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Unfamiliar Territory

By Portia BonnerPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Daniel Gregoire on Unsplash

Is it possible for time to stand still all while moving fast? That is what being in his presence feels like. When in it everything goes in slow motion, but when it is over, I am like damn that was too quick. That first moment when he kissed me, I could feel myself drowning, gasping for breath, not being able to breathe but not even wanting to. His lips danced with mine as our tongues met, introducing themselves to each other, smelling how his breath felt as he exhaled slowly. When he speaks to me, I study the way his lips move, even the movement of his tongue across his lips to ensure they are moisturized drives me crazy. He drives me crazy. His touch scorches my skin, hands so soft yet firm. Sometimes he doesn't even look at me, just reaches out for whatever body part he can get his hands on. Immediately I melt, my face warms, my ears become red, my heart races as anticipation grows. Finally, he turns to look at me, reading my thoughts, watching me squirming in my own skin. His eyes say so much while his mouth stays silent. He moves near, grabs my face with those hands that burn chocolate imprints into my skin and kisses me. Why does he kiss me with his eyes open? I used to kiss with my eyes closed, not with him. I want to take in all of him, I love how he looks at me. I shy away at his stares but not wanting him to look away. These months feel like I've known him forever. He is a warm cup of cocoa on a wintery day, warming my insides as he travels through my body. His laugh is infectious, you want to laugh simply by hearing his. Our conversations give birth to new ideas and inspire change. He makes more sense than I carry in my change purse. His ambition inspires me to be ambitious. I get butterflies every time I see him, I thought that would have stopped by now, but they've only multiplied. I hear a song and think of him. We slow dance in the quiet. When he pulls me into his arms, I dissolve, then the heat starts, it starts off as a small flame in the soles of my feet building. It gradually makes it way up to my thighs, consuming my body, then the fire travels through my abdomen to the hairs on my head, before I know it, I am engulfed. However, I don't want this flame to go out, so I will continue feeding it until it spreads. This feeling, this experience has been new. I am treading in unfamiliar territory; I am swimming in the deep end without even knowing how to swim; however, I am not afraid to drown in him. He looks back, reaches his hand out for mine, and as I place mine in his I whisper, I trust you. When he looks at me I feel seen. Love is being made every time we touch, talk, kiss, laugh and share space. He has me orbiting in outer space, his love feels galactic, this feels like a gravitational bond. Scientists would call that a natural phenomenon. I call this kismet, a marriage between destiny and fate. I want him forever, I want to always catch his gaze, get goosebumps by his touch, melt at a mere kiss! I want to continue being his peace. I prayed for him even before I met him. He is a prayer answered, a dream come true.


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