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Do We Really Have A Pre-determined Destiny?

Or it’s all in our minds?

By Life LessonPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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According to a psychology article, our genes and circumstances shape our destiny. These are the two things that are beyond our control. If you were to dig further, you may ask who gives us the ‘genes’ and our ‘circumstances’? To me, it’s our Creator that has different names for different people depending on their religions.

The atheists most likely are living a blessed life, hence they feel they don’t believe in the existence of the Creator. They think all their good lives come from solely their own efforts and their intelligence. I’ve come across many such people including my siblings.

There is this writer who said that there is no pre-determined blueprint of destiny. He implied that all the tarot cards, astrology, fortune-teller, etc. are bullshit.

I beg to be different though from my experience and also some real-life stories around me. I stumbled upon tarot cards and fortune-telling by chance, and I was amazed by how accurate they are over the years! I changed from an atheist to a believer in destiny or fate.

To me, there is pre-determined destiny, but it’s your free will if you want to follow it. If you are blessed with a strong mind and grit, you can navigate your life to the one you desire, even if you have a rough start in life.

Yes, it’s true that fate is all in your mind, but it depends on how strong your mind or will is. But again who decides whom to give a strong mind to, so that they can react to life events positively? Why do people have different levels of IQ or EQ?

For those lucky ones, who gave them the favorable ‘genes’ or ‘circumstances’ to achieve their goals? There must be a Creator that we call with different names, right?

There is a danger though if one is to blindly believe in their Creator without practicality. For example, during the pandemic, some overzealous religious men believe that Creator will protect them even without wearing masks and vaccination. To me, yes the Creator is protecting them! However, not by giving an invisible protective bubble wrap around them, but by providing the protection of wearing masks and getting vaccinated! Yet they failed to see this.

Another example is a man drowning in the river, he is praying for his Creator to come and save him. He is so immersed in hoping to see his Creator appear right in front of him and lift him up from the river. He thinks that’s the only way. However, his Creator may choose to give him another form of solution e.g. by putting a log near to him so that he can climb on it and not get drowned. Sadly many of us may fail to see this log as our savior or solution if we pay little hints to our senses or surroundings.

I believe pre-determined destiny does exist but it’s not set in stone. The most blessed thing you can have is your mind, with both good IQ and EQ, so that you can turn your destiny around. If you let your life be free-flow, your life will play out according to how it is scripted by the Creator.

This is the story where my inspiration come about writing this article:

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