullied, manipulated, threatened, and used by this teacher.

Even my strength (being good at math) was used against me. How on earth could I be confident months after this incident? How could I believe people?

This was one of the most confusing moments of my life. I couldn’t tell if the teacher found me intelligent or if he thought I was the best pawn for him to use so that he could satisfy his narcissistic feelings. I was beating Vlad, and I was crying at the same time, but the teacher was bullying both of us.

*Disclaimer: The names have been changed to protect people’s privacy and confidentiality.

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  • Kendall Defoeabout a month ago

    I went to a Catholic school as a child and not a single thing here sounds that odd. Too many teachers are closet sadist who delegate torture among their students. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Bre Andi2 months ago

    Wow, what a sadistic and cruel teacher! It made for a very compelling story, though.

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