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Akame's in a jam

Chapter 1

By Mieczyslaw OzPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Akame's in a jam
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Staring down at certain death, Special Agent Akame Fugatoro thought to himself, "I don't get paid enough for this." His sight was taking in crashing waves and a rocky drop, if the grappling gun malfunctions; not that it has ever happened to his knowledge, but it was raining, and the wind was too strong, anything could happen. The mission is infiltrating the lab, locate the biological weapon, collect a sample of the bioweapon and data, and destroy the bioweapon along with the lab. "Sounds simple enough." Akame thought.

"Agent, the heli is outbound now. It's time." A voice in his ear reported.

With the grappling gun in his right hand and his nine-millimeter with silencer attached to it in his left hand, Akame took a deep breath and dove towards the dark waters. Before reaching certain death, Akame deployed his grappling gun hitting its mark, swing him towards the cave entrance that laid at the bottom of the cliff. Today was a blue moon, only open when very important people entered and exited the lab, and that was not so common, but today the entrance was wide open.

Akame was going in blind, he didn't know what to expect once inside.

When he was three meters from a rough landing, he managed to get off three shots. Akame spotted three figures and did not hesitate. He landed on his feet and instinctually rolled over his shoulder, effectively shifting his momentum, rushing to cover behind some crates. He knew he wasn't alone when he heard the gun fire and wood splintering behind him. He waited for the enemy to reload, rose from cover and fired, hitting two men and spotting one dive for cover.

Akame knew it was not long before the alarm was the only thing he heard.

Reloading his pistol. Akame saw a lose bolt that must have fallen from the crates, he reached for it and threw it to the other side of the room expecting the last shooter to direct fire towards that area. As expected, Akame rose from cover and shot at the man hitting him twice in the torso. No alarms have sounded yet which Akame thought strange since the gun fire from the AR's were too loud.

Akame had a strange feeling, and he couldn't shake it off.

After the quagmire from the entrance. Akame opened the door to the rest of the compound and passed the threshold not knowing what awaited. He slowly stepped through the white empty corridors looking inside each room, but every single one was empty. Akame knew something was off. He continued forward. His thoughts were racing. No alarms, there only being three guards and a lab that was supposed to be full of scientist. Akame was not the type to get nervous, but he could feel the perspiration on his forearms and at the back of his neck. He inched forward, opening the last door of the corridors and quickly contacted his evacuation team.

Akame found that his earpiece although perfectly intact was deactivated.

Akame knew a countdown when he saw one. There was no time, but he wasn't going to leave here empty handed. He approached the main control board inserted his thumb drive which was automatically set to extract all information in a matter of seconds. He knew he was set up as soon as he saw the countdown. Whomever wanted him here wanted him dead. Everyone was long gone and the three guard from the entrance must have been on the way out which meant he had a way out.

Akame couldn't go back to his agency or even go back home as far as anyone knew he was dead from this point on.

Feeling frustration and anger, Akame punched right through the control panel blooding his hand, but it didn't matter. Akame had six minutes to get out of there, he grabbed the thumb drive and bolted towards the cave entrance. He scanned the surroundings and spotted a small submarine which meant there was an exit without the need to swim in monstrous waters. Closing the latch and starting the sub, Akame had a new purpose, find the person that set him up. For now, Akame needed to disappear.



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