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A Perfect Rose pt. iii

Chapter 3: How It Was

By Anthony TerryPublished 29 days ago 6 min read
A Perfect Rose pt. iii
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Warning: This chapter contains things that may be sensitive to some readers including alcohol and sexual content. These topics are not being painted in a way that makes them desirable but to show the damage that abusing these things can cause. I hope through this story you can make better decisions in your own life and if you are struggling with any of this please find help! Okay, let's jump back in! If you missed chapter one or two make sure you have read those before continuing!

The excitement of the night got the girls rushing to get ready! As they were getting ready they were excitedly telling each other all the things they hoped would come from tonight! Ellie knew if only she could keep up with everyone then she would finally fit in and have all the friends she had been hoping for. Maybe Caleb would even talk to her in class and her life would finally transform into what she had imagined her life being every night in her dreams. Once they were both finally ready and had finally picked out the outfits they wished to wear they headed to the party in Holly’s fun convertible her dad let them borrow every now and then. As they walked up to the party Ellie knew tonight would be different and maybe even life-changing for her. She was hoping for the best yet expecting the worst to happen at this party. She was always hard on herself and doubted anything good would ever come to her. As they opened the doors into Alex's house what was on the other side was anything but what she had expected to see.

The smell of alcohol was overwhelming and the noise of everyone playing games and screaming over the music was deafening to her. Ellie wasn’t one for drinking and dancing, she was very much an introvert and kept to herself when she had the chance. She had grown up in a house where nobody ever drank, not even a glass of wine with dinner. However, she wasn’t about to turn around and leave now when this could be her chance to get the boy she had been dreaming about. This could be her only chance so she wanted so bad not to mess this up. Although she could hear her mom's voice telling her to be safe and not to party in the back of her mind as she walked into the party. But she kept ignoring the small voice ringing in her head as if it wasn’t even there, hoping her conscience would be silenced and let her have an amazing time tonight. She didn’t want her mom’s voice to be why all these cool people wouldn’t talk to her.

Alex ran up to Holly when he heard them enter, welcoming them to the party. “I’m so stocked you guys were able to make it! Caleb and I were just about to start our first round of pong and we need some hot partners to join us, would you all wanna join?” They both imminently answered, “Of. course!” blushing a little that he had just called them hot. They followed Alex into his living room, where a ping-pong table had been set up, and all the furniture pushed to the walls. Caleb was already there filling the red solo cups with what Ellie assumed was beer. He was laughing as he spilled some on the table. “Opsies, I guess that will just add to the fun! Hope you guys don't mind a little mess." Ellie giggled and tried to contain herself and her excitement of being in the same room with Caleb. She wanted to play it cool and not seem like a fan girl and creepy.

"Okay, I think everything is set now and ready to go! Who should the teams be?" asked Caleb. Alex didn't hesitate to claim dibs on being with Holly, which was a shock to nobody. "I guess that leaves me with you, Ellie!" Caleb said in what Ellie thought to be an excited voice. The game began and it was obvious that none of them had ever played pong before because the ratio of ping pongs that hit the target to ones that rolled away across the floor was astonishing. They seemed to spend more time trying to find the ping pongs they threw than actually throwing them. After what seemed like an eternity Ellie finally sank a ping pong into a red solo cup causing Holly to have to drink. She tipped the cup back and felt the beer burning down her throat. "Let's go!" She exclaimed as she threw the cup to the floor. She tried her best not to make a face as it burned the back of her throat.

From then on they began to hit more and more which subsequently, made them drink more and more. As the night went on they were all filling themselves more and more with the sweet nectar of alcohol. Their words began to slur and their jokes were becoming funnier and funnier to each other. The room was spinning but this was the best night Ellie could imagine. She kept bumping into Caleb flirting and getting all his attention. Things couldn't have been going better for her!

All four of them then decided to call it quits on their nice little match of pong and headed down to find the couches to hang out on. There was another living room that was more cozy and away from the loud screaming and music of the rest of the party. They were all laughing and making snarky jokes back and forth. The only things that mattered were them, they all forgot about the rest of the party and all the other people who were there. None of that mattered and that made Ellie smile. It made her feel important knowing she would have all of Caleb's attention and that he was willing to give it to her.

"Who wants to play truth or dare" asked Alex, once they made it down to the living room and were all comfy on the couches. They all agreed that that sounded fun and to spend the rest of the evening playing some good old-fashioned truth or dare. The game started slowly with stupid dares like liking the floor or smelling another person's dirty socks. But things slowly began to get spicier and took a turn to be more intense. After a few rounds when it finally was Ellie's turn again, the world was spinning around her from the excitement of who she was with and all the alcohol that was in her body. She barely heard Holly say, "I dare you to make out with Caleb." And before she knew what was happening she felt Caleb coming down on her. This was it! This was what she had been hoping and praying for. She was finally kissing Caleb her mouth was on his. And the strong smell of the alcohol on his breath was burning her nose.

As the moment intensified she began to feel panicked. She began to realize this was not how she imagined her first kiss to be like. She was expecting a sweet romantic night not this intense dare with her and Caleb being plastered. She knew she wanted this but at the same time, she knew she shouldn't. She felt Caleb touching her body and kissing her and wasn't sure she wanted this but was paralyzed from either fear or the intoxication of the amount she had been drinking that night. His hands were going where she had never imagined they would go. Looking around she couldn't see the other two there anymore. They had abandoned them and left her at the hands of the boy she wanted to love. The room was eerily silent she could hear her heart beating in her chest. She was terrified of what was happening and waiting for the worst. She wanted to scream. She wanted to run to safety. She wanted it all to stop. Then what had been haunting her mind became reality. She slowly felt Caleb’s hands going under her clothes and began to take them off. As she felt her shirt slip off everything went dark.


Hey! Thanks for reading part three of my short story about this girl named Ellie. Could this really be the end? What could be left for Ellie? Is there any hope? Come back next week as we continue the story. Every story has a dark point and this is where Ellie has found herself. In the darkest part of her life. She was seeking to be seen but found herself in a dark situation while in search of love. We find out the effects of coming to this party, and let me just spoil something for you the consequences are not good.

Here is another story you may enjoy until next week!

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Anthony Terry

Hello, I like using poetry and music to help connect people and find the meaning of life. We all have our own unique stories and I want to share mine to hopefully inspire you to share yours!

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  • Novel Allen22 days ago

    Oh my. Where are parents as kids get out of hand. Never fails to happen as lives are ruined. Truth.

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