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Free Gifts Are Never Free Spiritually

Voodoo Gifts

By Madame Iris Lady CreolePublished about a year ago 3 min read

Never accept free gifts from strangers expecting them to simply be of good intentions. After all, what do they know about you and what do you know about them? If someone gives you a free gift, do they really like you? The answer may be surprising.

I was visiting a local metaphysical shop and a “priestess” introduced me to some voodoo dolls that she was making herself. Must I add, she was not of Haitian or Louisiana French Creole descent. But, she still insists on making voodoo dolls outside of her ancestry which is quite dangerous especially, if you are not ordained and indoctrinated to do so. I asked her if I could purchase a voodoo doll and she gave me her card instead. Through a text message, she asked for my address and I provided it to her. She said she would get back to me because she needed to make the doll. Without me sending her a payment, I received a free doll in the mail. I sent her a text message asking where to send my payment and she replied, “Don’t worry about it. I feel you needed this, so it’s free.” From then on out, every time I saw her, a friendly conversation was never enough. She was expecting more, but would never tell me what she was wanting in return.

I kept the doll for about three months without anything happening, but that wasn’t in her plan. After seeing her for the last time, I decided that it was time to get rid of the doll. So, I put it in a bag of salt and took it to the river. Bye, bye the voodoo doll went. But, this wasn’t my only experience with free gifts.

Throughout the years, I have noticed people give distant family members gifts that are laced with voodoo and ill intended. The only way that the voodoo in these gifts work is if you’re evil in nature and do not give back to the universe. But, this doesn’t mean only you are affected by the gift. People often give voodoo gifts to children waiting to see if they will turn out wicked and sinful— if they are, these gifts absolutely work.

If you receive a free gift without any rhyme or reason, monitor the events in your life after receiving these gifts. If people tend to be more evil toward you or negative things start to happen abruptly, burn that sucker up. Also, it’s time to get some spell work done to remove the evil from your aura.

Should you accept any free gifts? Only from trusted family and friends, but still monitor what happens within the following weeks. My grandmothers both used to make gifts with magical spell work and it worked. I was well-behaved and performed well academically during my formative years. I was also protected from people who wanted to do evil. I make magical gifts, but only with a general purpose in mind and never to strangers who I know nothing about. The world is a cruel place. A nice and friendly person on the street can be a predator in disguise. If someone really needs their situation to take a turn for the better, they will take the proper steps to improve their situation and pay to have spell work done.

Don’t give gifts with the intention of causing harm because the person who you give the gift to may not be evil and this can cause a boomerang effect. Are you free of ill will? Do you have skeletons in your closet? If so, find a hobby and stay away from black magic.


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Madame Iris Lady Creole

Hi! I’m Madame Iris, a psychic medium, priestess, and life coach. I often tell people you cannot grow without development of self.






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