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Why is my mouth always dry when I sleep at night?

Do not think it is a lack of water, or 5 kinds of disease warning

By Egg LemmonPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Why is my mouth always dry when I sleep at night?
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Lee is only 25 years old, but she is already a diabetic ketones patient, two years ago in the summer, she will always be thirsty and dry mouth, thought it was caused by the heat, and did not care, and then relatives found that she has become significantly thinner, reminded her may be diabetic.

After going home to the pharmacy to measure their blood sugar, it was as high as 17.3, and rushed to the hospital, the doctor said that a few days later became acidosis serious, despite the treatment but later she still had abdominal pain, coma, etc.

Vitamins C

This year, she spent one night in the resuscitation room and eight days in the intensive care unit, and although she was awake, her body was still not very good.

I. Does my mouth always get dry at night when I sleep?

If you find that your mouth is always dry when you sleep at night, it may be caused by several reasons such as drinking too little water during the day, having a diet high in salt and too salty, sleeping in a dry environment, and sleeping with your mouth open.

There are several reasons for dry mouth, generally drinking water can be relieved, but if you find dry mouth and drinking water can not be relieved, be alert to the signal issued by the disease, must pay attention to it.

Second, dry mouth and drinking water are difficult to relieve, or disease warning

Always dry mouth, but frequent drinking water but little effect, that may be the following kinds of diseases caused by.

1, abnormal thyroid function

Abnormal thyroid function may also lead to the body's metabolism being accelerated, there are obvious symptoms of dry mouth.


Elevated blood sugar levels in the body can lead to stimulation of the oral mucous and the desire to increase water intake, so if you find a dry mouth that has always existed, be alert to diabetes at work.

3、Liver and gallbladder disease

Liver fire and other reasons may also trigger dry mouth, bitter mouth, and other symptoms, so usually pay attention to protect the liver.

4、Dry syndrome

In addition to the above-mentioned causes, autoimmune disease dry syndrome may also cause dry mouth symptoms, which belong to the category of rheumatism and is usually accompanied by dry eyes, tingling, and other symptoms.

5、Urinary Syndrome

Like the anti-diuretic hormone deficiency caused by uremia, may also cause symptoms such as dry mouth, polyurethane, and excessive drinking.

Third, how to relieve dry mouth when waking up from sleep?

If you find a dry mouth when you wake up, you should first find out what the cause is and then solve the problem. You can relieve it by chewing gum, drinking some hot soup, using moisturizing mouthwash and oral spray, etc. The important thing is to develop good habits.

It is important to make sure that you drink enough water, use your voice properly, eat less hard, dry, and spicy food, use a humidifier, quit smoking, eat less sugar, drink less coffee, drink less alcohol, try to breathe through your nose, and so on.

Usually, you should stay away from some causative factors of various diseases such as diabetes, and if you find that the bedroom environment is too dry, you can use a humidifier with it.

If you always find that your mouth is dry and bitter, first of all, we should exclude whether it is caused by drinking less water, eating salty, the environment being too dry, etc. Most of this can be relieved by drinking water, if the dry mouth cannot be relieved by drinking water, we should be alert to diabetes and other diseases at play, usually, we should develop good habits and do a good job of dry mouth prevention, etc.


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