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Something Shady


By umamanidrahPublished 4 months ago 10 min read

Buy fresh vegetables!

Fresh vegetables!

Did dad call? No.

Every 5 minutes, the cops interrupt our shoot asking for a hand out. They're bleeding us dry. - Do you've legal shooting permits? - We do, sir!

We have already paid the fee, both, to the municipality and the traffic police.

But what brings you here? This isn't a station. - I need to go in! - Who're you? Siddhant. I'm the brother-in-law of Mr Bose,

the chief of Detection Squad. I've some work here. - Be specific! - It's personal. Ask Mr Gupta.

- The whole set up... - Hey, the cops... Sir!

Sir, when people buy SIM cards or when they go through immigration or check into a hotel, they need to fill in their personal details.

We acquire all those details and feed them into our system. Passport numbers, PAN card numbers, phone numbers, car numbers.

Such unique numbers are collated and updated in our systems. If you need any Intel on anyone...

He's here! You needn't make frequent visits to the RTO. We don't need to sift through various offices.

We just need to send the subject's unique number by phone... Within 15 minutes and half an hour to the maximum,

you can get the Intel on that person on your phone. Mom, call dad. 5:20

You do it. But I can't get through.

Hey, don't. Leave... - Let me clean up... - No, just leave.

Why did you break the jug? You're always watching TV. - I did ask you to call him! - Hush!

Shut up! You're always glued to the tube. - Yes, hit... - Want to go to dad...

- So, I insisted. - Shut up!

- Hello! - Kali! - Is your mom home? - Hold on...

- Mom, dad's asking for you. - Hello? Be there in 5.

I will drop in for a bit but will leave quickly. It's daughter time today!

Kali, wait!

Listen! Do I smell bad?

Still? - No. - Is it alright? Tidy your hair.

I'm still waiting outside. Everybody knows that I'm his brother-in-law.

Everyone is laughing at me. Brother-in-law! He must be busy. That casting director calls me only on Saturdays

when I can't make it. Don't push it. I'll speak with him. Please talk to him!

Make him understand...

Darn witch! She treats me like I'm going to kidnap my own daughter!

Bad word, dad... 10 rupees. Easy... I'm on my way. - Dad! - It's Mumbai's traffic.

- Dad... - What were you saying? You were there?

Good joke, man. Indian women sport a dot on their forehead

as they're recording everything! It's a damn recording button!

I should've been there, man. You're stupid to give him money, dad?

I don't. I don't even speak to my son. He stays alone. I don't even pay his rent.

You don't but your wife does. It is wise to keep one's woman on a leash.

Please hold... Your daughter's on the line. What is it? - I know he's waiting. So what? - What's happening?

Shalini, I didn't marry you to solve your family problems. Either I've to intimidate your father's business associates

or illegally bail your brother's friends. You don't have to!

But when you make him wait outside, he annoys me with his calls.

I'll thrash him so hard that he'll forget how to dial a number. Go have your drink and hit the sack. Stop bugging me.

I needed some money. Why? Vinayak will get you what you need.

I don't have any money. My bank account is empty.

I get bored at home... Your car always has 5 liters of gas. Anything else, tell the man Friday.

Stop bothering me. Rane!

- Brother-in-law! - Give me your phone.

Get His Highness some tea.

Why have we stopped here, dad? Just 5 minutes, I've to pick up a script.

- No. - Just 5 minutes. Please! I know how long that lasts!

Aren't we going to a theater at 5? What's the time now?

- Three. - Three. What will we do for the next 2 hours? - I may as well do my errand. - I don't want to watch a movie.

Why do you always pick me when you've work to do?

Okay, come with me. No. I don't want to. Keep busy and don't bother.

What... An iPhone! Wow! - Who gifted it? - Uncle did.

Which model is it? Why are you wasting time? I'm going, dear. Don't get mad!

Stay right here. I'll be back soon, okay?

Yeah, whatever. Go. That's like my girl.

- Leave! - Okay. Okay. Don't move. Yeah.

When have I not received your call? Your son will be here soon. Come on, you're exaggerating!

I'm auditioning for a big film tomorrow. God willing, I'll land the role!

Then, I'll pay you back. The entire amount!

In the Grey market, an iPhone or an iPad can get you a cool profit of 5 to 6 grand!

So if we get 100 pieces per trip, that's an easy 500 million.

If you could pay off your custom officer friend...

- Sir! - My brother-in-law is upstairs. He's smuggling iPhones. Give him a good beating!

Hello! Where are you, man? I'm here. Open the door.

- You made me wait! - You know of the traffic! - Let me describe the scene. - Okay.

This is seriously a long monologue. Just memorize it. - Alright... - Didn't see Kali in the car.

- What rubbish? - The car's door was open, I tended to it. What are you saying?

- She must be around. - What happened? - She must be around. - Rahul!

Hey, Rahul! Rahul...

Rahul! Sir, there was a little girl in this car. Saw her anywhere?

Kali! - There was a girl in this car, saw her? - Nope.

- Have you seen a little girl around? - No. - Was in this car. - No, sir. - Saw a little girl in the car? - No.

- A little girl! - Didn't see her. There was a girl in this car...

Seen her? Your phone's ringing. Take the call.

Hey! Show me your phone... Show me! Where did you get this?

- How did you get this? - It was around...

How did you get this? How did you... How... Tell me. On your feet!

- Rahul! - Let me go! - Rahul, over here! - What happened? - This guy... Catch a hold! - What happened?

Stop tripping me and get that moron! Nab him!

Stop, you imbecile! Get him, Rahul! Stop!

Rahul, stop him...

Come on, Rahul... Nab him! Come on... - Block from the other side! - How?

Block his way...

Hey, stop! Rahul... Don't... Don't let him get away!

- Your name? - Rahul Kapoor. Why is your last name mentioned as Varshney here?

That's my real name, but I prefer to use Kapoor! Why?

He's an actor, sir. Don't interrupt in between. - The actors do this often, sir. - What?

- A birth name and a screen name. - Why? So what's Amitabh Bachchan's other name?

- He doesn't have two names. - Why? Why so? He's a super star. Mr. Bachchan! - But many have two names. - It's true, sir.

Akshay Kumar's name is Rajiv Bhatia. Rajesh Khanna was Jatin.

Yeah, that's true. Akshay Kumar's real name is Rajiv Bhatia. Even Dilip Kumar's real name was Yusuf, right?

Yusuf Khan! - Yusuf! - Jeetendra also had one... - Correct.

Just look at him drool. This man's such a movie buff!

So, Kapoor... So, which film have you acted in?

I haven't! What are you waiting for? Sir, he's waiting for the right role. He's good at his craft.

And what do you do? I'm a producer and a casting director, sir.

What is casting? Well, when a film is launched, I select the actors for it.

So, you decide whether to take Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan? - No, sir! See, all the big stars... - Then?

- The big shots... - Yes... Yeah, the stars who play main leads. Actually, they are already decided.

- But the heroine's parents... - The character roles, sir... - Or the villain's henchmen... - Got it!

The bad guys who get beaten up... So basically, you select the spares! That's your job!

Why haven't you cast your friend yet? Sir, he wants to play big.

- Meaning? - He wants to become a hero. But he is a hero already, right?

Yeah, he is very good! He's quite big! He leaves a little kid alone in the car.

She is 10 years old. Why did you take her along? Because she meets me every Saturday!

Why? Does her mom work on Saturdays? Her mom and I are divorced. That's the real problem! It's never simple!

Divorce... Separate ways! We end up cleaning their mess! Okay, continue.

That's why, she was with me. Did you inform her mom about leaving the kid alone?

Did you? Sir, he asked me to come over to rehearse a long scene... Okay.

So, I parked the car and asked Kali to stay inside. - I went up, he wasn't there. - You noting this down?

Yes, sir! - Go on. - His parents were home. I waited.

He arrived in some time and asked about Kali. I said, she was in the car. He said he didn't see her.

- So I ran down to look for her. - I... He also followed me. She was really gone. So I started looking everywhere.

Suddenly he called out to me... He had caught a guy! I thought, it's a clue! That guy escaped and got hit by a car. How's this our fault?

- Come on! - My daughter's missing, sir. Shouldn't you be looking for her instead of questioning us?

This is not your performance. Will you teach me how to do my job?

Go teach someone else! Why did you call him?

Sir, I called him over to give the audition script.

Okay. Go on... But when he came home, my computer wasn't working. How is that connected to your computer, now?

Just give him the damn script, why drag your computer into it? - Script is sent over email, right? - So he had to go to a cyber cafe!

You had to print the script emailed in a cyber cafe. Say that! So I returned with the script copy and saw Rahul's car parked below.

- I saw the car and... - You came upstairs.

No, I noticed he's not in the car. I assumed he's gone up to my place. So when I got there, I asked him about Kali.

............................................................(TO BE CONTINUE)


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Hello to all, My name is Umama Nidrah and by profession I'm a physiotherapist and I am seeking for Article writing , Blog writing that is related to health with some interesting initiatives which are also uptodate.

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