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Your Winter Skincare Routine

by Craig Middleton about a year ago in skincare
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Skincare guide for the winter season

Your Winter Skincare Routine
Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash

Winter poses certain unique skincare problems. To keep your skin in perfect condition year-round, develop a skincare routine for the season and your skin will thank you.

Morning Cleansing

The first element of your winter skincare plan is a good cleanser to start your morning skincare routine. In other seasons, you might need something powerful to remove perspiration and the grime it attracts. In winter, you need something milder and more moisturizing. All that will need removing is the remnants of the night cream you used several hours earlier and your own facial oil.


Serums can do many things from attracting moisture to your face, to giving it a glow by promoting new cell turnover. What you need most in harsher weather is something that will keep the moisture where it belongs: on your face.

Hyaluronic acid is a good choice because it attracts moisture from the air and brings it to the outer layer of your skin. If there is no moisture available that way, it can even obtain moisture from deeper in your skin and bring it where it's needed most.


Yes, you really do need sunscreen, even in winter. The sun is still up there and capable of reaching your skin during your commute or while sitting by a window. You can apply one with a lower SPF than you would in the summer, but please don't skip it.

Just like layering your clothes protects your body from the cold, layering your skincare products protects your face better.


Amp up your moisture routine by using a slightly more substantial day moisturizer in winter. There is no longer a danger of perspiration and clogged pores, so you can wear something a bit heavier to act as the last and most protective layer. Places like foreheads and around the mouth tend to really dry out in the cold wind so don't be stingy with your application.

Lip Balm

Speaking of lips, it's an absolute must to protect your lips from the cold and wind. Winter conditions can almost instantly chap your lips. Licking them to try and put some moisture back only makes the situation worse. What you need is to put on a layer of quality lip balm and try your best not to lick it off (especially if it's one of the delicious-smelling ones).

Before bed, when you brush your teeth, use the toothbrush to go over your lips. This will remove dry, dead cells and help your lips to better absorb a bedtime coat of lip balm.


Water works to moisturize your skin from the inside. In addition to wearing a product that can attract water from the atmosphere, keep your body well-hydrated too. It might not feel as necessary to drink water in winter, but outdoor dryness and indoor heat both work to rob your skin of its water content.

Take it easy with caffeinated drinks too. Caffeine is a diuretic and can suck the water out of your body, as well as your skin. Too many cups of coffee or tea will leave your skin dried out and dull-looking.

Night Cleansing

Micellar water is an interesting ingredient to look for in a cleanser. It was invented in France and it's water which contains tiny particles called micelles. These micelles attract oil and makeup like magnets. They gently clean your skin and make it feel hydrated.

Night Cream

Protect your skin while you're sleeping from the effects of dry, heated air. Use a slightly thicker moisturizer than you would in the morning and you will wake up looking radiant instead of drained.

Remember these steps to your winter skin routine and you can emerge with a glow in the spring. Don't panic if you skip a step here or there. As long as you do several of the steps every day, you will be doing a lot to help your skin in its battle with winter.


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