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Prologue: The Legacy Unveiled

Eldoria's Long Lost Heir

By Anisah SuhailahPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Prologue: The Legacy Unveiled
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The present day is like no other, every advancements of technology and our worldly progress is alight. Every corner of the world has their own kingdom but in a very faraway land, deep and far from society today is an existing realm today in our civilization where in lays the history and passage of time shown through the heart and soul of this very kingdom named Eldoria. This very kingdom was known to have it's uniqueness of legends coming alive bustling and whispering through the roads and tavern, a kingdom that was known for its bygone era that has still continued its whispering through centuries. This kingdom was envisioned to be known to as a dazzling but forgotten empire, a realm that was shrouded with enigma and a crown that was historically known for it's power and curse that has been created as a bedtime story for centuries in Eldoria's land.

The Eldorian Crown, adorned with jewels that seemed to capture the very essence of the cosmos, had been stolen from the kingdom's vaults ages ago. The theft had not only robbed Eldoria of its most treasured artifact but had also cast a dark shadow over its future. For with the theft of the crown came a curse—a curse that would haunt the Eldorian royal family for generations.

The curse condemned the royal family to restlessness, their spirits bound to Eldoria, their legacy tarnished. Their fate intertwined with the stolen crown, they remained exiled, their cries for redemption echoing through the centuries. As centuries have passed, the legend and tale lives on to be taught as lessons, histories and even bedtime stories to be told passing down from generation to generation, ever changing details and more. But as with every tale, no one understood a truth that went down in this very tale of the lost crown.

In the bustling city of New Haven, a different story was unfolding—a story that would bridge the chasm between past and present, between the kingdom of Eldoria and a detective named Sarah Williams.

But destiny had a way to play in this history and as with everything, it all starts with a secret. Sarah Williams, the detective is deeply in love with mysteries and has solved many in her time within the police department. Neither has she backed down or stopped halfway in her time being a detective but as everything, it was about to change her life when a dark secret has been kept centuries by her family. One that has twisted her fate and will test her on the journey like no other. Captain Harris has tasked her a new case, one that will bring her into a different and testing journey.

It is a daunting but exciting mission for her. Sarah's journey would lead her deep into the heart of Eldoria's history, where she would confront legends and curses, mysteries and betrayals.

This is the tale of Sarah Williams, as she embarks on a quest to recover the stolen crown, she goes into secrets of the past, a very twisted truth, a startling revelation and meet ghostly figures of the past that haunts Eldoria. Follow her journey as she embarks on an adventure like no other to unveil the secrets of Eldoria.


Hi! This is your author/article writer/ writer~

Ya'll get the jist but anywho, I kind of want to start a chapter's that was dedicated to this short story called "Eldoria's Long Lost Heir" so if you want to check out that short story, click right here!

Anyways, this is my actual first chapter/prologue so leave a comment and tell me what you guys wanna see from me next and who's excited? Because I am so ready to expand this universe for reaaallll! Anyways, thank you, bye!!


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Anisah Suhailah

A writer who's interested in various topics and dives deep into creating an engaging storytelling and interesting way of giving life to new perspectives.

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