Ernesto Valverde Has Been Sacked From Barcelona!

By: Iván Pereira

Ernesto Valverde Has Been Sacked From Barcelona!
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As of earlier in the afternoon today, former FC Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde has been sacked. The club’s administration has announced the replacing manager for Valverde as former Real Betis coach, Quique Setien Solar. Setien has been chosen by the FC Barcelona administration and as of now signed a two-and-a-half year managerial contract with the Spanish Fútbol club officially ending in June of 2022. Tomorrow is when he will be formally announced as the club’s new manager and will be shown to the public formally in a news press conference and at a managerial presentation on the field.

Many Barcelona fans consider this sudden deposition as a harsh decision against Ernesto Valverde due to his loyalty to the club as well as his many wins for the club, including two La Liga Domestic League Trophies; one Copa del Rey trophy; and one Supercopa de España trophy. However, many consider this as a necessity for the club due to Valverde's several career losses with the club including most notably the disaster that came last year as the Champion League semi-finals between Barcelona and Liverpool, where in the first leg, Barcelona was winning 3-0, everyone in the Barcelona supporters thought they were going to the Champion League final until the huge comeback which had occurred on the Liverpool side. In the second leg, Liverpool won the match in a decisive win of 4-0. In total, giving the Liverpool side the win by aggregate, leaving Barcelona in the dust flabbergasted and uncertain. There is also no forgetting 2018's Champions League quarter-final against AS Roma, where in the first leg, Barcelona beat them by 4-1 at Camp Nou followed shortly after with defeat with AS Roma beating Barcelona by adding three more away goals to their aggregate score and AS Roma advanced to semi-finals while Barcelona were out of the champions league in a humiliating defeat, the rough start of the 19/20 season in both La Liga and the Champions League, the recent Supercopa loss between the FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid (2-3) and other losses during Valverde's managerial career with Barcelona racked up too much leading to his sacking earlier today.

This decision to sack Valverde may create an unsavory environment between the Barcelona first team and FC Barcelona’s administration. This may be likely due to Lionel Messi’s earlier official comment on the possible rumor of Valverde’s sacking this week. Messi went on to comment that Valverde has the full support of the team and the first team is highly resistant to a change in managers during the middle of the season. Now that the sacking of Valverde has been confirmed and the addition of Setien as the new manager, many fans are both happy to have a new manager and are uncertain whether this change in managers will affect the first team’s morals and effort for this Sunday’s game with Grenada FC where Setien will be coaching his first game as Barcelona’s first team coach.

Many are excited to see both what new coach Setien has in plan for this Sunday’s game and the result of the game. Barcelona compared to the last time the club played against Grenada, where the Spanish Giants suffered a shocking defeat of (2-0) against Grenada in the beginning of their 19/20 La Liga season.

It is uncertain where Ernesto Valverde will coach next or if he will ultimately retire from coaching Fútbol entirely. However, we, as Barcelona fans, thank him for his loyalty, courage and effort for these years at FC Barcelona and wish him great luck and success with the rest of his managerial career.

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