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Cultivated farms

By Santosh RokaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Cultivating history of China

The history and people of China exhibit a remarkable diversity that mirrors the vastness of the land itself. The rich culture of China has bestowed upon the world numerous inventions and discoveries, such as kites, porcelain, silk, gunpowder, paper currency, and acupuncture. This complex culture is deeply rooted in tradition and honor, with various family dynasties ruling over ancient China for millennia, each leaving an indelible mark on history. The elegance of Chinese art and poetry conceals the military might that drove expansionism and conquest. To comprehend the intricacies of this unique and captivating culture, a brief overview of China's history is essential.

While historians believe that people inhabited China for much longer, the first recorded Chinese dynasty was the Shang Dynasty, which reigned from 2100 to 1600 BCE. However, the only evidence we have of the Shang Dynasty comes from texts written around 1300 BCE, long after its rule had ended. On the other hand, there is definitive proof of the Shang Dynasty, which emerged around 1600 BCE. The central vassal state of the Shang Dynasty was Zhao, where the peasants relied on rice farming for sustenance, while the upper classes enjoyed a variety of meats to supplement their protein intake. The Chinese peasants devised a method of stir-frying fish, chicken, or eggs with rice and vegetables, a cooking technique that remains popular in China and worldwide to this day.


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  • Tina D'Angeloabout a month ago

    I often wonder why no one has ever berated other countries than America for expansionism. All countries did this at some point in their history. Lands lost; lands taken. People vanquished; people enslaved. Major cultures rise and fall all over the world. Sometimes, it's just their time to collapse, and sometimes, it's another culture's time to gain. We've had a good run here in America, but I fear our time is coming.

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