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Chicago, First Date, and a Bottle of Merlot

Chapter 3: Falling in Love on Lake Michigan

By April Denise StuartPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
Chicago, First Date, and a Bottle of Merlot
Photo by Lux Charters on Unsplash

J. R. and Rick were very much inseparable and so were Angel and Trent. The foursome spent weeks out in various parts of Chicago. They went shopping and dined at some of the best restaurants in Chicago. They also visited the various museums that the city had to offer. On Valentine's Day, Trent had a surprise for everyone. They were going on a romantic cruise on a yacht, set to depart the Chicago River Pier. This time, everyone met at Rick's condo. It was ten minutes from J. R. and Angel. Trent was almost five minutes late. It was a cold night so everyone had their winter coats on.

"Thank goodness you got here Trent," Rick almost hollered. "They aren't gonna hold the yacht for us you know."

"Well," J. R. nearly shouted, "What are we waiting for? Let's get cracking."

"Good idea," Angel stated. Both women donned long sleeve formal dresses as they knew that the night was going to be cold. Rick and Trent were dressed to the nines in their tuxedos. They took the elevated train to the pier. The winds had started blowing harder. The sun was slowly setting on the Chicago River. The yacht departed the pier and sailed down the river. The lights illuminated the bridges that crossed the river. By the time dinner was served, they were at the lock of the river, near its mouth. They eventually wound up in Lake Michigan.

The meal consisted of Duck Confit, Chicken Teryiaki with brown rice, Braised Brussels Sprouts, Beef Sirloin, and for dessert was served Chocolate or Strawberry Cheesecake. The waiters and waitresses served everyone on board. Dessert was served thereafter. The foursome were seated right by the window. They looked out and they saw most of the city of Chicago. Lights illuminated the shore of Lake Michigan. They were finishing their last glass of Merlot. The band at first began playing some fast moving jazz, but later decided to switch it up to some slow music. Angel and Trent went onto the dance floor and were slow dancing. Rick and J. R. left the table and decided to head outside. "Nice evening, isn't it," J. R. remarked as she leaned on the railing.

"It is," Rick responded. The winds blew right hard just off the lake. J. R.'s hair was a mess by the time the winds died down. She managed to smooth it out with her hands.

Angel and Trent were on the dance floor. They were slow dancing to an old jazz tune being played by the band. At that point, it seemed that everyone was bonding during this cruise. "This has been a terrific evening so far," Angel stated as she was slow dancing with Trent.

"Thank you, this has been a good evening for me as well," Trent replied as he was dancing with Angel. He walked with her outside to the stern of the yacht, as they saw the lights of Chicago miles away. Meanwhile, Rick and J. R. were at the bow and looking over the lake and saw the moonlight hit the water and shine like never before. They pointed out all of the lights to the city as well as the various buildings in the background. At that moment, Rick finally told J. R. what was on his mind after so long. " Jamie Renee," Rick started out as he cleared his throat, "I have grown to really enjoy your company these past few months. It seems like just yesterday we all have met. I was hoping that maybe we could have a more permanent relationship. I wanted to say that I have fallen in love with you." J. R. stood there staring at Rick speechless.

"Rick," J. R. replied almost in a stuttering tone of voice. "You seem like a really great guy. I am currently not sure yet of things. I still have some reservations right now."

"J. R., are you okay," Rick asked as he took her hand. "I mean you are stuttering. And you sound a bit shaky."

"I guess I just need to sit down for a minute," she replied. Rick helped her back inside to their table. Meanwhile, Angel and Trent were at the stern of the yacht.

"Angel," Trent asked in a softened voice. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I am fine," Angel replied, "It is just a bit cold." He immediately put his coat around her. He held her by the hand.

"Angel, these past few months have been alot of fun. I have enjoyed every minute we have spent together," Trent started as he was walking around the yacht with Angel. "I wanted to tell you that I have fallen in love with you." He stared deep into her eyes as he put his arms around her and held her close under the moonlight. For the first time, they kissed. He and her felt like they were floating on air. Finally a smile grew from Trent's face as he walked Angel back inside.

By Jake Leonard on Unsplash

Meanwhile, J. R. was still trying to come to terms with what Rick had said about being in love with her. She was a little hesitant as her last relationship was a tad rocky. The last guy that J. R. was involved with wound up in prison for forgery. Their relationship had more arguments than anything else. J. R. didn't want to endure that again. That was three years ago. She moved to Chicago to get away from him and get a fresh start. After she got her bearings, she told Rick what had happened in her prior relationship and that she didn't want to go through being hurt all over again. He reassured her that she could trust him. With that said, they walked back outside to the stern of the yacht, and looked out at the moonlight, and that is when they kissed for the first time. He hoped that she would realize that he was not a bad guy. He wanted her to know that he should not have to pay for the mistakes that her ex made. J. R. sat back down and finished her dessert. The Merlot bottle was still half full, but before she could get the last drop, Angel got the bottle first.

"Really," J. R. blurted, "Angel, you have had quite enough of that. "

"Excuse me," Angel almost shouted, "I was hoping to get some of this for Trent. He was hoping for some more of this. I have had enough Merlot for a night." She grabbed the bottle and handed it to Trent who drank the last sip. The cruise lasted two hours. The cruise took them all throughout Lake Michigan. The Navy Pier was a sight to behold. The lights shone brightly as the harbor came back into view. They were ready to disembark and meet the Uber who was ready to give them a ride home as each had had at least two glasses of Merlot. Angel and Trent managed to finish up the entire bottle.

As they disembarked, the foursome managed to walk to the Uber that was waiting on them. J. R. and Angel were dropped off first. They each managed to make it to their condos without any trouble. Trent and Rick called both of them to ensure that they were safely inside their apartments. The ladies reflected on the date.

"Well, Angel," J. R. said as she prepared to head for bed. "That was a fun cruise. I really enjoyed it. But Rick stated that he had fallen in love with me. I was really kind of fearful of getting a repeat of what happened with James."

"J. R.," Angel said, "Look Trent admitted he has fallen in love with me too. As for you, congratulations. I mean you are in a better position with Rick than you were with James. You didn't need a relationship with that scoundrel. He was full of malarkey. I hope that you and Rick have a great relationship as me and Trent are."

"Angel," J. R. responded, " Thank you. I wish I had realized that Rick really is a great guy. Don't start me on James please. I left him behind and now I gotta focus on the here and now. "

"True," J. R. replied, "But I guess James left me trusting no one further than I can toss a softball. I hope things with Rick work for me. I hope things with Trent work out for you too. He seems to be a great guy and I hope you two tie the knot."

"Now J. R.," Angel blurted, "That's pushing it. We need to make sure that these guys are husband material first and foremost. Then we can play musical wedding gowns. And Trent and Rick can go out and play musical tuxedos." They each hung up the phone and decided that they needed a good night's sleep. They had made a good choice to move to Chicago, Illinois and enjoy it. So far it seemed that this was the best move that the foursome made. The nights spent drinking Merlot seemed to make it even better.

By Christian Bowen on Unsplash

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