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Most Memorable Women's World Cup Moments of All Time

The top ten most memorable women's World Cup moments that will have any soccer fan excited for next year's tournament.

By Stephen ClearyPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

The top ten most memorable women's World Cup moments that will have any soccer fan excited for next year's tournament. From comebacks to simple solo celebrations, these teams are sure to leave their mark on women's soccer forever.

With a tournament as important as the World Cup, there are memories and moments from the tournaments that will forever be reminisced by any soccer fan. Though it might be a little far away to get excited for 2019's FIFA Women's World Cup, taking a stroll down memory lane never hurt anybody.

Marta Scores Winning Goal to Defeat the United States for Brazil

To start off our list of the most memorable women's World Cup moments, we had to begin with none other than Marta. A moment that will forever be remembered, especially for Brazil fans, Marta, one of the best female soccer players of all time, scored one of the best goals in the history of the Women's World Cup.

In the tournament against the United States, Marta scored the final point in the 79th minute in a hack-heeled kick around an American opponent. The fourth score of the game, she sidestepped another defender and slotted the ball past Briana Scurry, America's goalie at the time.

Brandi Chastain's 1999 Winning Goal

Next on our list of the most memorable women's World Cup moments comes from the 1999 World Cup. Brandi Chastain scored the final goal of the tournament, by a penalty shootout. The United States player won the game for her team against China, and what made the game to be so iconic was her famous celebration after the score.

With over 90,000 spectators watching, she peeled her jersey off in victory, falling to her knees with her fists clenched as her teammates rushed her with excitement. The moment made it to Sports Illustrated.

Ramona Bachmann Models Her Game after Lionel Messi in Tournament Against Japan

During Ramona Bachmann's game against Japan, the Switzerland star proved her dedication to her role model, Lionel Messi. The player prided herself in learning from the Barcelona star, and her tournament performance against Japan was proof thereof.

Telling an interviewer before the game that he was her role model, she went on to win the game with a game that was played very similar to how Messi would. She beat sever defenders with simply her speed, and we can't forget to mention her shiftiness.

The Incredible Comeback for Sweden in 1995

A world cup comeback is always an incredible tournament to watch. And for Sweden fans of 1995, the World Cup was one of the most nail-biting games to watch in their lives. As one of the most memorable women's World Cup moments, Sweden was down 0-2 against Germany at halftime.

It was apparent that the game would be a blowout, but the Swedes returned to the field as a different team the second half. Scoring two times within 10 minutes of regulation, the comeback victory was one that any audience member will forever remember.

Kelly Smith Kissing Her Cleat

Much like how Brandi Chastain's celebratory moment during the World Cup was a memorable moment for everyone, Kelly Smith made a very similar moment for her career, and for World Cup history. The England player found her moment, and took it, as her team was losing 2-1, Japan.

During the 81st minutes, she scored her first goal, and only two minutes later, another. After she slipped the second goal past Fukumoto, Smith took off her shoe and kissed it, making the crowd go wild, and giving England a stunning lead.

Nia Kunzer Defeats Sweden

By what is referred to as a golden goal, Nia Kunzer holds one of the most memorable women's World Cup moments. In the World Cup final between Germany and Sweden, the match was a close call throughout the entirety of the game.

While Hanna Ljungberg gave the Swedes a lead, Maren Meinert matched her score. However, Nia Kunzer was the real star of the game, as she scored the Golden Goal in the 98th minute, securing the championship victory for Germany, the first ever World Cup win for the team.

Carli Lloyd's Hat Trick

In the match against Japan, Carli Lloyd shocks her United States fans with an incredible hat trick. The points she scored for the team allowed the United States team to win a 5-2 victory over Japan.

As one of the most celebrated stars of the team, she did not disappoint her fans, and reminded her team why she is such an unstoppable force. And to score five points in a World Cup is indescribable.

Hooper's Stardome for Canada against the US

Next on our list of the most memorable women's World Cup moments comes from the Canadian player, Charmaine Hooper. In the tournament against the United States, this game was Cana's best showing at the World Cup, which was in 2003.

Charmaine Hooper's seventh-minute goal was the game making point for the team, which was the best the team was done in their knockout stage of the tournament. However, Hooper gave the team more hope than they could have imagined.

Japan vs US in 2011

In 2011, Japan and the United States were in the World Cup Finale together. The tournament happened to be just months after the devastating earthquake that hit the coast of Japan. As an incredibly moving game, the match was tied 2-2, which led to a penalty shootout. I'm sure you can guess where this going.

Japan won the penalty shootout, and brought the much-needed pride to their country that was still suffering from the devastating natural disaster.

England Rebounds over Germany in 2015

To complete our list of the most memorable women's World Cup moments, we couldn't forget about 2015's England rebound. In the tournament between England and Germany, the England team had recently suffered the gut-wrenching loss to Japan.

However, with the final score of 1-0, England won the match against Germany to claim third place at the tournament, which was enough for their fans. Instead of being defeated by their loss to Japan, the team celebrated their next win as a rebound, allowing them to place reasonably.

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