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Why You Should Have a Skincare Regimen For Inside and Out

by Pamela k Conoly about a year ago in skincare

Get up and go everyday with your skincare regimen. it is more important than you think for your over all health!

Your skin is a living breathing organism and needs to be nourished and hydrated just like your insides. So, on hot days when you feel thirsty, that's your body telling you that you need to hydrate before you pass out or worse, get heat stroke. Well, your skin feels the same way so, every time you get a drink for yourself because your thirsty you are actually giving your skin a drink also.

But, unfortunately, that's not all your skin needs when it comes to your face. Your face is more sensitive to the elements than the rest of your body. The face sometimes has larger pores than the rest of your body so, therefore, catches a lot of unseen dirt and oil especially if you do a lot of traveling. Also your face isn't covered all of the time so, it catches more of it and faster than the rest of your skin.

Good soap and water is still an age old way to clean your face effectively but, don't use just any soap. Some soaps leave a film and that film can clog pores making blemishes worse and just forcing the dirt and oil deeper into your pores. That is aso why after you cleanse your face, rinsing thoroughly, you need to exfoliate your skin. This insures that you are cleansing those pores out thoroughly and getting rid of at least 99 percent of the oil and dirt. There are different kinds of exfoliators, though. My favorite ones are masks with exfoliating beads in them so that when you rub them on it gently massages your face to lift the dirt out of your pores. Then leaving it on until it dries so you can rinse well before you use your toner which helps in closing your clean pores back up. Just be sure not to rub too much as to make a rash that you would have to contend with. There is something to be said for moderation here.

You should always read packages of product, especially if you are allergic, to get an idea about what the product actually does and what it contains as far as what results you actually get. Also important is the non-active ingredients. Just because it says non-active doesn't mean that it won't affect you if you are allergic to it. So be careful and seek advice from a sales person, pharmacy or a beautician or maybe a skincare professional. Facial problems and allergic reactions can be quite devastating, painful and expensive!

Let's talk about moisturizers! There are, literally hundreds of them out there to choose from. Given the different kinds of skin types there are you want to choose the right one. You want a moisturizer that is going to make your skin smooth but, not cause more problems with blemishes yet, is light enough to be worn everyday and overnight if you want. You also need one that will not clog pores. You don't want to wake up in the morning with a greasy face.

Like I said before, all of these things act together with healthy diet by eating right, good healthy life style and staying positive. After all, in this day and age with everything going on in the world, it's really important to maintain a positive attitude. This will help you to focus on the important sustainable things that can help you flourish and feel good about yourself in the midst of all of this pandemic craze that's is causing a lot of people to seek therapy. Actually, there are a lot of videos on You Tube that have sounds of rain and other soothing sounds just for relaxation that you can try. Sleep is a very important factor in the health of your skin. You should want to care of something so precious that is responsible for holding everything else inside your body and that's a pretty big job!

Now, this doesn't mean that you have to eat just vegetables or starve yourself. It just means that you need to have more variety in your diet. Because if you have variety you will find it is much easier to have moderation in your eating habits. You will no longer be hungry at inappropriate times and you will notice your skin feeling and looking better.

It doesn't happen over night but, it doesn't take long to get into the habit. Your body will thank you and you will feel much better all the way around.

We learn at a very early age about the four food groups. As boring as it sounds if you would go by this guide for your body's sake your skin would be healthier right from the start. Everything that is in the four food groups is what you need to live and have healthy eating habits. Also, there are certain foods that ward off or just plain prevent certain diseases like, cancer and many others.

Now, that's not to say that you can't cheat once in a while. I have found a video that shows you recipes that can make the cheating part healthier so that you still can get away with eating healthy and not having to feel guilty about it.

Limit your alcohol intake. Unfortunately, this is not good for your skin either or the rest of your body. Alcohol can leave you feeling run down and can cause depression in some people especially with certain prescriptions. You should not drink alcohol if you are taking any kind of prescription drugs or even over the counter drugs even, over the counter headache medicine. This can impair your thinking and, believe it or not, your appetite. It can make you choose wrong foods for snacks. Your snacks should also be good choices. You'll feel better for it!

There are lots of healthy drinks that you can make or buy that are non-alcoholic that are just better for you. That doesn't mean you can't have alcohol once in a while. Moderation is a good thing with all that you do. But, there are some good recipes out there that are sure to satisfy the party hungry person in everyone. Healthy ones that can fit in to any evening or afternoon just fine that won't hinder sleep or healthy eating habits. This fits in very nicely with a healthy life style.

Below is a very good recipe for non-alcoholic Margaritas! These will go very good with your movie night or whatever you are planning. Even if it is a night alone and you won't hate yourself in the morning. This way you don't have to worry about anyone on their way home later. No worries!

All of these things interact together for a healthy life style and, yes, it all has to do with your skin. Making smart choices, having healthy cleansing habits helps you to have positive thoughts because you know that you are doing the right thing for you. It is actually the mechanism you need for a healthy life style because, you see, they all intermix with each other. This starts a chain reaction in your body that goes straight to your brain. You actually start to think positively, make the right decisions even pick the right friends. It helps you to see trouble around the corner and know what to do about it before it causes low feelings or depression. It might even help you with your love life because you'll be feeling better about yourself. There are always ways to be positive but this healthy attitude can do wonders for your whole body and everyone you come in contact with! Be happy and be safe.


Pamela k Conoly

Mother,love music ,retail,fashion,and food,worked in both. Love mysteries,movies and chocolate,born to shop!:-) She is also a working writer so if you like what your reading please tip her.


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Pamela k Conoly
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