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how to run premiere pro on low end pc

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By netstalksPublished 10 months ago 5 min read
How to run premiere pro on low end pc

Running Adobe Premiere Pro on a low-end PC can be challenging, but with the right settings, you can do smooth video editing without expensive hardware GPUs and SSD. Here is some amazing key techniques to help you run It's how to run Premiere Pro on your low end PC, with these settings you to create high-quality videos with out hanging.

1. Make Proxy Files for fast Editing:

1. Proxy files are lower resolution copy of your videos that make editing faster and responsive on low end PCs.

2. Just right-click your footage in the Project window, select "Proxy," and click "Create Proxies."

3. Choose a suitable codec, such as Proxies low resolution, and generate the proxy files. Now Run fast premiere pro on low end pc with these proxies. But you don't need to make individual project's proxies.

Here is the simple process for automatic create proxies.

4. To do automatic proxies for every imported video, you can enable automatic proxy option through ingest settings. (see the picture above)

5. Go to File > Project Settings > Ingest Settings. and enable "Ingest" and select "Create Proxies" from the drop-down menu.

6. Select the Proxies low resolution, and click OK. (see the picture below)

how to run premiere pro on low end pc

Now, whenever you import videos, Media Encoder will automatically create proxies and improve performance. Run the premiere pro on low end pc with proxies.

But you need to do one thing more add the proxy button through the button editor(+). You an toggle between the proxies and the original project.(see the picture below)

how to run premiere pro on low end pc

2. Optimize Cache and Storage:

1. When you are editing premiere is your storage at the same time the drive is being used for caching this means premiere is slow in editing.

2. To delete cache files. go to settings, go to Edit > Preferences > Media Cache. Click the "Delete" button to remove unused cache files and you can enable "Save Media Cache Files option" to a separate SSD drive or another drive.(or see the picture below)

how to run premiere pro on low end pc

3. Now premiere will use 100% of your separate SSD storage for editing.

4. That's how you can run premier pro on low end pc with delete cache and reduce the load on premiere pro.

3. Remove Unused and Duplicate Files:

1. Sometimes you are working on big projects and Premiere Pro slow down , especially if there are unused videos or resources or duplicate files. you can delete those to fast premiere editing on low end pc.

2. No need to delete individually do this. Go to file then remove unused.(see the picture below)

how to run premiere pro on low end pc

3. To optimize performance, go to the Edit menu and select "Remove Unused" to remove unused files. This makes a load on your PC and the reason of blue screen on low end pc.

4. Now delete the duplicate file of your imported video go to edit, choose "Consolidate Duplicates" to remove duplicate files, reducing unnecessary load on your low-end PC makes editing faster. It will make your premiere pro on low end pc.

4. Use Render and Replace:

1. If you feels juts or lagging in your effects on premier pro timeline. Then no need to render again and again.

2. Just copy the layer above the same layer which you want to render and right-click choose render and replace.

3. Now you have rendered clip and its always playback perfectly fine and you always access to your original composition.(see the picture below)

How to run premiere pro on low end pc

5. Disable all effects in premier pro

1. If you have big projects and in effects in bulk that can slow down your premiere.

2. To fix that, click the button editor and find the (fx) button add this through this you can disable all effects at once and enable at the same time to make premiere faster.

6. Optimize Graphics Card Settings:

1. If you have a compatible graphics card(GPU), optimizing its settings can enhance Premiere Pro's performance.

2. Right-click on your desktop and access the graphics card control panel (Nvidia Control Panel).

3. Adjust settings such as texture filtering, thread optimization, and GPU acceleration specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro.

4. This way, your graphics card can better handle the software's demands, make improved editing speed.

5.If you are going to purchase graphic card then I recommend you should purchase NVEDIA's graphic card of minimum 2 GB for better performance.

7. Use High-Performance Power Plan:

1. Make sur your PC is set to a high-performance power plan for fast performance while editing. To do set high-performance power plan.

2. Open the Control Panel, search for "Power Plan," and choose the plan that gives the high performance choose ultimate performance. This setting allows your PC to allocate more resources for Premiere Pro, improving its overall Performance.(see the picture below)

how to run premiere pro on low end pc

With these settings, you can run Adobe Premiere Pro smoothly on a low-end PC, its full editing potential without investing in expensive hardware upgrades. Utilize proxy files, manage cache and storage efficiently, adjust preferences, and optimize graphics card settings. Don't forget to remove unused and duplicate files, and set your power plan to high performance. By apply these settings, you'll see a seamless video editing experience on your low-end PC while achieving professional-quality results.

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