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Bagas Stories: From the Inside to the Peak of Wealth

A long story about a poor, successful young man.

By UlpiPublished about a month ago 8 min read
Bagas' story:

Bagas Stories: From the Inside to the Peak of Wealth

Bagas was born in a remote village, far from the hustle of the city. His life is full of limitations. His simple house is made of bamboo and coconut leaves. The daily food is just like him, the harvest of the little pit belongs to his parents.

Since childhood, Bagas has been accustomed to hard work. He helped his parents in the field after school. Not uncommon, he also had to find wood in the woods to cook. Despite life's passes, Bagas is always cheerful and enthusiastic. He dreams of getting out of poverty and giving a better life to his parents.

Bagas's chance to change his fate comes when he gets a scholarship to pursue his education at the best state high school in the city, and he happily leaves his hometown in pursuit of his dreams.

In the city, Bagas has to adapt to a new and tough environment. He had to struggle hard to attend his school full of students from rich families. However, Bagas never gave up. He's hard on learning and always striving to get the best score.

Outside school hours, Bagas works part-time to help ease the burden of his parents. He works as a waiter in a restaurant, handles newspapers, and even becomes a street guard. Despite his tiredness, Bagas was always passionate about working because he knew it was all for his brighter future.

Bagas' perseverance and hard work finally yielded results. He graduated high school with the best grades and earned a full scholarship to continue his education at a renowned college in Jakarta. There, Bagas took a major in computer engineering, which was one of the most prestigious and in demand major of his time.

On the college bench, Bagas returned to show his accomplishments. He is active in various student activities and always gets the best grade in his class. He also manages to create some innovative applications that make him known as a student of achievement.

Bagas's achievement attracted the attention of many big companies. When he graduated from college, some prominent companies offered jobs with high salaries. However, Bagas chose to reject all such offers. He wants to build his own business and become a successful entrepreneur.

With funding from his scholarship and earnings from his college work, Bagas founded a start-up company that is active in the field of information technology. He used his knowledge and experience during his college career to develop a variety of innovative applications that society needs.

At first, Bagas's business didn't go smoothly. He had to face many challenges and obstacles. However, he never gave up. He continued to innovate and work hard to develop his business.

Over time, Bagas' business began to grow rapidly. His products were much sought by the public and he managed to make a lot of profits. He became one of the successful young entrepreneurs who was inspiring and much admired by people.

Despite achieving success, Bagas never forgot his origins. He always helped his parents in the village and founded a foundation to help disabled children who wanted to go to school.

Chapter 2: Spreading Goodness

Bagas never forgets the hard work of his parents who raised him with affection. He always tries to make them happy. He renovates his parents' home in the village to be more comfortable and livable. He also bought them some new electronics and vehicles.

Besides, Bagas also established a foundation in his village to help disabled children who want to go to school. He provided scholarships, textbooks, and free writing tools for them. He also built a playground and a library for the children in the village.

Bagas' goodness doesn't stop there. He also helped farmers in his village by providing them with training and capital assistance to improve their yields, and he also helped build village infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and irrigation.

Thanks to Bagas' help, the lives of the people in the village became much more peaceful. Children can go to school quietly, farmers can earn more income, and the villages become more developed and prosperous.

Bagas has been an inspiration for many people in his village. He showed them that with hard work, determination, and care, they could all success and make a positive change in the world.

The goodness of Bagas was felt not only by the people of his village, but also by people throughout Indonesia. His inspirational story was widely covered by the mass media and he was a speaker at various motivational events.

Bagas has become a role model for many young people in Indonesia. He showed them that success is not only about wealth and material, but also about making positive changes in the world and helping others.

Chapter 3: New Challenges

One day, Bagas was invited to be a speaker at a seminar abroad. He was happy to accept the invitation. It's an opportunity for him to share his experiences and inspire others around the world.

At the seminar, Bagas met many people from different countries and backgrounds. He was impressed by their enthusiasm and determination to make a difference in the world, and he was increasingly motivated to continue to work and benefit others.

However, in the midst of his busy life, Bagas began to feel something lacking. He misses the simplicity and tranquillity of his village. He also misses his parents and friends there.

Bagas decided to go back to his village. He wants to spend time with his parents and help the community in his village. He also wants to set up a new company in his village to create jobs and boost the village's economy.

Bagas's decision to return to the village was not welcomed well by everyone. There are some people who envy his success and do not want him back. They fear that Bagas will change their village and destroy their traditions and culture.

However, Bagas is not shaky. He is convinced that with good intentions and cooperation, he can bring positive change to his village. He started talking to the neighbors and explaining his plans.

Slowly but surely, Bagas began to gain support from the villagers. They admire his sincerity and care for their village, and they are willing to help Bagas realize his dreams.

With the help of the people of the village, Bagas succeeded in establishing a new company that operates in the field of agricultural processing. This company provides jobs for many people in the village and increases their income.

Bagas also established a training school for farmers to improve their skills and knowledge. He also helped build village infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and irrigation.

Thanks to the efforts of Bagas and the village community, the village became more advanced and prosperous.

Chapter 4: Love and sacrifice

In the middle of his construction work, Bagas meets a beautiful woman named Laras, a young doctor who has just been assigned to the village. He moved his heart to help the many villagers who still lack access to health care.

Bagas and Laras often meet and work together in various social activities, and they start falling in love with each other. Bagas is amazed at Laras' kindness and dedication to helping others, and Laras is fascinated by Bagas' perseverance and enthusiasm to build his village.

One day, Bagas dares to show his love to Laras, and Laras receives his love with joy. They both pledged to support each other and help each other in achieving their dreams.

However, their relationship didn't always go smoothly. There are some people who don't approve of their relationship. They feel that Bagas and Laras come from two different worlds.

Despite the many obstacles and challenges, Bagas and Laras remain steadfast in their establishment. They are convinced that their love can overcome all obstacles.

One day, there was a natural disaster in the village. A huge flood hit the village and caused a lot of damage. A lot of citizens' houses were crashed and they lost their belongings.

Bagas and Laras hand in hand to help the disaster victims. They set up shelters and provided food, medicine, and clothing to the victims.

In the midst of a chaotic situation, Bagas and Laras show their love and sacrifice for each other.

This bitter experience deepens the relationship between Good and Good. They both become more and more convinced that they are compatible and destined to be together.

After a natural disaster, Bagas and Laras work together to rebuild their villages. They build new houses that are stronger and more resistant to disasters. They also build better village infrastructure and improve health services for the community.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Bagas and Laras, the village managed to rise from the ruin and become more advanced and prosperous. Bagas and Laras lived happily together and were an inspiration for many people.

Chapter 5: Precious inheritance

Bagas and Laras have lived happily together for years. They've been bestowed on two funny and intelligent children. Bagas continues to develop his business and help the villagers to improve their standard of living. Laras continues to dedicate himself as a doctor to helping people in need.

One day, Bagas fell ill and he was diagnosed with a serious illness and no cure. Laras and their children are very saddened to hear the news. However, they remain steadfast and try to give support to Bagas.

Bagas underwent various treatments, but his condition didn't improve, and he realized that his time was getting closer.

Before he died, Bagas wanted to give a precious legacy to his children and the village community. He gathered everyone in the village and gave a meaningful speech.

He told his children that they should learn, work hard, and be successful. He also told them to be humble and never forget their origins.

To the people of the village, Bagas told them to always keep unity and unity. He also told them always to shoulder-to-shoulder to build the village and improve their standard of living.

After giving his speech, Bagas took his last breath. He died peacefully in the arms of Laras and his children.

Bagas's death is a profound grief for Laras, the children, and the entire village community. However, they are all stubborn and striving to continue the legacy of Bagas.

The children of Bagas grow up to be successful and useful people for society. They followed his father's footsteps by helping others and building a village. The villagers are still united and working hard to build their villages to be more advanced and prosperous.

The heritage of God is not only a wealth, but also noble values such as hard work, care, and the passion to keep moving forward. This heritage will continue to live and inspire future generations.

Epilogue: A Continuous Story

Though Bagas has disappeared, his story continues to inspire many people. His legacy is not only a wealth and a successful company, but also noble values such as hard work, care, and a passion to keep moving forward.

The children of Bagas, Bara and Star, grow up to be successful and noble adults. They followed their father's footsteps by helping others and building villages. Bara became a successful businessman, while Star became a dedicated doctor.

Bara and Bintang work together to develop their villages. They build better villages infrastructure, improve health services for the community, and create new jobs. They also set up new schools to improve the quality of education for the villages' children.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Bara and Bintang, their village became increasingly advanced and prosperous. The villagers also live in happiness and well-being.

The stories of Bagas, Bara, and Star show us that with hard work, determination, and care, we can all our dreams and make a positive change in the world. We can also be an inspiration to others and leave a valuable legacy to future generations.May it be useful and inspiring for all of his... wait for the continuation of this story denagn new generation yes it's coal and stars

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