10 Things Every Soccer Player Knows & Hates

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Are you a soccer player who is in love with the game? Well then you are probably aware of some of these pet peeves that also come along with the sport. Here's our list of the most relevant things every soccer player knows and hates.

10 Things Every Soccer Player Knows & Hates

There are some things every soccer player thinks to be annoying by playing the game day in and day out. These things don’t make playing soccer any less enjoyable; however, they are pet peeves that come with the sport. Any soccer player can relate to sweaty shin guards, aggressive opponents, and that one teammate that steals the back seat on the away bus every time. There are so many different things that come with playing soccer on the field and off the field that we just can’t stand. Here is the top list of things every soccer player knows and hates.

One of the top things every soccer player hates is going to an away game where the field is set in an awkward place. There is no room around the field, and every time you are kicking the ball for a corner kick, there is absolutely no room to back up! Every soccer player knows, in order to kick the perfect corner kick and make the ball arc into the goal, you need enough room to back up and run towards the ball. Running room gives you enough power to kick with vigor. Those fields that are up against a hill and have no running room are the worst, and remain a big pet peeve for soccer players everywhere.

Another one of the things every soccer player hates, and, unfortunately, must get used to, is having weird tan lines every year during soccer season. Wearing shin guards, shorts, and t-shirts in the sun all day playing soccer are going to leave you with some harsh tan lines, and it’s inevitable that you’ll look like a total weirdo in your bathing suit. If you aren't already, get used to it; this is a tell-tale sign that you grew up playing soccer. Embrace your puzzle piece tan at the pool this summer. Everyone will know you’re a soccer player, and that’s okay.

One of the most detestable things every soccer player knows, especially girl soccer players, is the maddening feeling of players that pull your hair during a game. Not only does getting your hair pulled hurt, but it will make you extremely angry. Soccer is an aggressive, albeit non-contact sport, and you can get penalties easily. Hair pulling will test your self-control. Take deep breaths and don’t let that petty player get you a red card!

Unless you're one of the top athletes in the game pulling off one of the best penalty kicks of all time, the anxiety of kicking penalty kicks is one of the things most every soccer player has. No one wants to be called up on that chopping block in front of everyone. Having that kind of pressure put on you can be killer. If you are put in this position, try your best to focus, and keep eye contact with the goalie. All soccer players know this feeling, so you’re not alone.

Wearing sweaty, unclean pinnies for practice scrimmages is the worst, and this is one of the things all soccer players know and hate. Playing soccer means lots of practices and lots of time in pinnies, which aren’t always freshly washed. Soccer players know how much they sweat, so you can only imagine how unappealing it is to wear someone else's sweat during practice. Gross.

Getting cleated is one of those things that every soccer player knows and probably experiences at least once in their athletic career. Even professional players in the World Cup are not safe from this painful experience. Unfortunately, playing soccer comes with wearing cleats, and cleats come with spiky soles. Kicking the ball sometimes leads to kicking other players by mistake (or on purpose). Either way, getting cleated is painful, and it happens sometimes.

Does it seem like one of the main ways on how to become a soccer referee is to never make a good call? Another one of the inevitable things that every soccer player knows is that the soccer field is big, there are many players on the field, and only a small number of referees. Unfortunately, the referees cannot see everything. It will often feel like the ref is calling your penalties and not noticing the penalties of other players. This is super frustrating as a soccer player. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t. That’s just a part of the game.

One of the things every soccer player knows is when the coach says, “bring your tennis shoes today,” that means conditioning is about to happen. Every soccer player hates conditioning, because all that means is running. There is no ball to distract you anymore, just lots of running to get in shape for the field. Who wants to run just to run? Nobody!

Nothing is worse than being in the middle of a game and having to stop for 30 minutes or more because of thunder. This is one of the things every soccer player absolutely cannot stand. Thunder is a safety hazard, because it means lightning could be close by. Anytime thunder is heard, everyone must clear the field. Sometimes, games are canceled because of thunder. This is the worst because of all the hard work and preparation you put into getting ready for game day.

Among the things every female soccer player knows and hates are tight sports bras. Of course, you need a sports bra that is tight enough to keep you in check while you run up and down the field, but those sports bras can dig into your sides, cause you to sweat like crazy, and can also be impossible to get off after a game! Guy soccer players have it easy, because they don’t have to deal with this issue, but girls know the struggle all too well with this one.

There are a ton of pet peeves and things every soccer player knows, and hates, about the game. However, playing soccer comes with so many things to love as well. All these things are minuscule compared to the many lovable things, which is why soccer players continue to play. Don’t let these things stop you from getting out on the field with your friends. You won’t regret it.

Morgan E. Westling
Morgan E. Westling
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