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When to use skincare product?

by Aria 14 days ago in skincare


Good results can be obtained by using some skin care ingredients only at night.

Everyone tries to choose the best and effective cosmetics for skin care. However, in many cases it does not give good results as there is no accurate idea about when a product should be used.

According to a report published on a beauty website, there are a few ingredients that need to be used only at night.

Retinol:Retinol is beneficial for skin regeneration. It reduces wrinkles, acne and pigmentation of the skin. So retinol-rich cosmetics are better for night use.

Many people think that retinol makes the skin sensitive to the sun. That is partly true. The real scientific reason is that sunlight reduces the effectiveness of retinol. So using retinol-rich products during the day is less effective.

Exfoliating Acids:AHA and BHA are widely used chemicals to exfoliate the skin. These remove dead skin cells. As a result, the skin looks healthy and fresh. It can be said that they are very useful to make the skin soft and smooth.

The use of cosmetics rich in glycolic acid and salicylic acid weakens the skin's protective layer. The use of such cosmetics makes the skin sensitive to light, air and heat.

For these reasons cosmetics rich in such ingredients should be used at night.

Face Oil:Natural ‘Cold Pressed’ oil is a source of nutrients that smooth the skin. These strengthen the skin's protective layer and increase radiance. Many face oils are accompanied by a variety of ‘essential oils’ that are beneficial for the skin.

The essential oil contains mitoxipsorale, which can cause skin irritation when exposed to heat, sweat and the sun's ultraviolet rays. Heavy oil also traps dirt and bacteria on the skin. This can damage the skin.

**Which is why these products are good for the night.**

‘Night Cream’ and ‘Sleeping Mask’: *These creams are made in such a way that they are relatively heavy and can rejuvenate and smooth the skin overnight. As a result, the skin looks moist, smooth, taut and fresh in the morning.

However, the use of such creams during the day has an effect on the excretion of oil and sweat on the skin. Which later causes problems such as clogging of the hair follicles and breakouts.

Time will not accomplish. So if you pursue it with time, old age may come late.Therefore, in addition to healthy eating and healthy living, it is better to start using anti-aging or anti-aging cosmetics at the right time.

According to a report published on a cosmetics website, skin care routines need to be changed as soon as you reach the age of 25.

Apart from minor acne problems in adolescence, there are no other skin problems. At this age the skin is the most healthy. Many people start using anti-aging creams after the age of twenty, but twenty-five years is the best time to use this cream.

Skin changes with age. Using anti-aging cream in time keeps the skin looking good in the long run.

‘Anti aging’ cosmetics not only removes wrinkles but also removes the impression of age on the skin. Sun, weather and pollution damage the skin and ‘anti aging’ cosmetics help to eliminate this erosion.

It is advisable to use the product according to the skin type. If you want, you can take the advice of a dermatologist.

Also do your own routine in skin care or there are various cosmetics available in the market that can keep the skin healthy, bright and free from the impression of age.

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