Reasons Why Soccer Is Better than Baseball

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Baseball is as an exciting sport among many fans... but it's nothing compared to soccer. These are the real reasons why soccer is better than baseball.

Reasons Why Soccer Is Better than Baseball

Baseball is an old school sport that it started way back in America around the 1800s. The sport basically consists of two teams, a ball, a bat, and gloves. Yes, there is other equipment and gear other than those three, and this just goes to show that you need a lot to play baseball. Unfortunately, right? What sport can possibly consist of less equipment? Oh, I know—soccer! Only the best sport ever, because in order to actually play soccer, you need a ball... that's it. Hell yeah, that's it, because soccer is all about physical strength and skills, something that a sport is all about.

Unlike baseball, soccer comes with so many great qualities. It's not even difficult to learn the basic rules of soccer, either. But for baseball, there are specific ways to handle the equipment and learn just the simplest rules. In a sport like soccer, it should all be about skills and strength. Not only are you applying your very own strength into soccer, but you're receiving strength, as well. Through constant practicing and getting out there in the games, truly soccer is a way better sport than baseball. How can I be so confident, you ask? Well, take a look at the real reasons why soccer is better than baseball and then get back to me.

Baseball players are out of shape compared to soccer players.

Like I've mentioned earlier, since soccer is all muscles and skills, it's no surprise to find the majority of soccer players all jacked up and have muscular legs, torso... just about everywhere. Since running is one of the best exercises you can do for yourself to gain intense muscle strength, that's what soccer is all about. Running!

So, why are baseball players out of shape compared to those who play soccer? There's a batter, a pitcher, those on the bases, and players out on the field. How often do the pitcher and players on the base run? They basically stay in one spot! However, besides the goalie, every single soccer player runs and handles the ball with just their feet. Soccer is all about strength and efficiency, I'm telling you.

Soccer is a great conversation starter.

Among the reasons soccer is better than baseball, soccer really is a great conversation starter. Since it's an international sport and is loved by so many diverse individuals, you can easily find someone who's a diehard soccer fan of a team. Even if you come across someone who loves the soccer team you hate, hey, the two of you are still talking about soccer and have a passion for it.

For baseball... come on, how many people in a room filled with individuals enjoy baseball? It's a boring topic to talk about, to be honest. Despite the fact that I don't like the sport, baseball is genuinely a topic where it dies down in just a few minutes. How long can you actually talk about baseball for? Five minutes might be the record somewhere out there.

There are more skills behind soccer than baseball.

Have you seen the leg skills those soccer players have? They make it look so easy! But learning those swift moves takes a lot of practice, and it's understandable. The best soccer players can easily use tricks and techniques to get the ball right around the opponent with just three moves. They can even manage to kick a curve ball right into the goal.

But what skills do baseball players have? Okay, the pitcher can throw a few curve balls every now and then, but does the batter obtain certain skills? He just tries to hit the ball as hard as he can. What about the outfielders? They just stand around and wait for the ball to fly right above them to catch it... What a talent that sure is.

Soccer is much harder than baseball.

Yeah, soccer is way harder than baseball. But that's the beauty of it. Not everyone can acquire the strength and skills soccer players possess. But I'm sure everyone can hit a ball with a bat. It's not that hard.

Among the reasons why soccer is better than baseball, it's a true sport that requires great talent. The purpose of a sport is to challenge yourself in it. It's not a sport if you can easily play it and gain no skills from it.

Baseball's stats are so useless.

Baseball stats are pretty damn stupid. Most of us can't even keep up with the stats, because almost all of the statistics in baseball are useless. They'll bring up that one game two years ago and mention how a hitter then managed to get to second base. Or a pitcher got a hitter out by throwing three curve balls within three strikes... Okay. What am I supposed to do with that kind of information?

See, among the reasons why soccer is better than baseball, their stats are so useless that you can't apply them when talking about baseball. Soccer stats are much more easy to follow and you can really gain something out of it. We'd mention which players deserved a red card, how many goals they scored, etc. No one talks about who got who out, it's useless information.

Baseball isn't an international sport.

There are actually a lot of countries that play baseball, like America, Cuba, Japan, Canada, and others. However, this doesn't make it an international sport, because not the majority of the countries in the world are involved in baseball.

We all know that soccer is an international sport that's played by over 200 countries! See how popular the sport is? You don't see 200 countries playing baseball. This is just one of the simple reasons why soccer is better than baseball by far.

Baseball has a World Series, but soccer has World Cups.

What the heck is the World Series? Why does baseball even have a "World" Series when there are only teams from the United States, and sometimes a few from Canada, playing? It should seriously just be called the "US Series," because no teams from out of the country are involved in the World Series.

As for the World Cup, soccer teams from diverse countries across the globe are all involved and competing with each other to win. Baseball doesn't have this, so their annual championship series name makes no sense.

Baseball has way too many games.

Of the reasons soccer is better than baseball, in just one season, baseball has 162 games. One hundred and sixty-two games! How can the average baseball fan keep up with all of those games in just one season? And just how many games can you watch until you find the sport to be extremely boring?

For soccer, they don't have 162 games in a season—that's nonsense. Soccer has about 34 games, which is ideal, because it's the perfect amount of games to fully be involved in them all. And the 15th soccer game means a whole lot more than the 105th baseball game.

Baseball doesn't have relegation, but soccer does.

In soccer, they have something called "relegation," where the worst teams in the leagues are sent down to a lower division at the end of every season. This gives the team time to try harder and get right back up among the top teams in the league. This is certainly one of the best reasons why soccer is better than baseball.

Aside from soccer, baseball doesn't have this. They don't send the worst teams to lower divisions. The same terrible teams will continue to play year after year, no matter how bad they are. And this definitely isn't fair to the better teams playing.

Soccer fans are more passionate about the sport than baseball fans.

Lastly among the reasons why soccer is better than baseball is the fans, of course! Soccer fans are truly crazy, genuine, and wholehearted diehard fans of their favorite team in soccer. When a goal has been scored, all the fans in the crowd go nuts for minutes! The screaming doesn't stop until at least three minutes fully pass by.

Are baseball fans as passionate about their team as soccer? Certainly not. Yeah, they cheer when the batter hits a homer, but not as loud and long as soccer fans. This just goes to show that soccer is better than baseball in even the littlest of things.

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