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When do you feel the warmest?

The body's mind

By danielkmay jhPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

If someone asks you now, when is your warmest time, what will you say? maybe most adults can't answer it. My child asked me this one day, and I didn't give myself a convincing answer. I asked her why, and she said it was the teacher's question. I asked her what her answer was, and she said she didn't answer.

I asked how the other children answered, and she said: some people answer that it is the warmest when they are covered in bed, and some people say that it is the warmest when they are in the wind. When I asked you why you didn't answer, she said she was shy and didn't raise her hand, but she had an answer in her heart. I asked what it was. She said it was the warmest when she held it with her mother. I didn't think of this answer.

The child likes to hug, likes to hug with me, and likes to hug with her mother. I know the meaning of hugging, and I have felt it carefully. I have written before, "hugging is a better action, it means that you open up your space and improve your receptivity." But I didn't tell my child about hugging, and I didn't expect her to realize it when she was so young. It is difficult for adults to compare with the agility and innocence of children.

People have many ways of feeling, such as sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, intuition and so on. If we can make good use of these feelings equally, our six senses are balanced and transparent, and people will be very energetic and intelligent. However, for most people, these sensations are unbalanced. Among them, the sense of touch has a great influence on people.

The sense of touch has great power. You want to understand a thing, if you just look, listen and smell, your understanding of it may be relatively shallow. If you can touch it, or touch it with your body, and feel it, it will be a deeper experience. You go to observe children, they want to touch everything, they always have to feel for themselves, not just see, not just listen and think, they like to put it into practice.

You say to a beautiful woman, I like to look at your hands, the beautiful woman will not be angry, she will think that you are praising her hands are beautiful. If you say to her, I like to touch your hand, the beautiful woman may be angry, she will think you are frivolous, think you are playing hooligans. These two sentences have completely different effects, but only one word is different, one is to look and the other is to touch. Look, it's vision, touch, touch.

The sense of touch gives people different feelings. A newborn baby, if only placed in a shaker, may not have sense of security and will cry often. If her mother could hold her often, she would have a lot of sense of security. A baby, she came into the world for the first time, her sense of security mainly came from her mother. She needs a lot of company from her mother, and if her father can hold her often, the child will have more self-confidence.

If there is a problem with your intimate relationship, then there must be a problem with your energy cycle. There must be a problem 100%. It is impossible without a problem. The heart knot is qi knot, the heavier the heart knot, the heavier the qi knot. You want to improve your energy, you need to improve your intimate relationship as a goal, and you have to make continuous efforts to achieve it. And learning to hug is one of the good ways. When you are willing to hug, when you can easily hug, your heart is open, some people may have a sense of breath or warm current on the spot.


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