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By MissclickedPublished 10 months ago 4 min read
[Elaila's travel list]

11:34 p.m., Jordan

[Rain drops falling at their potential]

Buzz buzz... *phone ringing*

RUNE: *driving, picks up* Hey Dexi ba.... *interrupts*

DEXTER: So you are still alive, huh?

RUNE: Come on, we just talked a few days ago, and you already miss me tha...*interrupts*

DEXTER: Few days?? It's been 3 weeks! I called you a number of times. Where's your mind at? Do you even see the date?

RUNE: Mmmhmm, I see... Fascinating! *checks the date*

DEXTER: Great! So you have finally lost your min.....*hangs up*

RUNE: [pulls the car to the side for a moment]

So I am finally losing my sh*t....Pathetic!

*scoffs off while talking to himself*

[starts and speeds up aggressively]

10:24 pm, Italy

[cameras flashing, people applauding, confident foot steps towards the stage]

SPEAKER: ''And now give a round of applause to the new director of Telecom 24 Private Limited, ONORA YELTEEZ!''

ONORA: ''Greetings everyone! This is the director speaking; first of all, thank you for being here. I am sure that if you are seated at this occasion, then you must have already proved your worth for the company, and that is exactly what I expect from you in the coming years...''

*continues talking*

[people gossiping]

''There she is talking about worth when she only inherited what was already built''

''Look at that ungrateful brat! Just wait until the joint meeting; I will definitely show her my wrath and my worth"

''That little bitch! Let's see how long she lasts"

''I hope she lasts longer than her mama" HAAHAHHAHAA...

DEXTER: [Standing quietly at the end of the hall]

''She definitely looks tired'' *sighs*

Can she hear them? I hope she doesn't; it's already a lot for her.

REPORTER: ''Mam, who is the person you would like to associate the most with your success, seeing as you have achieved a lot at such a young age?''

ONORA: ''It would go a long way if I started taking names, but there are a lot of people that have helped me become who I am today. Thank you; that's all for today''.

[Exits the stage and moves out to get some air]

DEXTER: [follows her outside quietly]

''Can I speak to the director, please'' *in a serious voice*

ONORA: Stop it, Dexi! I am already at my limit dealing with these ass-heads.

DEXTER: Trust me, the feeling is mutual. And stop calling me Dexi!

ONORA: Any updates of Rune?

DEXTER: Nothing new; he's just the same, working his ass and running from his life as usual.

*phone ringing*

''Hello? Is this Dexi that I am talking to? ''

DEXTER: Yes, I guess who is this? ....

12:34 a.m., Hawaii

BLAIR: Sheesh, what a hectic day! *looks out of the window*

There are too many stars today; maybe I should wish for something.

''God, please keep everyone safe today''

SOME DOCTOR: [enters without knocking]

You are again reading these research papers. Do you have a fetish for his work or something?

BLAIR: Do you see a door here? Please use it and help yourself out. I have better things to do.

*moves out with a weird face*

BLAIR: Fetish, huh? I think I still have it...

*gathers the papers and puts them aggressively in the drawer *

10:34 pm, Norway

ELAILA: [moving footsteps in heavy snow]

I can't believe I am seeing the northern lights. They are more beautiful than I thought... Gosh! But the weather—can't it be a little warmer?—it's like I can't tell whether I am freezing because of the beauty that I am seeing or the snow. Hahhahah...

There I go talking to myself again.. Am I finally losing my sh*t? ... Pathetic!

I wonder what they are all doing. Are they okay? Are they warm? We all promised to see the northern lights together, but here I am warming my hand with the other *sighs*




DISCLAIMER: This is a story that I came up with a few months ago. All the events and people occurring during the series are fictional. This is also not a Romance series but rather about Friendships and Bonds between people. To be honest, I have not even written 5 chapters of the series as I am still exploring and waiting for ideas to drop by, but I promise to complete the series as soon as possible. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING!

WRITER'S NOTE: Heya! Guys, I hope you all are doing amazing. First and foremost, I want to Thank you all for the support; it's because of you all that I got my first Top Story. I lack words to explain, but the strength you all give me and the motivation to write are above all. I hope you all have an amazing day. Please take care of yourself and drive safely!

Down below is the character sketch please look into it for reference!

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  • Sid Aaron Hirji10 months ago

    Can't wait for more. The bonds we form be it friendships or acquaintances play a part in forming our identity

MissclickedWritten by Missclicked

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