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National Spumoni Day (April 21)

National Spumoni Day

By Mai SophiaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
National Spumoni Day (April 21)
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Spumoni is a delightfully flavorful layered Italian ice cream dessert which includes cream, fruit, and nuts – and this frozen treat is celebrated on National Spumoni Day!

History of National Spumoni Day

With the unique flavors of chocolate, cherry and pistachio all combined together, along with fruit and nuts, Spumoni offers a special mix of flavors and textures that all add up to something absolutely wonderful!

Thought to have its origins in the area of Naples, Italy, most food historians believe that Spumoni was first created in the 19th century and has evolved since that time. It was probably around the 1870s that Italian immigrants introduced Spumoni to the United States. And some of the best Spumoni available in the US today can still be found in predominantly Italian neighborhoods of large cities.

Formed from a molded gelato (which is a version of ice cream with less fat), there are usually three frozen layers that are interspersed with candied fruits and nuts in between. Some folks have differing opinions about which flavors of gelato are the most traditional, but the layers usually combine the colors of pink, green and brown. There may also be some whipped cream involved with the ice cream to make it lighter and fluffier. In fact, the name is the plural form of the Italian word spumone, which translates to “foam”.

Spumoni has made quite a cultural and geographical journey in recent years, from its birth in Naples to being more commonly eaten and enjoyed in the United States as well as Argentina. National Spumoni Day was founded in celebration of this tasty Italian dessert that has become popular in many places throughout the world!

Pro Tip About Spumoni:

Many people who are new to the experience of Spumoni might want to be let in on a little secret. Culturally, purists of this delicious dessert consider it to be in bad taste to use a spoon to scoop out Spumoni and put it in a bowl. Instead, the proper way to serve this frozen treat is to slice it and place it on a plate!

How to Celebrate National Spumoni Day

Have a delightful time enjoying and celebrating National Spumoni Day with a wide array of ideas and activities. Get started with some of these favorites:

Enjoy a Dish of Spumoni

It’s no chore to head on over to an Italian ice cream shop or restaurant that serves a version of this treat in celebration of National Spumoni Day. The Bensonhurst neighborhood located in Brooklyn, New York is a perfect example of an area that offers easy access to Spumoni.

Try Making Spumoni at Home

One fun way to enjoy and celebrate National Spumoni Day might be to get a little creative in the kitchen and try to make this delicious frozen concoction. What’s great about it is that the treat can be made completely with store-bought ingredients, so there’s no need to be a professional chef to be able to try to make it!

Hop online to find a recipe, which typically consists of three different kinds of ice cream or gelato, sometimes combined with whipping cream, and layers with candied cherries, pistachio nuts or some other variety. Once layered, freeze it up until it’s ready to be served to family or friends.

Head Over to Naples, Italy

Those who are the most avid fans of National Spumoni Day might want to use it as an excuse to take a trip to Europe. Hop on over to Naples to experience the place where Spumoni was invented and go on a little tasting tour to see where the best version can be found.


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