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Ea Fc 24 Guide: All You Need to Know About Free Kicks

A free kick in FC 24 is a set piece where the opposing team is given a foul and the attacking team is awarded a free kick.

By Richard Patrick Jr.Published 7 months ago 4 min read

FC 24 offers fans the most realistic soccer experience, where we can participate in various intense matches. One of the most exciting moments in FC 24 is the chance to score from a free kick. This guide will review some things you need to know about free kicks in FC 24.

What is a free kick in FC 24?

A free kick in FC 24 is a set piece where the opposing team is given a foul, and the attacking team is awarded a free kick. The attacking team can use this opportunity to score a goal by shooting the ball directly into the net or by passing the ball to a teammate.

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What types of free kicks are available in FC 24?

In EA FC 24, various types of free kicks are available for players to master. Here are the types of free kicks explained in the tutorial:

  1. Inside Foot Curve & Low Outside Foot Curve: These techniques involve using the inside or outside of the foot to curve the ball around the wall and into the goal.
  2. Low Free Kick: A technique where the ball is struck low, typically to go under the jumping wall or to find a gap.
  3. Classic Free Kick: The traditional way of taking free kicks, often involving a direct shot at the goal or a curled effort around the wall.
  4. Knuckleball: A challenging technique where the ball is struck so that it moves unpredictably in the air, making it hard for goalkeepers to predict its trajectory.
  5. Chipped Free Kicks: These are used for precise deliveries, often over the wall and into a specific area or player.
  6. Second Man and Third Man Techniques: These involve deception, where one or two players run over the ball before another takes the shot or pass.
  7. Layoff Free Kick: A deceptive technique where the ball is lightly touched or "laid off" to a teammate, who then takes a shot or makes a pass.

By understanding and practicing these free kick techniques, players can increase their scoring chances and add another dimension to their gameplay in EA FC 24.

How to get a free kick in FC 24?

In football, a free kick is awarded to a team when a player from the opposing team commits a foul outside their penalty area. Here are common scenarios in which a free kick might be awarded:

1. Direct Free Kick: This is awarded for more severe fouls, such as:

  • Tripping or kicking an opponent.
  • Pushing, striking, or making contact with an opponent in a manner deemed reckless or using excessive force.
  • Handling the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within their penalty area).

2. Indirect Free Kick: This is awarded for less severe fouls or other infringements, such as:

  • Playing in a dangerous manner (e.g., attempting a high kick near another player's head).
  • Impeding the progress of an opponent.
  • Goalkeeper taking more than six seconds to release the ball from their hands.
  • Goalkeeper touching the ball with their hands after it has been deliberately kicked to them by a teammate.

To score a free kick in FC 24, players must aim the ball correctly and time their shot well. It is also important to use a player with high free-kick accuracy and to imagine the ideal trajectory of the ball before hitting it.

How To Score Free Kick Goals?

Scoring free kick goals in EA Sports FC 24 can be a game-changer, turning the tide in your favor. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to master the art of free kicks in the game:

1. Choose the Correct Free Kick Taker

Not all players are created equal when it comes to free kicks. Look for players with high Free Kick Accuracy and Curve stats. To accomplish free kicks better, we can use fc24 coins to buy suitable players and allocate the various attributes of the players wisely.

Some players might take shots with a foot you're not comfortable with. Choosing a player whose shooting foot aligns with your preference is essential.

How to switch players: To switch the free kick taker during the game, hold `R2` on PlayStation or `RT` on Xbox.

2. Aiming the Free Kick

Positioning the aim is crucial. Use the on-screen cursor to target where you want the ball to go.

  • If you're taking a shot from a position vertical to the goal post, aim above the head of the middle player in the defensive wall.
  • For free kicks from the right side of the goal post, aim above the head of the rightmost player in the wall.
  • For free kicks from the left side, aim above the head of the leftmost player in the wall.

3. Execute the Shot

The final step involves executing the shot with precision. Choose the type of shot based on your position:

  • Outside Foot Curl: Best for shots taken directly in front of the goal. This shot uses the outside of the foot to curl the ball.
  • Inside Foot Curl: Ideal for free kicks from the sides. This shot uses the inside of the foot to wrap around the ball.
  • Knuckleball: A powerful and unpredictable shot, perfect for longer distances.

Scoring from a free kick in EA FC 24 is an art and a science. You can turn every free kick into a potential goal by understanding the game mechanics, selecting the right player, and practicing regularly.

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