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Whispers of the Sea: A Journey of Discovery

Exploring the Depths of the Soul Amidst the Ebb and Flow of Life

By HajraPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Along the sandy shores we wander,

as the waves crash upon the beach,

and the salty breeze caresses our skin,

I am met with a revelation.

Just like the ancient mariners of old,

who sailed the vast expanse of the ocean,

and sought solace in the embrace of the sea,

You have appeared into my life,

and beckoned the same with open arms.

You who stands amidst the tide's gentle embrace,

not in search of treasure but of peace,

and yet exude a tranquility,

that rivals the calmest of waters.

You who dances with the foam-kissed waves one moment,

and walks with the wisdom of the ages the next,

with nary the thought or worry of time,

for there is none to dictate but the tides.

You who claims to be simply a wanderer,

yet with the moonlight reflecting in your eyes,

and guiding you along your path,

I cannot help but see you as extraordinary.

Along the sandy shores we wander,

as you reach down to collect seashells,

and invite me to share in your discovery,

I am met with a revelation.

I have found my serenity.


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