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Dad, I love you

Dad, I love you

By Kevin FinneyPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

In this short winter vacation, I am ready to put the "nutrition" into my little brain every day, the knowledge in the textbook to meet my desire to learn. In a flash, in the blink of an eye. Has arrived my dream afternoon, I can finally go to Xinhua Bookstore to eat a rich "meal". Came to the bookcase, I hesitated, in the end to see what? Some have seen it, others don't. Suddenly, my eyes fell on a green book, the name is "if give me three days of light", this is not an article written by Helen Keller? How could it be a book? The question arose in my mind. In order to solve this mystery, I was ready to start the ocean in this book. A reading of the first few pages of the book, I felt Helen's desire for light mood, but also reminded me to cherish their eyes, to protect it, not to let it hurt. After the introduction of Helen's life and learning career, which makes my heart produced a feeling: Helen learning how hard ah! Although she used to give up whenever she encountered difficulties, more because she is a deaf mute, so that others do not understand her meaning, more let his character strange. Later, after Sally teacher's guidance and guidance, so that she is full of longing for life, slowly restore confidence, have fun to learn. Although the process of learning is very hard, but she still tried hard, was not difficult to hit, at this time, a motto appeared in my mind: difficulties like spring, see you strong or not strong, you strong he is weak, you weak he is strong. I was once in trouble dejected, broken, give up, but read Wang Zengqi, Helen Keller's deeds let me slowly understand: "Bao Jianfeng from hone out, plum blossom fragrance from the bitter cold." Ah!

How time flies, blink of an eye, I was already a junior high school student. On the day of school, I picked up the new school bag already ready, the mood is really very excited ah! With some nervousness and curiosity, I stepped into the middle school, an unfamiliar environment. The middle school sky is wide, sunny, blue sky, in each with a beautiful name next to the teaching building, are full of laughter. "Middle school is really different from primary school." This is my first few days of freshman feeling. The schoolbag is much heavier than in primary school, and there is much more homework. Into the classroom, can not see the past students see me when the smile, all around is a strange face. To the middle school does not adapt, let me can not help but think of the happy life in primary school. It was very happy and relaxed at that time. During recess and lunch break, I can play games and chat with my good friends. We can help each other when we have problems. But in the middle school, no one I know, I seldom talk to them, when I have a rest, I always read books in the classroom or watch others playing happily. Some students in the class like know each other, the first day of school, they like 800 years did not meet like, a meet there are endless words, you a word, I a language... Primary school life is beautiful, but also worth keeping in my heart. But I believe that although we do not know each other, now that we study together, I will be able to find sincere friendship in this class in the future. The beginning of the school, outside the window of the birds cry is still crisp, the footsteps of the wind is still soft, in the future, we will be full of laughter in this beautiful campus healthy and happy growth.

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