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Top 5 soccer clubs from Turkey

Soccer clubs in Turkey

By Horse MoroPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

According to Ufa's long-standing statistics on league performance and evaluation coefficients, the Turkish Super League (Turkish Super League), which symbolizes the highest level of professional soccer in Turkey, was founded in 1959 and has long been ranked in the 9-12 position in the European soccer league system. As for the national team, Turkey is also a regular team in the final rounds of the European Cup and the World Cup, and the third place in the World Cup in 2002 is the peak of the team's history, and has its own set of long-term player development.

According to the current UFA regulations, the season champion of the Turkish Super League will directly qualify for the UFA Champions League, the runner-up will participate in the UFA Champions League play-offs, and if they are not successful, they will go to the UFA Cup, while the third and fourth places will qualify for the UFA Cup qualifiers. It can be said that in terms of competitiveness of the league, the Turkish Super League cannot be compared with the top five leagues, but it is also considered to be remarkable. Many demon players from other countries or veterans who are past their peak and want to seek gold, will choose to spend some time in the Turkish Super League.

When it comes to the representatives of Turkish soccer clubs, I wonder which one will come to your mind? In this article, I will list the top 5 representatives according to their achievements and influence, and introduce them a little bit for your reference. Of course, due to the limitation of space, if there are any debates or leftovers, you are welcome to share them in the comment section.

V. Basaksehir

Major honors in team history: 1 time PL champion

Basakseer is a fairly young Turkish soccer club, located in Istanbul, founded in 1990, positioning can be said to be the newest club in Turkish football, in recent years in the Turkish football world's presence is quite strong, in recent years often get the opportunity to play in Europe. In the 19-20 season, Basakseer won the first Turkish Premier League title in the team's history.


Major honors in team history: 6 times PL champion

Looking back at the history of Trabzonspor, it can be said that this soccer club located in the northeast of Turkey is the second-tier Turkish club alone and the strongest Turkish soccer club outside Istanbul.

In the 1970s and mid-1980s, Trabzonspor was one of the strongest clubs in Turkish football, with its then-meritorious coach Ossiazi as the biggest contributor. In fact, five of the six championship wins in the club's history took place during that era.

In the post-Ossiazi era, although still the top team in Turkey, Trabzonspor has always missed out on the league title and is unable to compete with the following three teams.


Major honors in team history: 16 times PL champion

As one of the three traditional teams, Besiktas has been quite stable in the past years, winning the championship from Fenerbahçe or Galatasaray in almost every era and appearing in the Champions League from time to time.


Major honors in the history of the team: 19 times TPL champion

Fenerbahçe, located in Istanbul, is arguably one of the oldest clubs in the history of Turkish soccer, with its predecessor club dating back to the early 20th century. In addition to soccer, Fenerbahçe has also developed many other sports, including basketball and volleyball, making it one of the most influential Turkish sports giants.

In the Turkish Super League, Fenerbahçe has long been regarded as Taramasalata archival, and the meeting between the two teams is seen as a "Turkish derby". In addition to absorbing local talent, Fenerbahce also has a lot of silver bullet resources to bring in foreigners, such as Van Persie, who played for this club for a while.

I. Galatasaray

Major honors in team history: 22 times TPL champion, 1 time EU Cup champion, 1 time European Super Cup champion

Galatasaray CF, located in Istanbul, is the most successful team in the history of Turkish soccer league, ranking first in the number of Turkish Premier League titles. It is also the first Turkish club to win a European championship, and has a devilish home stadium where home team fans use torches, smoke, drums, flags and giant posters to create a magnificent spectacle.

It is worth mentioning that Galatasaray's home stadium once recorded a sound wave of 131 decibels, the most in the Guinness Book of World Football Stadiums. Galatasaray is also considered a club with a high frequency of occasional vicious incidents at home because of the overwhelming atmosphere of match watching.

Galatasaray can be said to be the training of Turkish international players, the representative of the character Hakan Suk and so on, in the introduction of foreign aid has been quite strong, including Drogba, Falcao, Haji, Jadel, Ribery, Kovel and other well-known players have been in Galatasaray to put on the uniform.

Looking back at the team's history, Galatasaray's peak year or a particularly impressive year was 2000. Led by Georgi Hadji and Hakan Suker, the team sealed the European League Cup and the European Super Cup, with Arsenal and Real Madrid being the final opponents knocked out in the journey.


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