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I'm Sam

by Ianis😜 2 months ago in Teenage years
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Chapter one

And I?! Hmmm, the idea smiles at me. After all, what's the point of having a one-night stand with a guy I've never seen before? I am almost twenty years old, and I am mature enough to make my own decisions about myself and my private life. Besides, I don't want to look weak in front of my new friends, and I know that even though they won't rule me out if I refuse to do that, they'll always make fun of me.

"You know what, I'll actually do that!" Shh, Chris, I know what you mean, but it doesn't matter, I've already made up my mind! After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?7

- That's how I want you! Come on, let's get some more alcohol in your body, so you don't change your mind! Aaron grabs my hand and pulls me back to the bar and orders three shots each. For one night adventures!

"For the loss of innocence!" Chris bumps into me, too, and gives me a "disappointed" look.

I try not to let him ruin my good mood, although I am aware that tomorrow I will bear the consequences of my actions, and that I will have to take part in a father-daughter discussion , even though he is only three years older than me and not he is by no means my father.

- For friendship! I also pick up the last shot, and after we hit it and turn it upside down, I head to the stage to implement the small plan that I managed to bury in the short time I had available.

Luckily for me, the dress chosen by Ben highlights my shapes, and the hair left loose on my back and the make-up took me completely by surprise. I was expecting her to look like a crow scarecrow, dressed like a straw, dressed in green and / or purple, and with a stork's nest on her head. I have to thank Ben for his developed sense of fashion, not for nothing is a model.

I slip through those who are already gathered in front of the stage, until I get right in front of it. There are quite a few people here, so these heartbreakers are quite well known. As soon as the band appears, I quickly analyze its members, looking for the perfect target. I don't have many options, because the band consists of only three members. The drummer is a small, tall, rather thin guy, so it's clearly out of the question. I just want to feel better, if I'm still doing this crazy thing.

In the middle of the stage is the band's soloist, a brunette man with long hair, quite handsome and with a big wedding ring on his finger. So no. That means the guitarist remains. Luckily for me, his fingers are completely free, and I have to admit he looks good. It's satin, tall and well made. And he has his arms covered in tattoos. Bingo!7

I position myself in such a way that I am right in front of my target, and as soon as I start singing, I start dancing too. Alcohol is my best friend right now, because I'm completely free of inhibitions. Not that I was shy, but I admit that sometimes I have heated discussions with my conscience. But now she's asleep, so I'm the only one in my head.1

I stare at the villager, and keep moving provocatively. I have to admit that this music doesn't sound so bad. When his gaze finally meets mine, I know that I have only one second to capture his attention. So I bite my lower lip hard enough to see me, then I smile at him and look down. I want him to think he intimidated me.

I am fully aware that nature has been good to me and has given me everything a woman needs to conquer with a glance. I know my strengths and I use them whenever I need to.

And now I want to play a little with the guitarist's mind, because although I'm sure I'll bring it exactly where I want it, or rather where I need it, I don't want to leave the impression of easy prey.

I look up a few more times to make sure my face held up, and when I see his eyes fixed on me, I turn my back and walk away from the stage, getting lost in the crowd. The first part of the plan was a real success! Now, I need more alcohol for the second part.1

With a smile and a little shaking of my eyelashes, I managed to convince a waiter to give me the necessary information. Thus, I found out that immediately after the concert the band leaves the club behind, their cars are parked there. I took my pack of cigarettes and a cigarette lighter, my phone, and told my three thieves not to answer my phone, unless I also sent a text message. Just before the band ended its performance, my accomplice, the waiter, slipped me to the back door. I hung up, walked a few steps away from the building, lit a cigarette, and waited.

It didn't take long for the door to open, and I rushed to the three singers, shivering and looking as scared as I could.

- Thank God! I thought it was going to freeze out here! Who the hell makes a door that only opens from the inside? And why the hell doesn't it say anywhere that if you go out this damn door there's a chance you'll be stuck outside forever ?! I say everything quickly, but I'm in no hurry to get to the door, because I really want it to close again.

A second later, that's exactly what happened. The door is closed again, I'm still out. So far, so good.

- Perfect, and now it's closed again! I shouted at the three of them. I hope you at least have a phone with you, mine decided to die exactly when I needed it most! I'm fluttering my closed phone in front of them, and now it's time to find out if the plan worked or not.

"You can use my phone," the guitarist tells me. Guys, go ahead, I'll catch up with you.

Siiii ... I caught him!

- Thanks, I don't hold you back much. I just need to call my friends to pick me up from here.4

He takes off his leather jacket and places it on my shoulders, then hands me my phone and lights a cigarette. I call all three of my musketeers in turn, and like some obedient boys, none answer.1

- Perfect! I do not answer! Thanks anyway, I tell him and I return his phone, they will probably realize that they are missing and they will look for me.

- You realize I'm not going to leave you here alone, do you? It's night and there are many doubters on the streets. Come on, I'll take you home.

- It would be great if I had the keys to the apartment.

- Then go with me to the hotel until one of your friends calls you back. Or we'll both stay in the cold until that door opens again.

I sigh in defeat and nod, then follow him to the car. I try my best to remember the smile that threatens to set in my face, and I applaud myself for the success of my plan.

But the fatigue accumulated on the road, together with the alcohol in my body, make my eyes close as soon as I come in contact with the soft seat of the car, falling into a deep sleep

I lie on the lawn behind the house and enjoy the sun's rays warming my body. The wind blows lightly, and the music echoes from my headphones. It's the last day of peace. The session starts tomorrow. The only thing that makes me happy is the thought that at least it's my last session. I still don't know when my three years of college are over, and just how long since I moved to Los Angeles.

And if I still have some free time, and I'm not going to get out of here anytime soon, let me tell you a little bit about how I came to live here.

I'll start with the beginning. Until I was 18, I had a perfect life. Any teenager would be happy if she had at least some of what I had. My parents are famous doctors, so I always got everything I wanted, the financial part was never a problem. Chris and I always got along well, and even though we argued, we were never upset for more than an hour.

When my brother was accepted to computer science in Los Angeles, he decided to leave Riverside, the city where I grew up. My family bought him a house near the university, and that's how only I and my family stayed.2

The day I turned 18 is the day that changed my life. I found the "gift" on my father's desk when I went in to look for a memory stick that we were both using. My parents' divorce papers. My parents were divorcing and I had no idea that something was wrong between them. I thought that if there was true love, that was definitely what they had.3

When I confronted them, they explained to me that they hadn't been in love for a long time, and that each of them had someone else, but they were waiting for me to become a major to take this official step. They were going to tell me next week, on a "family" trip. That was the moment when I stopped believing in love. My proof of true love was shattered into thousands of pieces when my parents divorced.8

Soon my mother moved to New York, and I was left alone with my father. I closed myself in and talked only to Chris. He didn't get the news very well either, but the fact that he wasn't even home helped him.

After graduating from high school, I applied to architecture school in Los Angeles, and as soon as I was accepted, I moved in with Chris, who welcomed me with open arms, saying that he was bored on his own anyway and had no one to help him. cook.

I know that Christian actually felt guilty when he left, he knew that I was not very good at friends, although I was popular in high school, I had only one true friend, who betrayed me in the worst possible way. He thought it wouldn't matter if he slept with my boyfriend a few times. I met Matt when I was 17, and we had been a couple for almost a year, when I received a text message with pictures of him and Mandy, my girlfriend at the time, right in the middle of my passion. I never found out who sent me those pictures, but I'd like to thank them. I was destroyed, of course. I loved Matt, he was the first one I gave myself to, and in addition to the heart he tore me to pieces, I offered him something I could never take back, my virginity.

I was naive to believe that the most popular boy in high school fell in love with me so much that he gave up his habits of having two girlfriends at once. And the fact that my other girlfriend was my best friend made me fall into a beautiful state of depression. I've never talked to Mandy before, I didn't want to hear any explanation.

I cried for days, I refused to eat and leave the house. It wasn't until Chris decided he didn't want to let me destroy him, and he broke into my room one night.

- Listen to me, Sam! I'm tired of sitting in front of your door and listening to you cry every night! That's enough! What the hell do you think you're going to do if you're ruined by an idiot who didn't know how to keep his tool at home? Sam, that's not even worth looking at! And that bad Mandy, damn her to ever step on here again, because I don't care if she's a woman anymore! Sam, you're the coolest girl I've ever met. You're beautiful, you're damn smart, anyone would be lucky enough to let him sit next to you on the bus. And you have been crying for a week for a bloom. He has to cry for you, because he doesn't know what he's lost! Now get out of bed, wash yourself, get rid of that crow's nest in your head, and move your ass out. Show him what he lost! Make him cry every time he sees you! Damn, Sam,22

I hugged him so hard that I almost blew him out, and I promised myself that this was the first and last time I had neglected someone who didn't deserve access to my heart from the beginning. . So every day I built a new wall. The only one left inside was Christian. Only he deserves it. I didn't talk to my father at all, even though I lived in the same house, and I talked to my mother on the phone once a week, but there were some commonplace conversations.

That's why the moment I finally moved in with my brother was the happiest of the last good period of time. I immediately met Ben and Aaron, they lived in the same neighborhood, and they had become Chris's best friends. It didn't take me long to notice that the three of them formed the perfect ABC.

Aaron was a veterinarian in his senior year. After finishing his studies, he would open a veterinary office right in the neighborhood where we lived, and he would have various voluntary programs to take care of helpless animals. Cute, isn't it?4

Ben was a marketing student in his senior year, but that wasn't his priority. She wanted to become a famous model. Currently, the picture for various clothing sites, or advertisements. It was a good start, and it had more and more offers.

Chris was the nerd in the group. But he's a pretty atypical nerd. He is tall, has an athletic body, and I could make an endless list of women who have gone through his bed. But he likes computer science. He was also a student in his senior year when I moved in with him, and he already had a few offers from big IT companies for when he would finish his studies.

As for me, I was passionate about drawing. When I was upset, I drew. When I was happy, I drew. When I was stressed, I drew. So I chose the Faculty of Architecture, the interior design department.5

After only two months of living in Los Angeles, I felt whole again. I had Chris close again, and I felt Aaron and Ben had known them for a lifetime. All that was missing was the "Friendship Ritual" that I had to perform to prove to them that I was worthy of their gang. Because even though at first glance they looked like good guys, I found out later that this was not the case. But all in time. For now, I've learned that they like to have fun. And for fun, I mean alcohol and women. But with me, they were exemplary. So I had two new friends.

I knew I had been part of their gang since the day they met me, and this ritual was just one more reason to drink. And that's how I got to Vegas, but you already know that story. Or well, part of it, and right now we're stuck with it, because the rain has just started, and I have to get up from here and hide in the house if I don't want to catch a cold. I hope that the months in which I did nothing but learn will yield results. Today I took the last exam, and now I'm sitting on the bench behind the house, admiring the view. Our house is located on a hill, so I have a clear view of the city. Los Angeles is a busy city, but the neighborhood we live in is quiet.

I have nothing to do until the results are displayed, so I better continue my story.

You already know what happened that night in Las Vegas, at least in the club. Even now I don't know how I could fall asleep so fast in the guitarist's car. I woke up only in the morning, with a terrible headache, sharing the bed with the same villager with whom I left the club. Ehh, let's just say I've been through a lot. One way or another, because I was fully clothed. In the same clothes as last night, so nothing happened.

One of his arms covered my waist, and that was the time to activate my cat skills. I managed to slip out of his arms, leaving one of the pillows in my place without waking him. I picked up my phone and my shoes, and just like a cat came out of the hotel room. Of course, my friends still have the impression that I slept with that guy back then, because that's what I wanted him to believe.6

I know they wouldn't have disowned me in their group or anything like that if I had told them the truth, but I liked it so much that Ben and Aaron looked at me when I got to their Vegas apartment that I didn't I could ruin their joy. Of course, there was the discussion I was telling you about, in which Chris told me about 44 times that I didn't have to prove anything to anyone and that he didn't want me to turn into a soulless person and stuff like that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a nun or anything. We had relationships, we went out on dates, but nothing serious after Matt. They all stopped when they tried to get into my panties. And Chris knew it best, which is why he was so against me. However, he quickly understood that he would not solve anything if he was upset with me, because the fact had already been consumed. Or so they thought.

After we returned home, each of us focused on what we had to do, so we rarely met during the week. On the other hand, we always spent the weekends together, in the formula of four.

The main advantage of being part of a broken but wealthy family is that both parents feel guilty. And then, you have two accounts in your name, in which you receive considerable amounts every month. And considering that Chris had the same treatment, we allowed ourselves to spend our weekends in the most unique ways.

I parachuted over the ocean, bungee jumped in the mountains, went to yacht parties, and visited everything that could be visited in the area.

Now, after three years, I could easily become a tourist guide. What has changed in these three years? Well, looking from the outside, not so much. Of course, Aaron has the office he wanted, and he's already looking for more space to expand. Ben is now the image of a famous clothing brand, and he participates in important presentations. Christian is the Development Director of a large IT company, and all I can tell you about his job is that his team creates the most popular console games.

I later realized that that Ritual was actually the way I showed them that they could rely on me, and that they could trust me.

The first to surprise me was Christian. I was learning, of course, when I noticed that he was extremely agitated, because he kept spinning around the room.

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- Hey Chris, is everything okay? What's up with you?

- I'm good. I'm fine. Actually no. I need to tell you something, Sam, and I hope you understand me and don't have a crisis, okay?

- Chris, scare me. What you did?

- I did nothing. I still do. Come on, I better show you.

He pulls me to his room, where he unlocks a closet door. Why keep your closet locked? He answered me as soon as a pile of monitors, keyboards, cables and headphones came out of the so-called closet.

- Sam, you know I've had a passion for technology since I was a kid. Chris puts a hand on my shoulder, then continues: When I was 16, I managed to get into a bank network, after only a few attempts. Then I saw how easy it is to make money just by pressing a few keys. And no, I didn't steal anyone's money. I virtually uploaded several accounts with small amounts, imperceptible to the bank, then I gathered them all in one account and so I did my first one.3

- Chris, this is dangerous! It's illegal!

- Shh, don't interrupt me. I made sure I didn't take any risks at all. I have my own way of doing this, and I don't know if you would understand anything if I told you. But I could teach you, so you'll see it's not dangerous at all. Anyway, coming back, I've been doing this for ten years now, and no one has ever been caught. I know I don't need to tell you that no one needs to know. Aaron and Ben know this because there are no secrets between us. Speaking of which, I think you should talk to them too. Pfiu, I feel better now!

- Aaaaa ...

- Look who's speechless! She's nothing sister, you don't have to tell me anything now. Assimilate what I told you, and you'll see it's not as bad as it sounds!

According to Chris, I was going to find out some more stuff in the same week. So now my brother, who was supposed to be a nerd, is actually one of the most famous hackers. My sensitive friend Ben, who can't sit still for more than five minutes without a smile, posing in his sleep, is actually a dreaded racer on the illegal tracks in Los Angeles. He participates with both the car and the engine, and always comes out on top, regardless of the race.

But the biggest surprise came from Aaron. The veterinarian who saves the lives of stray animals secretly participates in street fights, organized in dubious basements or in infamous neighborhoods. The fact is that I had never noticed any signs, so I either had a make-up stylist available, or he was very good, and he didn't get much hits.2

So my ABC of good guys was actually one of the bad guys with nice masks. Okay, that's not the case. They are great guys, and any girl would be lucky to get their hands on any of them. This does not mean that anyone will be able to approach them so easily. No, no, they have to pass some tests before.1

It's already evening and the four of us are on the couch, waiting for my exam results to be displayed.

- Guys, first of all, I want to thank you for everything you've done for me. I don't know what those results will say, but I got more than I could have hoped for anyway, and all thanks to you. You trusted me to share your most hidden secrets with me, and I think it's time for me to confess to you. I hope this will not change the relationship between us in any way.

- Sam, if you want me to grab tomorrow, hurry up. Chris's gaze is like that of a wild man now.

- Remember the night in Vegas? Well, it's possible he hid something from you ... I didn't really sleep with that guitarist, I kind of fell asleep in the car on the way to the hotel.

All three start laughing, and I start wondering if I missed something.

- Uh ... what's so funny?

"Be serious, Sam, I knew you wouldn't," Aaron said. Even if you weren't asleep, you still wouldn't be. But I didn't even tell you to sleep with him, just to go home with one of them.5

- Here you go?!

- You alone imagined that you should sleep with him, and who was I to ruin your fun?

- So ... aren't you upset ?!

- You're kidding?! I mean, that plan that your mind came up with won the test from the start. I just wanted to see how far you're willing to go for your friends.

- So Chris, I understand you enjoyed my morale, even though you knew you were arguing with me in vain, right?

"Ehh, let's just say I've had a good time with that ritual," says Chris, and he starts laughing again.

- Sam, I think you want to see this! Ben yells at me and motions for me to sit next to him on the couch, then places my laptop in front of me.

I start screaming as soon as I see the results, jump off the couch and start hugging all three.

- I passed! I passed! Top grade, honey!

"Well, that must be celebrated!" Club or here? Chris asks.

- Here! all three of us answer at once.

- I'd like to suggest something! Ben gets to his feet, then continues: I think Sam deserves a goldfish. And because I don't believe in fairy tales, the three of us will be your little fish! Therefore, each of us will have to fulfill a wish, as a graduation gift!

Hmmm, I think I know what I want! But first of all, we have something to celebrate!

Teenage years

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