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An Old Motivational Book Taught Me A Sales/Copywriting Lesson: Left Me Surprised

You might have heard the book’s name many times because it’s an classic motivational book

By Poonam BhattPublished about a month ago 3 min read
An Old Motivational Book Taught Me A Sales/Copywriting Lesson: Left Me Surprised
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When I started developing a reading habit almost 20 years back, I remember, I started reading a few classics like Who Moved My Cheese, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and Alchemist.

Later on, I realized, I am a non-fiction person. Especially motivational reading attracts me a lot. I try to read all the motivational books that people suggest. Since then I have been in love with motivational books.

But recently in the last 5 to 6 months, I found myself reading much about copywriting, building sales funnels, generating leads, etc. Since, I am working on setting up my digital copywriting and blogging business.

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But what I observed is, our creative juices flow the way according to stuff we read. When I was reading motivational books my stories on Medium all went towards self-improvement.

But, in the last 6 months, I have filled my mind with business books so my stories on Medium went according to it.

But I was missing my motivational read and my motivational perspective towards looking at different things, situations, and people. And earlier, that used to come to me very easily when I was much into reading motivational books.

One such book was The Magic of Thinking Big which I started to read in May 2023. I loved the message in the book that is “Before anything comes to existence you got to believe it first. If you believe that it is possible to achieve then you will easily find the way to achieve it. So in order to achieve big, think big”. After reading about 100 pages of it and somehow found it overwhelming at that time so I started reading something else.

After a few months, I saw a video of Steve Harvey where he mentioned two books that changed his life. One is The Magic Of Thinking Big, the second is the Power Of Positive Thinking.

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As I needed a little break from my business reading at that time and also wanted my motivational writing to flow like it used to earlier, I came back to read The Magic Of Thinking Big.

To my surprise when I resumed reading from page 100, the topic I read was ‘Don’t see things as it is, rather visualize them for what they can become’. Say, for example, you have to sell a piece of land. Then think of how it can help potential buyers have some monetarily gain after they purchase a land. What they can build on it or what business can they possibly do and grow that can help them earn money?

This way when you can show possibilities with the land to the potential customers, you don’t have to actively try to sell the land. Rather these perceived values of the land will make the buyer want to have that land as soon as possible. So the moral here is to think/visualize big possibilities with stuff.

As I read those texts, my mind was blown away. This is a copywriting tip that can help a person sell many products and services. What you have to do is just increase the perceived value of a product/service that can be helpful to customers. And potential customers themselves will want to buy it desperately, instead of you running after them and convincing them to buy from you.

I find this lesson useful for both personal and business growth.

Let me tell you how.

Personal growth: Visualize yourself who you want to become instead of who you are now.

This will help you become aware of your true potential and help you become the best version of yourself.

Business growth: Visualize all possible ways your product/service, can help your potential customer to overcome their problems and pain point.

This will help you make the best sales pitch ever for your product/service which will help your potential customers to buy from you easily.

Isn’t it a great message both for personal and business growth?

I am enjoying a great read The Magic of Thinking Big. If you also want to reach your maximum potential and get the best out of yourself then do read The Magic of Thinking Big.


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