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From a high school dropout to one of the top Computer Science programs in Europe

From zero to hero

By Impassioned diaryPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
From a high school dropout to one of the top Computer Science programs in Europe
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In this post, I want to give you a little bit of insight into my behavioral techniques, how I went from almost dropping out of high school to completing my Bachelor's thesis abroad at TU Berlin and becoming eligible to write my Master's thesis at TU Wien in Austria. In short, during high school, I felt discouraged and unmotivated to do anything with my life, but that changed — my mind changed and I polished it over the years to become who I am today. Once you truly take the ride, you understand it’s a never-ending road, the only correct approach to conquer it is to make it your way of living.

How do you explain things that are obvious to you, the habits that are just the way you live? Should others live like that too? I’ll give it a try and you tell me.


Multitasking is hard and it will not be just given to you. You have to learn it and maintain it. But the truth is some things in life will always suffer, something will always have precedence over other things and it’s what I call a triangle of misery. Ideally, you would want to be somewhere in the middle, but as you know that’s not always the case.

Triangle of misery

I must admit I always tended to work more while building the person I am today and sacrificing good times with friends or family, but that’s completely on your own. You’re the one that sets the expectations for yourself and then carries the consequences.


Listen to your body, study your emotions, learn about your habits and treat yourself well. Figure out how to bring interest in you — sometimes you prefer to read, sometimes you prefer to solve exercises while listening to music, and sometimes you prefer to watch a youtube video instead of reading a post. There’s such a variety of resources, one can use to make the work or studying fun. Personally, when I am completely out of steam I study with my friend and we support each other to push through this. Other times I prefer to have a rhythm I stick to, eat well, and keep my emotions modest.


Whatever is that you’re doing, control your emotions. Think of it as a heartbeat, if there are ups there will also be down but you don’t want to be dead of course.


Whether it’s defeat, be reasonable enough to understand better times are coming and you have to hold on, whether it’s success stay humble and hungry. To become a master of your mind, the key is to not let anything get you off track. By track, I mean a set path to the goal you wish to reach. Obviously, find time to celebrate if you finished all the exams and graduated, but I suggest you stay calm until all the obligations are under your belt — it’s not over until you make the last step.


A wise man once said: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”. And that is so god damn true, once you truly understand the meaning. I’m not only talking about financial success but mental and physical as well. As a student ask yourself why is it so much more productive to go into a library or a calm place where other people might be studying — because you surround yourself with hardworking people. Why do you feel like your grade is too bad if you performed worst among friends but still managed to pass the exam? It’s also true that such environments put a bit of pressure on you, “Oh, if everyone else is studying I should too — Oh, if my friends are getting good I should too”, but that’s completely OK, you want that, that’s why you’re there for. We always get such instincts, sort of like a fight for survival among peers.


People are always inspired by something to work hard, for some it brings joy, for others might be money, and for third, it may be self-expectation. In any case, we experience some form of pressure and you should not back down from it. Pressure is good, pressure makes us realize whether what we’re doing is what we’re actually supposed to be doing or are just wasting time. Pressure is normal, take it as an advantage. Pressure puts you in a difficult situation until you actually do something meaningful in life and stop feeling miserable.


It’s normal to feel miserable from time to time and you’re just brain fucked. Take time to wind off, sometimes it’s the whole week, sometimes just a day, treasure that time and recover to come back stronger. If I take a day off I always plan things for when I come back and that makes me enjoy the free time even more since I know I will finish the job tomorrow and have to take a good rest to perform well.


The Law of not giving a f***— You should seek to find meaning through what you find to be important and only engage in values that you can control. You can’t control that you sucked at a math exam yesterday, and you can’t control other people's actions, but what you can do is find ways to grow from that, motivate yourself, and not repeat the same mistakes. You have to realize you can't control some things and you have to do what’s right for yourself at that particular moment and not what’s easy, but know you’ll carry the consequences on your shoulder later on.


Facebook, Instagram, TikTok — I see many people get distracted by social media, to be specific there’s nothing wrong with messaging with friends, but scrolling through the news feed while you could be doing something else is completely pointless. Not only it’s addicting but also decreases your productivity. I’m not saying you should avoid that but try to do the things you ought to do first and then enjoy yourself, whatever is that relaxes you — even if it’s the scrolling, you deserve it.

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Even though you want to hustle all day long, 7 times a week, making time for friends and family is good for your mental health, and you should somehow incorporate it into your weekly plan. I’m not just talking about taking a break to deflate from a stressful job, but to actually be present — communicative, open for a laugh, etc.

I could have explained the following things in a million ways, but I think you’re smart enough to look at it from your perspective. Be the best you can be, after all, it’s your life. If you want it, go take it.

The End.

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