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Hey Girl, You Will Never Beat Me In This Relationship Game

You are too young and naive in this adult game.

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
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Hey there, sweet young thing, freshly out of college, still blurred and clumsy trying to figure out this world;

Your blooming youth and beauty were the unspoken branding of you.

However, In the adult game of relationships and marriage, it is not what you think or what you read in the romantic novel. There are harsher ugly truths you haven’t learned yet in the adult world.

Welcome to the adult world and the real university of life!

There’s no take two and no rehearsal, everything is live, once you’re out you could be out forever, no matter how genuine your feelings are, or how sincerely you are;

Feelings could be worthless in the adult games, what matters are the tricks to achieve your goal!

To catch a sophisticated man is much more than you could comprehend at your young age. What's more, if you’re from a humble background in a small town, where most people are still very innocent and simple-minded.

Welcome to the big apple!

Where the competition is throat-cutting, where the speed matters and your game plan matters;

This includes the not so ‘clean’ or ethical game plan, they don’t matter much so long you achieve your final goal.

It’s the achieving the goal that matters, the process is less important.

Only the girls with sophisticated minds and bold can get their prince, not the Sleeping Beauty type that waits for the prince to come to them.

The guys in the big apple prefer sophisticated types who can read their minds, do what is needed and catch up with them;

Being able to blend into this more sophisticated society, well, if they are a prince that is perceived as ‘high quality’, which means they are successful and handsome-looking.

There’s no place for the shy and timid girls here for the prince, the prince is busy and has no time to waste on the hesitating girl, he prefers the girl who already knows what she wants and how to get it.

Life in the Big Apple is super hectic and time is the most precious thing, unlike the small town where life goes slow and no hurry;

Everyone here just has so many things on their plate, they are result-oriented and go-getters.

I do not have your blooming youth and beauty, but I have my wisdom and worldly tricks, his heart could be on you but I know what he deeply wants.

While you are still hesitating and deciding which prince to choose, I’ve hooked him with my tricks and never let him go.

I’ve thrown my net to catch the fish, he can never run away from my fingers. Even it means I’ve had to sacrifice my faith for these perceived dirty tricks. I know God will forgive me as He understands how desperately I wanted this prince.

It’s okay if he still keeps seeing you, with my tricks, he belongs to me forever officially. All his fortunes belong to me and my finances are secured.

It doesn't bother me if he and I have no common interest or hobby, as I have my children to be the forever bridge that bonds us strongly though reluctantly.

You can take him now if you want, for I’ve achieved my goal of life-long security.

You can have his love and body which I couldn’t be bothered with, my children are my ace to forever tied him down on my side effortlessly.

Even if he may not be with me physically it’s not important, he is mine in the public and in the legal realm.

I am the winner whom everyone acknowledges as the only official Mrs. Him, while you are the one that hides in the corner and sobs.

He will quickly ask you to go hide when I call, or when our daughter or son calls, you will run and disappear like a thief.

His love is a stolen love that can never be made known, which will die immediately when expose to the light.

You will forever live in the hidden corner of his life, where he is an unknown to your family and friends.

You will have many secrets in your love diary, but no sharing of the sweet moments between you two with anyone.

You will be a social outcast and a loner.

A relationship means official companionship in the public

The real world is no fantasy for the hopelessly romantic, it takes much more than that to obtain your prince, you have to be fast and ruthless.

If you’re too slow, the prince will say: ‘Next!’

They have many other options and no time on playing games with you, marriages take much more than just romantic feelings.

Wake up, girl!

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