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Struggles are real.

By Zoafshan MehmoodPublished 5 months ago 3 min read


Summer days



Is suicide is the only answer to all the struggles? maybe NO!

Hot summer day sun is on it's peak fans are moving on there full speed but still you can feel the sweat coming down your forehead. Every student in the class is happy because of the holidays that are going to starting from tomorrow. Everyone is discussing how they are going to spend their holidays. My friend turns to me and asks"what about you what's your plan this holiday as long as remember every holidays your cousin came to your house to spend there holidays. right?" I looked at her with the smile on my face and replied"YES" as we were talking our teacher came to the class and start teaching us I was very happy because every holiday one of my cousin come to our house to spend there holidays.I was happy and I was hoping for my class to end quickly so that I can go home but little did I know that this holiday my life will take a turn and everything will be change forever.

The class ends and I start packing my bag as I was coming out of the class my friends also joined me we all went to the main hall and start waiting. After some time I heard my name the guard called my name on the speakers and after hearing it I run outside where my brother was waiting for me. I gave him my bag and and we start talking as we were walking towards the our house I told him about my day and then I asked him"when is brother (cousin who was coming to spend his holiday)coming? He replied"ooh! he will be here by tonight". After 5 mints walk we reached our home. Everyone was busy with their work after reaching home my mom helps me change my clothes and I went straight to the bed. I woke up by the noises coming from the living room I went there to check when I saw there he was (my cousin) standing in front of me.I was so happy after waiting for a whole day finally he was here. He was always nice to me and always play with me and every time he visits us he buys me toys also as a kid I always wait for him so I can get toys. But this time was different and I was unaware of the situation in which I was being dragged. He smiles at me and come forward and pick me up.He said " how old my princesses is turning this year". Me"I'm 5 years old this year" him"ooh! wow now you are a big girl" as we were talking we heard "Dinner is READY"

We all head out the room he was still holding me in his arms as we sat down for dinner he took me down from his lap and made me sat beside him and start eating as we all were eating and talking he keeps on smiling at me that time I didn't know what was going on and I keep quite. Now it was time to sleep as we were heading towards our rooms he called me in his room and he said "kiddo! you are going to stay at home from now on because of holidays right we will play a lot of games and enjoy but this will be the secret between us because if anyone else find out they will not let us play" me who was innocent that time didn't know what was going.


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  • Michael Perry5 months ago

    Incredible ✨

  • Test5 months ago

    I really enjoyed reading this article as it is well-written and filled with valuable information.

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