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A Guy and a Girl

True story

By Andrea DeLongPublished 2 years ago 17 min read

This story is true just not putting names in, I want to protect identity so there is no judging…

So, now people think it’s okay to judge because of age…. but you only “ZING” once in your life…. And then there is no hope for you, your relationships after that person just won’t be the same… Nothing will be after that.... It's like the world is ending… Nothing is ever the same… Nothing you do will feel the same… your relationships after the person you “ZINGED” with will be filled with arguments, fights, regrets, your relationships won't be filled with the love you once felt… Watch who you date though you might think that you “ZINGED” with someone but you really didn’t… Trust the fact that you will know when you “ZINGED” with someone, yes when you “ZING” with someone you will still have fights, arguments, ups and downs, tears, there is no such thing as a “perfect” relationship, but there is one just for you and when you “ZING” with someone I hope only the best.. All the great relationships are the ones you never expected to exist, even the couple didn’t expect the relationship to happen, that is when you know that you’re in a good relationship when nobody expected the relationship to exist.

There was this guy, he was 23 years old when he met this 14-year-old girl on an app, and she told him to leave her alone because she had already had a boyfriend… he never gave up hope on her… he didn't message for a couple weeks to a couple of months and then he messaged her again she still had a boyfriend but she felt something was different so they became friends, like best-friends he was there for her, and she was there for him... He then turned 24 without telling her it was his birthday because she was having problems and he didn't want to make her feel bad for not telling him happy birthday... Her family hated that she was talking to someone over the age of 18, but age is just a number unless they are in their 30s+ then definitely not but anyways her family hated him... But his family was okay with her because she had brought happiness into his life...

They talked every day after they started talking again in February... They became best friends… There for each other… after talking for about 4 months everyday… She had broke up with her boyfriend that she was with because he wasn't talking to her throughout the day… he had drank so much he couldn't form sentences… he treated her pretty bad… she was always upset she never felt the happiness she felt when she was talking to this guy… It was like God had made this guy just for her. It was the best feeling in the world she was always smiling. In May they had their first call and their first video chat… May 31st, 2017 they started dating he sent her a picture from George Strait the first song she had heard from him “Check Yes Or No” and she made her own box and said Maybe with a white line leading to Yes…

They started dating May 31st, 2017, he couldn’t wait to tell people… she was scared she didn’t want everyone in the world to know she was in a relationship but he told people and people started to get upset and started hating on the relationship but after a while she just got use to the hate people showed towards their relationship… They gave each other their passwords to everything even before they were together, she was scared to give him her passwords but knew that if anything were to happen she could easily just change her passwords. When they started dating she was the happiest she had been since her mom had been alive… She was always smiling she was always laughing at the goofy faces he would make… She loved everything about him, his weirdness, his goofiness, his smile, his eyes, his hair, just who he was in general. He bought her a bracelet it fell in her extension cord and broke, he then bought her another one (she never takes it off), he bought her a charger for her phone and her Ipad, a promise ring (she never takes it off), a heating pad, and a stuffed animal (Horse). He proved that he loved her, she just didn’t know how to show that she loves him… after dating for over 5 months they wanted to meet in person, well they had planned on meeting but not for at least 2 years but they really wanted to meet, she doesn't like meeting “new” people and so she was really scared she didn't know how to act, she didn't know what to say, she didn't know what she was gonna do, she was worried he wouldn't like her anymore, she was worried that nothing would go right… But they ended up meeting November 7th, 2017 at the library where she lived he drove 4 hours to meet her. They were so nervous… When he got to the library he had food and drinks she attempted to hide from him but he had seen her and walked back to her she ran away from him he “chased” her, they did that for a few minutes, she finally got tired they went outside, then he said he was cold which never happens so they went back inside tried to find a spot for him to eat so at the back of the library there was a table and he sat at the table and she stood, walked, around looked at books, and sat on the floor he tried to get her to eat but she wasn't hungry. It was finally time for them to say good night so they did, they didn't get near each other he wanted to drive her some of the way home but she wanted to walk so they “argued” for almost 20 minutes. Then they left and went their own ways she walked home and he drove to the hotel. The next day they met again at the library but they went to the hotel instead of staying at the library he got more food but she didn't eat again, they ended up on the floor because he took off her shoe so then she jumped out of the chair and got her shoe and then they just stayed on the floor and cuddled kinda. Then they got up and laid on the bed and cuddled they fell asleep and she started dreaming. She was dreaming of their future. Them getting married, them having kids, them growing old together. She was so happy she felt so safe she felt that no one could hurt her. When she was asleep this is what she had seen, she seen that she graduated high school he was there with her, then they were going to pick out everything that they needed for the wedding and finishing up any last minute things, they got married, the wedding wasn't all that big but it wasn't all that small she didn't really want a big wedding or a small wedding it was the wedding she had always dreamed of having, she went to college to become a firefighter. She got pregnant with a baby boy they named the baby after his dad, she became a firefighter. A year later she ends up getting pregnant again and having a baby girl all through this pregnancy for the most part she still worked as a firefighter, she gave birth was home for 1 month then went back to work not working like she had before but she was still working, she missed her babies a lot but still had to make money, and she loved her job. She missed her family sooo much, she wished she could just spend all day with them but she knew she had to work to make money. Well, what do you know she became pregnant again, this is a year and a half after she had the baby girl, she was having another boy. Two years after giving birth to him she finds out she’s pregnant again with a baby girl. Luckily the couple had wanted 4 kids. She stayed home for about two and a half months this time instead of going right back to work like she had before. They had raised their kids together, they had spent many many years together, they had arguments, they had their ups and downs but never got a divorce they raised four beautiful babies together, and they grew old together, happy as could be. She woke up and told him about her dream told him everything told him how happy he made her, how she wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. But by the time she woke up and told him about her dream it was time for her to go home her sister had tried calling her telling her to meet her and their grandma at Berts to get food so she did she was so happy that she got to meet the love of her life before for she turned 17 or 18… But let me take you back to what the wedding ended up being like, the colors were navy blue, eggplant purple, and gold, they had invited almost three hundred people but not even close to all came there was about 150 people that had showed up, but just because everyone that they invited did not show up it did not stop them, they were in love and they were happy, they could not wait to start their family together. They had a great honeymoon, they just enjoyed being together. At this point in time they did not have kids it was about 6 months before they had found out that they were having their first baby now, she had just turned 19 when they found out she was having a baby and he was 28, remember here she's out of high school and is in college, she doesn't mind going to college pregnant because she is happy that she is married and is starting her life already with the man she loves so so much. About a year after she gave birth to their first child they find out she's having another baby, her second child during college but that's no big deal because it's better to have your kids at a young age she thought because that means that they would all be close together in age and then she wouldn't have to be off work as long, she ended up having three kids while in a four year college… and the fourth one two years after she graduated college. She made it through college being pregnant and giving birth to three kids is only mom superpowers, she never thought she would be able to do something like that but she did and she was super proud of herself because she had given birth to three kids went to school and still had time to herself kind of, she made time for herself and she made sure she was still gonna do good in school and that she was still gonna have time for her children and her husband. She had a part-time job, to make some money since her husband is not able to work… She just loves spending time with her family and making sure that they all have what they need and some of the things that they want, all their wants and needs come before hers and always will, she wants to make sure that they have a happy life, because life's too short to live it upset and mad at the world. So she just wants to make sure that they enjoy their life here on earth even though the world is crazy. She protects her kids with her life because nothing can replace them not another life in this world would replace them and she knows that, she makes sure that her house is completely safe so that no one can get in, and she makes sure that her kids know what is bad and good and what's wrong and what's right and hopes that they learn from her families mistakes… That was her dream when she was with her boyfriend… She was so happy that she got to meet him when she did. She loves him so much and wishes that they could be together but in this century that's not allowed and people judge it and people hate on it and people call the cops and people are just really rude about it… her grandma had called the cops on him and was just really rude to him and to her about it, she was just really not a person to agree with it. Now her grandma was really upset and told them to stop talking and all this other stuff but she knows how stubborn her granddaughter is and that she will basically do what she wants and talk to whoever she wants to talk to and no one can stop her not even the police or her dad or scary movies about people being kidnapped and all this other stuff. If she feels comfortable with someone and they want to meet she will most likely meet them under circumstances where they meet in a public place and that she always has her phone on her and is ready to call the police at any point in time. If she does not have a phone on her then she will not meet anyone she has never met before. They love each other so much and have been through so much and they will now be waiting till she is 18 till they meet again because of somethings that have went on they are not allowed to meet again now or even talk till she is 18, but they believe that their love is so much stronger then time or the distance between them. She loves his family so much they have supported them through everything, and she can not wait to meet them in person. She wishes everyone understood that you do NOT get to pick who your heart loves. She wishes everyone understood that age is just a number for the most part, and she most definitely wished that people did not judge relationships because of age differences.

This is now the end of this story. Please, everyone, stop judging a relationship because of the age difference or even just because you are not happy but they are and there is an age difference between them! I hope that everyone finds their one and only true love!!

Since this story is my shortest stories that I have ever written I do want to give out some long distance relationship advice just in case you are either in a long distance relationship or you might end up in one. Trust is one of the main things in any relationship but in a long distance relationship, it is even more important, if you have any social media I personally recommend you give your passwords to your “partner” because then they can see who you are talking to at all times unless you are texting. I personally also recommend calling in a video call every night or as much as possible.

From experience long distance relationships can be extremely difficult and hard, and stressful because you never know who your partner is talking to but the thing is, is if they have never given you a reason to suspect anything then show them that you trust them and that you really do love them, and if you see a future with them then you should tell them that so that they could tell you how they really feel about you as well. Now if you do not see a future with that person then why are you even with them, just to pass time? That is not the right thing to do okay. In a long distance relationship you need to be able to tell your partner how you feel about them, trust me I know it is hard because once you send or say something there is no taking it back it has already been said and what if they do not feel the same way as you? Yea I know the feeling of being scared to open up but if you want a long-term relationship it is the best thing to do.

Okay so here are what something online says just into my words so maybe it will be more understanding if any “kids” end up reading this story. A lot of people say that a long distance relationship will never be long distance, your family might not agree with it, and many of your friends will ask/tell you not to take it to serious because you might get your heart broken. There is no one telling you that it is ever going to be easy, long distances make a lot of things hard to achieve. Things are most likely to get really hard. You could easily get sad and lonely, you could get extremely sad when you see a couple that is together. But the distance that is keeping the two of you apart is what makes the smallest things the best things like holding their hand. Online it says that you really don’t have to talk 12 hours a day I agree but it also says that it could make things worse well it really can’t make it worse if things are not bad and talking is always a good thing in a long distance relationship. Look at being in a long distance relationship as an opportunity because when you two are apart its like you are close if its meant to be and sometimes when you are close it feeling like you are so far away from that person, that is what I have heard I have never experienced that myself but for some people that is what it is like. Make sure that your partner knows what will upset you, and have rules like for me personally, I do not want my boyfriend going on dates with another girl (this does not mean family this means people who are not family). Like I said before I think it is always good to communicate as much as possible, send pictures, tell them what you are doing, send audio clips, video clips, (I personally recommend appropriate pictures and videos and audio clips but that is between you and your partner). Online it says to talk sexually with your partner if that is how you and your partner want it to be, then so be it but I am personally a person who believes on waiting till marriage before all that stuff happens but that is just me. Avoid situations that could upset your partner like going out and partying, for me it is drinking or doing drugs, the drinking part I guess it is okay to do if you are going to stay home or unless you have a designated driver, for my relationship it will be okay for him to drink when I am there and able to drive if that makes any sense at all. Like I had said before video call and “do things together” like while in a video call watch movies together, sing together, play games together, walk outside together just little simple things like that. Most definitely stay honest with your partner, tell them your feelings, insecurities, fears, jealousy, or whatever else you feel you need to tell them do NOT ever hide anything from your partner. Know your partner's schedule so that you know when they are free to talk with you and when you both have free time. Give your partner a personal object or as simple as a stuffed animal that smells like you that is easy also. Make sure that you both are positive about your future together and that you both want the same things.

Okay, that is all the long distance relationship advice I can give to you if you are in a long distance relationship I wish you and your partner the best of luck and wish you two a long and happy relationship together!


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I started writing these stories in 2015. I wish to help people know they are not alone and share my story.

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