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Quick Reviews on 5 Stories by Stephen King

Rage, The Boogeyman, The Long Walk, The Body & Elevation

By Jay,when I writePublished about a month ago 4 min read
Quick Reviews on 5 Stories by Stephen King
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Quick reviews. Ratings are out of 5. Enjoy

1. The Long Walk

So far, this book is the best Stephen King novel I’ve read. It’s so good I actually read it twice (after some years in between), and I rarely reread books.

Don’t get me wrong, I read it as a kid and didn’t like some language…then I got older and realized how gross a lot of it is as I reread it because I didn’t remember what left a bad taste in my mouth the first time, and kid me wouldn’t have been able to tell exactly why honestly.

So, that aside…which is hard to put aside…

This book follows a kid, Tay Garraty, as he goes on the longest walk of his life. This walk is a life or death thing. Literally.

Picture a sea full of preteens/teens walking for hours and hours and they’re unable to stop or else they “get eliminated” from the walking competition. And getting “eliminated” isn’t just going back home, no, it’s going home home.

The Walkers can get a card pulled on them, but each strike against you means you gotta be even more careful as the walk goes on.

Ray meets some kids and chats it up about who’ll win, what they’ll do if they win, and why they’re doing The Walk in the first place. And as they each get picked off one by one, you can’t help but feel a bit twisted cause you’re like “hmm, wonder which of these kids won’t die, and I wonder how/when this kid will,” but then they do and you feel sad for them even if they were an annoying/mean character.

Awesome pacing, had me at the edge of my seat, interesting characters like seriously they were all entertaining and very distinguishable even though there were over five you had to meet and get to know throughout.

My rate: 4 or 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (⭐️) first read: def a 5

(I still can’t get over the language, but I’m arguing with that side of my brain cause kids did speak like that then, and certain words were acceptable…doesn’t make them right but does that mean authors shouldn’t write them? People can be crappy people or say horrible things, no? Ahh)

2. The BoogeyMan

Forgettable honestly. Not much to this short. Slow paced, and “dark.” A bit too unsure of itself, and the main character didn’t make me want to hear his story. Couldn’t feel bad for him if I tried.

A monster is the reason for a man’s kids going missing/dying and he’s trying to explain the story to a doctor.

I don’t remember how I felt after reading it, but a 2 seems good because I don’t remember actually hating it.

3. Rage

Honestly, a bit tame compared to the stuff put out now and the real world as of today, but I get why King is not a fan of this being out. It saw way too much into the future.

Unfortunately, it felt like the story/characters were trying to say something that wasn’t completely thought out and the middle was pretty boring. The ending was alright and so was the beginning, but nothing to write home about. It had some decent one-liners from the characters, but none of them were all too interesting.

Couldn’t even remember the main character’s name or his reasoning really. Oh, right now I do, but I wouldn’t want to spoil anything.

I’ll keep my original rating of this book.

3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

4. Elevation

About: a man who is losing weight to the point he starts floating

This one isn’t in the horror genre, and was a pleasant surprise. I was just wondering how I’d like Stephen King’s other works that weren’t focused on the scare factor.

Quick read. The characters were lovable, even the mean lesbian had her moments ha. It was funny, and a nice page turner.

It’s just a dude getting to know people in his town a bit more, bonding with a few people, realizing he has an issue and not knowing why but doing whatever he wants with the knowledge.

Solid 4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

5. The Body -the movie title: Stand By Me

You’ve seen the movie right? A group of young boys go out to find the body of a kid. On the way, they jump out of the way of a train, tell stories, sing songs and get to know each other a little bit more. The main character tells what he’s thinking and gives insight on his friends’ private lives. Friend group is tested by a tough circumstance and aging/growing apart.

I think this is one of those rare occasions where I must admit the movie is better.

The book was a tad too slow paced for my liking, even though I’m a fan of small town slow paced books about kids just growing up y’know? Also, far too many racist, homophobic, fatphobic(and everything else) jokes. I mean, man it was like every other page I had to pause for a second. I only finished to do a comparison essay (book vs. movie).

I like inner dialogue, like hearing from a group of friends…unfortunately, couldn’t really care for any of these characters much.

3 stars because there were good bonding moments and I liked their backgrounds enough

3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I wanted to get more into his work, and tried to. But, I think I’m all King’d out, at least for now. I feel like I can’t get as into him as I thought I would because I read such great reviews and know people who love him. I dunno.

I do know I appreciate you for reading.

What’s your fave/least fave King novel?



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