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what happen what you died

she is died before some days ago

By Santosh RokaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
why she is died?

What occurs when you pass away?

Remember to hit the subscribe button and turn on the bell notification to join our Notification Squad. Many individuals believe that we could be surrounded by clouds after we die.

heaven, or on the contrary, if we have not followed the morals given to us by our selected religion

If we do not believe in a certain religion or the specific sect within that religion, we could potentially be confronted with an eternity of suffering in hell.

the idea of bowing down to a red-bearded man who rarely sets aside his pitchfork.

Let's begin with looking at empirical evidence and the physical effects on the body.

we perish. Physicians can determine that you have passed away when the heart ceases to beat and there is no more electrical activity.

functioning in your brain. Brain death is equivalent to being deceased, yet machines are able to prolong the functioning of the body for a brief period.

You can also experience a cardiac death, where the heart ceases to beat and blood circulation ceases in the body. The unusual, even marvelous aspect is that individuals who have experienced cardiac death but have been revived claim they were conscious of their surroundings.

Others have mentioned approaching a light during a close brush with death. You can be revived from clinical death, but you only have a small window of 4-6 minutes.


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  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    Great story 🎉🎉

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