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Why Should You Choose Alcohol-Free Perfumes?

by Naina Agarwal about a year ago in body
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Natural & Alcohol Free Perfumes Benefits

Perfume is meant to bring happiness to your life or take you to your old memories. A perfume can be intoxicating. The market is flooded with millions of luxury perfumes but what do you see when you shop perfumes online? Do you ever check the component of perfume or just buy it because of the brand name? Or you just go with natural perfumes? Here you will know everything related to perfumes.

Alcohol Free Perfume Overview

Alcohol free perfumes are good for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. These perfumes will not make your skin dry like alcoholic perfumes. The non alcoholic perfumes will make your skin soft, and last longer on your body and they have a better shelf life.

Natural perfumes created with non alcoholic solvents are healthier and more effective which is why they are more expensive than conventional perfumes. The alcohol free perfumes are made with a high concentration level of essential oils.

Why Natural And Organic Perfumes Are Different?

Traditional perfumes consist of at least 80% of alcohol. Alcohol is used to distill the fragrance concentrate and ensure excellent preservation of the perfume. Perfumes made with a high percentage of alcohol can cause headaches because of their overwhelming smell. The other difference between alcohol free perfumes and traditional perfumes is that natural perfumes are non-flammable.

Natural Perfumes Made With Essential Oils

Alcoholic perfumes tend to evaporate at high temperatures while natural perfumes last longer. When you put alcoholic perfumes on your skin they remove natural skin oil and make your skin dry. But, alcohol free perfumes are made with natural ingredients so they provide essential nutrients to your skin when you put non alcoholic perfumes on your skin. Alcoholic perfumes are made with harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfate, and SLS. When absorbed by the skin they cause health issues like breathing problems, skin rashes, and irritation to the eyes and nose.

You can buy alcohol free perfumes at affordable prices from brands like Adiveda Natural. You can take care of your skin and health by investing less in natural perfumes. An alcohol free perfume can do wonders for you in spring, you can apply it after using your beauty products like sunscreens, and other creams.

How To Choose Best Alcohol Free Perfume?

Your skin is your precious ornament and it needed to take care of properly. So, respecting your skin with alcohol free perfumes sounds better. But buying perfumes is not an easy task. So, you can go for a perfume sample because it is the best way to decide what suits you best when you have to buy perfumes online.

With perfume samples, you can test the fragrance. You can test them on your wrist directly as they are natural. Non alcoholic perfumes are applied to specific areas to make the pleasure last for a long time. These areas are known as pulse points. And keep in mind that natural perfumes that are alcohol free last for a long time so there is no need to abundantly spray yourself.

In Conclusion

Whether it is skin care products or foods, natural products always benefit you. Not only the keep you healthy but also give you essential nutrients. Sam way, if you will use natural perfumes over chemical ones you will get the most out of nature. Choosing natural perfumes means you are supporting environment friendly and cruelty-free products. The production of natural products does not lead to toxic waste and the products are not tested on animals also.

People have become health conscious with Covid-19 Pandemic, if you are still using chemical-based perfumes then it is time to make a switch to natural and organic perfumes.


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Naina Agarwal

I am a professional designer loves to write article and blogs. A post graduate from Delhi University starting my writing career with Vocal Media. I work as a Designer with Adiveda Natural.

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