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Review :A Journey Beyond Borders: I Went To Gdansk With Somebody" by Jonny Blair

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By Moira BaliPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

The engaging travel book "I Went To Gdansk With Somebody" was written by seasoned travel writer Jonny Blair. After the epic "Backpacking Centurion '' series came to an end in March 2015, Jonny takes us on a rollercoaster trip through his experiences in Poland—a far away from the kind of destination most Northern Irish travelers imagine.

A football match between Northern Ireland and Poland in 1991 marked the beginning of Jonny's amazing journey to Poland. A journey to a windswept cave town in Georgia, an ice cream shop in Bournemouth, a hostel dorm room in Bucharest, and even some private time spent in

Antarctica are just a few of the unexpected stops in the story. A new adventure is revealed in every chapter of Jonny's tale, which is similar to a pattern of different events.

"I Went To Gdansk With Somebody" is attractive because of Jonny's unique viewpoint and his refusal to accept what is typical. The writer tells stories in a special way by mixing humor, honesty, and a love for surprising things.

As Noel Gallagher effectively put it, "a man with a fork in a world of soup,". This metaphor means Blair is good at handling the challenges of his travels with a unique and determined approach. It's like using a fork when everyone else is using a spoon – different, but effective.

Jonny's journey is a mixture of bright dreams and dark nightmares, creating an unpredictable yet captivating story.

The first trip Jonny took to Poland, which was full of adventures, accidents, and cultural discoveries, forms the core of his story. Jonny clearly conveys his encounters, from a poetry inspired by Stalin to a night of celebration in Poznan enjoying warmed beer.

The writer really loves Poland, and you can feel it in how he talks about its culture, food, and history. When he describes enjoying pierogi ruskie and grzaniec, it feels like you're right there with him, experiencing Polish traditions.

In Jonny's travels, football, friends, and beer are common features. His obvious passion for fine drinks makes him resemble Kazik Deyna rather than George Best. It's not shocking that this Ulsterman ended up cheering for the fifth-tier Polish green and white team KP Starogard Gdanski in 2016.

The book follows Jonny in his several occupations, including bartender, teacher, travel writer, public relations representative, and even broccoli farmer, each of which adds a special touch to his adventures across the world. The geographic markers on Jonny's journey, which include Tashkurgan in Afghanistan, Lam Tin in Hong Kong, and Grödig in Austria, highlight the wide range of his experiences.

Jonny writes with a lifelong heart and an endless imagination, which results in a story that is both interesting and realistic travels via exotic locations add flavor to an already lively experience. Readers can practically imagine Jonny, enjoying a cup of coffee and longing for Babcia's pierogi russkie as the sun rises in an unidentified Polish town — a testament to the author's skill at bringing each location to life.

In conclusion, "I Went To Gdansk With Somebody" is an enjoyable journey above national boundaries, providing readers with a pass to many civilizations, surprising experiences, and an endless passion for discovery. According to Jon Jon Blair's story love is still the medicine that gives you a high when traveling—a sentiment that Seal perfectly captures. With Jonny Blair functioning as your guide across the unexplored regions of Poland and beyond, be ready for an exciting and touching journey.


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